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Video 10 Sports Legends You Probably Didn't Know Played for FOUR or MORE Teams
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  • [Music]
  • Terry Bradshaw Kobe Bryant Magic Johnson
  • and Luke Garrett know what it's like to
  • spend their entire career with one team
  • and then there are those superstars who
  • found themselves donning a couple of
  • different uniforms during their career
  • hey it happens and then there are those
  • other ones who found themselves with
  • four or more uniforms I'm Justin
  • fraction and today TPS presents ten
  • sports legends that played for four or
  • more teams at TPS we post videos every
  • single day so don't forget to click the
  • subscribe button to subscribe then click
  • the notification about to be notified
  • when we post a new video and a big shout
  • out to eclipse Stormborn for suggesting
  • this list we hope you enjoyed and if you
  • do leave your ideas down below you never
  • know we might use one and give you a
  • shout out number 10 Lenny Wilkens this 9
  • time NBA all-stars also remembered as
  • one of the most influential basketball
  • coaches in history having racked up 1332
  • career wins Wilkins coached the Seattle
  • SuperSonics to the 1979 NBA championship
  • but of course he was also a career
  • journeyman and one incredible basketball
  • player
  • Wilkins began playing for the st. Louis
  • Hawks in 1960 and he stayed there until
  • 68 and then moved on to the SuperSonics
  • where he'd play until 1972 Wilkins was
  • then traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • where he had a brief stint he played his
  • final season with the Portland Trail
  • Blazers then went on to become the
  • iconic head coach that forever changed
  • the game number nine Greg Maddux one of
  • the most dominant starting pitchers in
  • all of baseball history Greg Maddux won
  • 355 games
  • registered 371 strikeouts and one for an
  • outside on the wards yet amazingly this
  • guy did more traveling than Marty McFly
  • from Back to the Future Maddux joined
  • the Chicago Cubs in 1986 and played
  • there until 1992 he signed up with the
  • Atlanta Braves and wound up winning a
  • World Series championship in 1995 Maddux
  • rejoined the Cubs for the 2003 season
  • and that was followed up by a stop with
  • a San Diego Padres sandwiched between
  • two separate stints the Los Angeles
  • Dodgers that's a lot of moving around
  • for a top 10 all-time pitcher number 8
  • Moses Malone one of basketballs greatest
  • tenors to ever live Moses Malone was a
  • 12-time all-star in capture three MBA
  • MVP awards his career and yet this MBA
  • icon could never seemed to make himself
  • at home when loans NBA career began with
  • the Houston Rockets in 1976 and he'd
  • spent six seasons there he was traded to
  • the Philadelphia 76ers in a blockbuster
  • deal led him to the NBA championship in
  • 1983
  • three years later Malone was traded to
  • the Washington Bullets he spent two
  • years in DC before signing a three-year
  • deal with the Atlanta Hawks alone later
  • had stops in Milwaukee and San Antonio
  • us return to Philly alone really put the
  • journey into journeyman number 7 Randy
  • Moss the best wide receiver of all time
  • not named Jerry Rice Moss burst into the
  • scene as a rookie for the Minnesota
  • Vikings in 1998 where they won 15 games
  • and rewrote the record books after seven
  • seasons and mini-bosses traded to the
  • Oakland Raiders in 2005 after two years
  • there he was dealt with New England
  • Patriots where he and Tom Brady broke
  • numerous scoring records then reached
  • for Bowl 42 but fell to the New York
  • Giants after that Moss had brief stops
  • in Minnesota and a cen San Francisco he
  • retired for the 2012 season number 6
  • Jimmie Foxx few baseball players have
  • ever displayed so much poison power at
  • the plate as Jimmie Foxx did this
  • nine-time all-star racked up by for 34
  • home runs in two thousand six hundred
  • forty six hits in his career Foxx was a
  • three-time AL MVP winner let the
  • Philadelphia Athletics to a pair of
  • World Championships he played with the
  • organization from 1925 to 35 and came to
  • moving around Foxx who played for the
  • Boston Red Sox from 1936 to 42 followed
  • by a brief tenure with the Chicago Cubs
  • 1945 was spots his final season in the
  • majors as he went to join a Philadelphia
  • Phillies number 5 Brett Favre drafted by
  • the Falcons in 1991 Brett Favre only had
  • four pass attempts with the team that
  • introduced him to the probes
  • he was traded to the Packers before the
  • 1992 season ready to play for a decade
  • and a half
  • barb won three MVP awards led the
  • Packers to a Super Bowl 31 championship
  • plus an additional appearance in the big
  • game after contemplating retirement
  • Favre was traded to the New York Jets in
  • 2008 he spent one season there before
  • signing with the Minnesota Vikings Fire
  • spent his final two seasons and many
  • before retiring number four yamaraja the
  • great Czechs it's all time and career
  • NHL points with 1921 at this point in
  • time it's safe to say only Wayne
  • people stay ahead of yama yama bring
  • career points younger is also third
  • all-time in career goals you won five
  • scoring titles in the 1999 Hart Trophy
  • as League MVP now there also help the
  • Penguins went back-to-back Stanley Cup
  • championships in 91 and 92 rather than
  • married a novel will just write out that
  • 50,000 team Yahoo played for
  • [Music]
  • now that he's retired Yara can use all
  • those air miles to travel the world ten
  • times over
  • number three beyond Sanders they call
  • primetime the greatest quarterback in
  • the history of football aren't to
  • disagree with that the eight-time Pro
  • Bowler was drafted by the Atlanta
  • Falcons I'm playing there from 1989 to
  • 93
  • he became the ultimate bad guy by
  • pitching Atlanta signing with the San
  • Francisco flea - of the 1994 season and
  • then guiding them to a Super Bowl
  • championship Sanders then signed with
  • the rival Dallas Cowboys winning another
  • Super Bowl and staying there into the
  • end of the millennium primetime played
  • for the Washington Redskins in 2000
  • before retiring he came out of
  • retirement and played for the Baltimore
  • Ravens in 2004 and five that's right
  • five teams employed Sanders so he's on
  • our list number 2 Shaquille O'Neal Shaq
  • spent his first four seasons with the
  • Orlando Magic Dining them to the 1995
  • NBA Finals the lost of the Houston
  • Rockets however and the magic would
  • never be the same after that
  • Shaq signed our seven-year 121 million
  • dollar contract the Los Angeles Lakers
  • in 1996 he and Kobe Bryant led them to a
  • three-peat from 2000 to 2002 after
  • falling out with the Lakers
  • Shaq was traded to the Miami Heat during
  • the 2004 offseason he won another title
  • there in 2006 and stayed in South Beach
  • until being dealt with Phoenix Suns in
  • 2008 that marked four teams Shaq spent a
  • short period of time in Cleveland before
  • playing out his final season in Boston
  • final total six teams for Shaq daddy and
  • number one Wayne Gretzky the best hockey
  • player in the world somehow didn't stick
  • with one or two teams throughout his
  • career it's hard to understand really
  • the great one played with a demented
  • Walters from 1979 to 88 lead them to
  • four Stanley Cup championships but
  • Oilers owner Pete pot Lincoln made a
  • grave mistake and tell him - the Los
  • Angeles Kings the 1988 offseason
  • needing to secure money to save his
  • failing businesses Gretzky would play
  • with the Kings until 1996 before getting
  • traded to the st. Louis Blues at the
  • deadline Gretzky was signed with the New
  • York Rangers at offseason he played his
  • final three years with the blue shirts
  • before retiring in 1999 that's right or
  • teams for the great one
  • meanwhile the likes of Sidney Crosby and
  • Alexander Ovechkin have stayed with one
  • team nearly a decade and a half into
  • their careers what other sports legends
  • played for four or more teams plus new
  • your thoughts in the comment section
  • down below don't forget to like comment
  • subscribe and subscribe I have a cold if
  • you couldn't tell it's trying to push
  • through this man and women people teens
  • adults old men and just like other
  • sports legend I don't know man
  • I'll see you guys next time
  • [Music]

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Terry Bradshaw, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Lou Gehrig know what it’s like to spend their entire career with one team.

And then there are those superstars who found themselves donning a couple of different uniforms during their careers. Take the likes of Joe Montana, Peyton Manning and Michael Jordan, for example.

But four? How on earth do some sports legends manage to play for at least four teams?

Today we present 10 sports legends that played for four or more teams.

And don't forget to subscribe to TPS and make sure you hit the bell and turn on our notifications and join the notification squad.

And a big shout out to Eklyps Stormborn for suggesting this video!

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Host + Editor: Justin Fraction
Writer: Alex Hoegler


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