Video Irish People Try American Canned Meat

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Irish People Try American Canned Meat
Irish People Try American Canned Meat thumb Irish People Try American Canned Meat thumb Irish People Try American Canned Meat thumb


  • come see the try Channel live on stage
  • in Dublin this Saturday March 16th go to
  • try it out media slash live for tickets
  • and info I'm gonna spread summation how
  • do they fake how and attend crackers
  • spread it on toast I'm doing the
  • impression of you you watching this
  • right now I'm doing impression that you
  • oh okay that's great it comes in looks
  • like after st. Barths pray if you had
  • spam 400-meter boys so there's trees
  • nice to meet in that that's why it's
  • called spawn cuz it doesn't know what is
  • mystery on was together they don't get
  • on well they're having a party in there
  • and say oh that looks it's so not normal
  • in every way veganism
  • oh that's just my didn't way too much
  • for a spongy it's like oh definitely
  • it's spreadable and that's credible
  • spread bite me that's pretty good
  • Juna seems like bitch like what so
  • person that it's fishy the fishing
  • there's a little fuckin fish in it it's
  • the smell it's when you see it and it's
  • like jiggle it around on the cracker and
  • you're like actually you mean yeah oh no
  • I got a lot of juices at the bottom I'm
  • back on tune our town if I was not
  • chicken cow our tango I'd be rage now
  • I'd be like are you for real no can't
  • even taste me in there
  • after all angrily went into fit enough
  • Tim and all that contagious bitch more
  • [Music]
  • roast beef spread there's a little demo
  • of dancin ah it looks a little more like
  • potty
  • I don't think tenant dog food we're
  • gonna read the nutritional information
  • is there nutritional information is
  • there any nutrition in this at all
  • it's a doctor okay charge right video to
  • just be like yeah I were like shit we
  • knew this whole time what the other
  • season is this is si really a dog who
  • chew
  • Oh have I mentioned my bowel disease
  • before they're all snow doesn't taste
  • like it that's a sham
  • that's nice I don't have bad luck yes
  • weak the weak flavored pocket ah there's
  • too much fire we're good adult cone yeah
  • concentrate dog might like it but hey be
  • like give us a bit of texture man how
  • could something look like the way it
  • supposed to look after your weakness be
  • this good what pearl the body is stopped
  • it's a bits of bones in there if he
  • landed the penis what's inside the penis
  • more like it's very salty okay what is
  • potted meat okay usually I add salted
  • things but they're just on a pork where
  • would you add pork which chicken I made
  • with the cooperation of chickens like
  • they wheeled the carrots in get rid of
  • any preconceived ideas and just your
  • reminders right here we go to the
  • spreadable me Turnitin as open-minded as
  • you can be
  • honest man is there no it's not though
  • what is that I'm not gonna take I don't
  • know I'm gonna have to scoop around that
  • I know no people ask me why I do these
  • videos you say I enjoyed them this is
  • pushing it it's a bit too mushy
  • no no no no I just could never see
  • myself going you know something I really
  • really want some potted meat it's so
  • weird because that's the most scariest
  • one but it's the one that tastes the
  • most normal it's too salty and that's
  • not just a cracker it isn't a lot of hot
  • meats in the world
  • don't make that one America's favorite
  • and it's now our favorite to you how
  • many more we got has to be a saving
  • grace somewhere yeah has to be a defile
  • time cuz that's the fuck what it is
  • we've already be devilish three times
  • this is like coming out of the fourth
  • time I'm gonna conquer this devil I'm
  • Jesus oh my god it looks it looks grim I
  • know the odds that they show you just so
  • smokin and they get the law clearly can
  • you see you look again at all pink no
  • matter what name to put on it's never
  • gonna be nice maybe he played the piano
  • and you played it so well without mother
  • it's not it smashed up to its
  • unrecognizable it could be any party
  • buddy
  • mom don't be taken off I'd rather this
  • was oh you know what I mean
  • nothing to it never again horrible I've
  • had better spreadable meats but those
  • were good my expectations were under
  • minded like I was like orders gonna be
  • good and then I was like here's a tip
  • make it look cool
  • thank you next time thank you magnet
  • thank you thought I'd end up with Sean
  • but I ended up with pork and read about
  • this right you're bad at what block I'm
  • really bad at telling people to
  • subscribe to the tri channel which they
  • obviously should do links down below and
  • so on and the Bell - ding dong hey blog
  • yes you did it thank you

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Someone somewhere once was like "I like meat. So much so that I've decided to turn it into spreadable mush!" Then many years later, one of our lovely viewers was like "I want to see Irish People try some canned meats!" And now, you get to see it!

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