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Video How The Golden State Warriors Built the Best team in the NBA
10:22   |   views   |   06/13/2016


  • the Bayes team is the best team the
  • Golden State Warriors now stand alone
  • with 73 wins taking their place in the
  • annals of the NBA every success story
  • has a beginning with the seventh pick in
  • the 2009 NBA Draft the Golden State
  • Warriors select Stephon curry from
  • Davidson College
  • Steph Curry I saw him play a lot in
  • college and I had the same question
  • others did I wondered if he would be
  • able to hold up he was so slight his
  • shooting though I thought I thought he'd
  • be like a sixth man type player make
  • know a guy that come off the bench and
  • light it up why do you feel now is the
  • right time to leave the NBA just me
  • feeling ready for it and knowing that I
  • can really contribute on next level
  • right away as soon as he got in I could
  • see the potential his work ethic was
  • there so Catelli was going to be a great
  • player if he stays healthy he could be a
  • lot of fun to watch an agreement has
  • been reached for the sale of the Golden
  • State Warriors to an investor group led
  • by Boston Celtics minority owner Joe
  • Leigh cub and Mandalay Entertainment CEO
  • Peter Guber I always wanted to own a
  • sports team now I don't know that most
  • kids dream of that they'd probably dream
  • up playing and I did like to play but I
  • always wanted to own the team if you
  • look up there that is a very lonely flag
  • we want another one
  • he taught me they they both talk big
  • they took a good game and we thought you
  • know what we've seen the Warriors we
  • know what the waiters are Joe's the
  • ultimate competitor and for him to say
  • that was whoa this team they haven't had
  • a they never won a title it's going back
  • to 74 75 my new favorite color is blue
  • and yellow and my favorite letter is W
  • lots of w's go get'em Orioles a lot of
  • people thought it was pure Bob best i
  • thought go for that's the whole reason
  • you buy a team to win the whole thing
  • and with those lofty goal sets the new
  • owners wasted no time getting the right
  • people in place we continue with this
  • news alert huge news out of the Warriors
  • NBA icon Jerry West is joining the
  • organization as an executive board
  • member he's a legend
  • he's the logo and when you bring in
  • Jerry West you don't bring him in to
  • stand him in a corner you bring him in
  • because you want to pick his brain and
  • you want to listen to what he has to say
  • the new president and chief operating
  • officer of the Golden State Warriors
  • Rick well it's all about people coming
  • to our games and loving the team that we
  • put on the court you start seeing the
  • cookie the way they collected talent and
  • you realize they mean business with the
  • 11th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft
  • the Golden State Warriors select klay
  • Thompson from Washington State
  • University I find out that Jerry West
  • was the man behind the pick
  • I thought trusted uh he know he's got a
  • pretty good record of being able to find
  • guys who can score the Warriors will
  • never be serious about the playoffs
  • after trading away Monta Ellis is there
  • going to new direction it came out of
  • nowhere I got the trade I totally
  • understood
  • come on people new fans are the greatest
  • fans in the world as everybody said that
  • show a little bit of class sometimes
  • change is inevitable it's gonna work out
  • just fine
  • I'd say had to go because you had to go
  • for the tina.bill on the staff and may
  • have I think recognized that it's
  • temporary stays healthy he's our God but
  • as the Warriors said goodbye to a fan
  • favorite
  • three key pieces were added in the 2012
  • NBA Draft and the point guard the
  • franchise was keen on building around
  • was starting to come into his own watch
  • is a three that's a deep one again
  • so okay we're getting somewhere now it
  • is steps team and they gotta be thinking
  • we can be pretty good with this team
  • I didn't think was too much too soon I
  • thought they kind of deserved this I
  • mean I looked at that team I said
  • they're gonna be limited for one reason
  • and one reason only and that it's health
  • I remember going into that offseason and
  • the one guy wanted that free agency for
  • them to get was Andre Iguodala I think
  • they were missing one piece and
  • hopefully you know okapi net peace to
  • you know get get the team to where we
  • all want to be which is trying to win a
  • championship he wanted to come here
  • that's the first time I could ever
  • recall a player wanted to come play for
  • the Warriors you're kidding me the
  • Warriors they've been awful for 20 years
  • why they want to come here we feel like
  • he's he's the missing piece of the
  • puzzle for this team the Warriors now
  • they matter
  • you know anomaly they're not only on the
  • map they matter now
  • the 2013-14 season saw the franchise
  • hitting new heights 50 wins for the
  • Warriors they clinched the 16 this is
  • something Jim about to be
  • you know going to the playoffs that's
  • expectation every year but ultimately
  • the team came up short in the playoffs
  • but the fans start to cheer their red
  • ball games over
  • with that management decided to hire a
  • new head coach it is now official Steve
  • Kerr is the new head coach of the Golden
  • State Warriors Kurt Kurt Kurt Kurt the
  • word I didn't know with a secret coach
  • or not but I did find out in short order
  • that he was good with people and if
  • you're in the NBA as a head coach that's
  • kind of what that's one of your number
  • one things you need to be good at he
  • experienced he has as a player winning
  • championships as a GM and as a
  • broadcaster so all of that makes him a
  • great hire I know I'm ready for this
  • in a lot of ways I've been sort of
  • training for it for much of my life
  • but it's also nerve-wracking and
  • exciting and brand-new I can't wait to
  • get started this is the most talented
  • warrior team we have covered are they an
  • elite team that will be the storyline
  • all year hard to go fight Kariba throws
  • it down looks who had everything click
  • and they played so well together the
  • unselfishness was there it was their
  • chemistry it was the depth it was their
  • defense miss Christina
  • Bogut's sent away late Thompson becoming
  • an all-star he earned it just got it he
  • was off balance had no business going in
  • what did Thompson 37 in a quarter
  • draymond Green becoming the kind of
  • player that every good team wishes they
  • had I saw a guy Stephon Curry who I'm
  • getting to know for the first time who
  • was the star of the franchise last I out
  • the gym always working extra high the
  • back and ankle breaker on Chris Paul let
  • me knock down the jumper every year he
  • got a little bit better in 2014-15 he
  • got a lot better he became a star hand
  • off curry lot of traveler curry just
  • triples through four guys steps up
  • dick EULA but I never thought he would
  • be the best player in the league and
  • with the most valuable players seemingly
  • overnight this is a tremendous honor
  • nobody saw that probably even his mom
  • and dad didn't see that guy I love
  • playing basketball and there's no not
  • about it but it came with the team's
  • success for the first time in 39 years
  • the film estate lawyers are headed for a
  • Western Conference Finals the phrase you
  • thought you would not hear in your
  • lifetime the Golden State Warriors are
  • coming to the NBA Finals it's taken 40
  • years but once again the phase team is
  • the best team a fan base waited 40 years
  • I feel like it if you can earn a
  • championship as a fan there
  • the whole bay area was just enough for
  • just having a great time and just
  • celebrating as they should have we have
  • every opportunity if we stay healthy to
  • go and do this again it's not to say
  • that we will a lot of things have to go
  • right we have to stay healthy but I
  • think we have a pretty good shot we all
  • do again again again and again who knows
  • she built something special the golden
  • day warriors have made a very strong
  • statement to the rest of the NBA it's
  • come get it they played with an urgency
  • Jim it's the first quarter are you
  • kidding me it was just such an exciting
  • year it felt like record after record
  • was being broken 20 born on the dead
  • even sound right to be honest when they
  • won 24 to start the season
  • 20 was straight without their head coach
  • the Warriors have captivated the nation
  • right now just a loathing of losing they
  • hate losing they didn't want to lose
  • ever from midcourt yes
  • 47 feet who does that the audacity of
  • this campaign team started to see them
  • maybe as a Goliath the media became like
  • rock stars the Warriors did they win
  • again
  • Greymon captured shoot for the buzzer :
  • are you kidding me Steph Curry was
  • unbelievable pop thank those of curry
  • fadeaway three
  • ah I thought he was as good as he was
  • gonna get last year you know really I
  • mean he won the MVP I just love his
  • mentality that and win MVP wasn't enough
  • Whiteside curry
  • hundred and two is ridiculous I mean
  • come on now that's like cartoon stuff
  • the Golden State Warriors say they use
  • strength in numbers and tonight the
  • number is 73 it's an NBA record I do
  • think this franchise is built for long
  • term success the words are said to be
  • really good the next three four five six
  • years we had the Dark Ages a warrior
  • basketball where they made the playoffs
  • one year out of 19 I think we're
  • entering into a decade where they are
  • going to dominate the NBA

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A Feature about how the Golden State Warriors Built their team for the 2015-16 season. This video was made for The Finals not after The Finals This is for entertainment purposes only.


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