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Video Benches clear twice between Yankees, Red Sox
13:41   |   today at 13:28


  • and there's a push bunt to third they go
  • to second they'll get the force and Wade
  • reaches on the fielder's choice
  • and there's a little talk in there
  • between hope and Austin and the benches
  • will empty
  • [Applause]
  • every once in a while on a pole
  • when you're just sitting on the bench
  • you gotta run out there little stiff get
  • up stretch where you go out there
  • [Applause]
  • now the guys from the bullpen do the
  • obligatory jog in
  • and Marcus Tim's keeping a hand on Mon
  • Austin
  • you see the replay I mean he did come
  • across the bag but this is what your
  • talk to do you slide in hard but you
  • know this day and age with the new
  • ruling and it took offense to it but you
  • know he plenty he actually did spike him
  • in the back of the foot but he I mean he
  • was he actually slid over the bag it's
  • not like he went outside
  • Ty Cobb style spikes up and spikes up
  • you know you force play get out of there
  • nothing happens but you know anytime
  • that a middle infielder feels those
  • spikes it gets your attention that's why
  • I was an organization I would have
  • players any base go feet first I mean
  • there's no fear when a guy goes
  • headfirst of being spiked Massa was that
  • base runner at second base like he got a
  • piece of Brock Holt the bench is cleared
  • after that that's why he gets drilled
  • here he slams the bat now he's making
  • the bowl but here come here he comes on
  • the run
  • and now fisticuffs as Kelly's big tackle
  • the punches being thrown
  • the dugouts empty here come the bullpens
  • again and this time it's for real unlike
  • the last time
  • punches and tackles and we're going to
  • see some Egyptians after this one
  • and a Red Sox and Yankees are at it
  • again Austin getting thrilled
  • and Kelly just about addressed well very
  • clear that that was in response to the
  • slide at second base might lost and
  • earlier and again and this is for real
  • he has to be pulled away
  • I think Kelly tried to get him two
  • pitches earlier he missed them and then
  • he got him this time
  • - everybody hovering around the Red Sox
  • dugout right now they're getting Austin
  • away from all the action Kelly's got a
  • shirt ripped and bleeding up there on
  • the neck sets of blood on the lip of
  • Austin as well Brock Holt the guy
  • certainly looked like he gets spikes we
  • thought the umpires missed a pretty
  • obvious call yeah and then the one that
  • got him right in the back and that was
  • convinced that that was intentional
  • slammed the back down and head south of
  • the
  • now Kelly throws the helmet down and
  • Kelly gets a couple of licks in then
  • everybody starts to pile on Kelly
  • alright so that's a look like a rugby
  • match boy I said let's go
  • goes come on
  • but then we just got a lose sight of
  • everybody
  • [Music]
  • conniving Kelly's looking at Kelly says
  • okay come on
  • so he came Kelley sideswipe them got a
  • little punch in then he get back up and
  • he got taken down but I wouldn't be
  • surprised if both out of the ball game
  • right now so ladies and gentlemen it's
  • gonna be a long season between these two
  • ball clubs
  • I felt like my slide in the second base
  • was a clean slide and I played the game
  • that I play the game hard so but yeah I
  • thought I thought that was absolutely
  • nothing wrong with that slide and I had
  • no no thought that they were gonna throw
  • me I felt like that it was intentional
  • and I didn't want to let anybody push
  • myself around or do anything like that I
  • thought it was a hard slide in the
  • second nothing remotely dirty about it
  • and you know so and then to take matters
  • into your own hands and go hit one our
  • guys for that I thought was an
  • overreaction and you know I thought
  • didn't thing was right stuff happens
  • when you had you know obviously real
  • competitive athletes and big a lot
  • locked in sometimes it's warranted
  • sometimes it's not sometimes it's read
  • you react to something sometimes you
  • overreact to something but you know it
  • is you know it's not this is the second
  • one today you know it made me wonder too
  • if they were watching in their Clubhouse
  • the Padre rocky brawl and like planted
  • the seed for them and led them to think
  • that that's what they should do I don't
  • know you feel like Tyler's reaction to
  • go out to the mound was appropriate yep
  • one-five if I drew you right now in the
  • side and I'm your thighs you gonna just
  • sit there you gotta go you know defend
  • yourself they calm ah yeah I wanted to
  • go out there and try to calm the
  • situation help you know calm the
  • situation and try to hold some people
  • and just you know deflate that the whole
  • the whole fight there I don't blame in
  • the way that I think it was a dirty
  • slide if that's what you want to go with
  • I don't want think I'm gonna wear less
  • layers tomorrow because on keys I look
  • fat and all those my sweatshirt I don't
  • think it was intentional I think he was
  • going in hard you know it was a bunt I'm
  • not gonna turn don't play on that place
  • but she listened with weight running so
  • we're trying to get the lead out
  • yeah I think it would I think he was
  • just going in hard but you know he went
  • in hard a little late and with with the
  • with the spikes up so you know it
  • happened in you know home of honor often
  • a lot of power of the right side right
  • field
  • whole game plan is you know sliders on
  • the dirt fliers down in a pitcher mint I
  • threw a pitch inside and hit him it's
  • one of those that get away so did you
  • get punched or anything or you go and if
  • it happened to you I'm a little sore he
  • over slid it and the spikes were up
  • different rules now compared to a back
  • in the day
  • Holt took exception I haven't seen the
  • replay I talked about it on TV but from
  • where I was you know he over slid it
  • that and you know I didn't know I
  • challenged a play and then they let me
  • know they told me that that's not a play
  • you can challenge but we saw the replay
  • up there and he over slid the back and
  • the spike drop if you look at the game
  • you know we would try to go in with
  • Embry inside with him and in that
  • sequence we threw a slider fastball and
  • slider again fastball in you know the
  • kid charged the mound he has to freezing
  • but if you take a look at the game you
  • know we're coming back and we were short
  • and pitching so I don't know you just
  • got to pay attention to the game and and
  • you just by yourself as soon as you see
  • judge or Stanton come in there yeah I
  • think they were one of the first two on
  • in the first scuffle and I'll start
  • backing up at that point so no it's fun
  • we're playing we're playing hard they're
  • playing hard and just part of it if you
  • you brain-dead Tamara they would yeah
  • yeah yeah I'm not trying to get get
  • involved with with any of those guys I
  • mean not just those two they they got a
  • pretty big team over there so you know
  • it happens in the typical Red Sox Yankee
  • game up to four hours long and a couple
  • couple Vinci clearing brawl so
  • we're right on track here red
  • sox-yankees that's what everybody wants
  • I got a couple of thoughts on this one
  • when I first saw the play I'm like have
  • some court awareness all right
  • Ty Lawson this is not a double play ball
  • what are you taking him out for that was
  • my first thought
  • now I don't work back and looked at the
  • video it's gonna be interesting when I
  • end up saying at the end of the day
  • let's go through this though we'll go to
  • the videotape being able to break this
  • down and look at it so it's Tyler Austin
  • is on on first base the bunts drop right
  • here you're thinking cheap slide right
  • because the guys not clearing and and I
  • get the the upsetness from the guy
  • receiving the throw Rockhold Brooke
  • calls because he's saying look you clip
  • me now I think a couple things are going
  • on one Brock's got to hold his bag
  • because of the new slide rule and replay
  • she's got to stay there and these
  • loveless sleep thinking nobody's ever
  • gonna hit you that is not in my day that
  • big of a slide it is today but I want to
  • show you from his angle here's Austin
  • running right here he says okay it's a
  • but alright the watch this here's what
  • I'm figured as a runner okay now they're
  • going to second I got to break up a
  • double play look where his head's at
  • look at where that field there is he's
  • in a position to turn a pivot so by he's
  • taking three steps now and as he goes
  • into his slide he still think a double
  • play he doesn't see the stretch by now
  • stretch is too late that's what we're
  • all getting him he's already committed
  • to his slide he's committed to taking
  • him out because he thinks it's a double
  • play pivot not a first baseman straddle
  • so I can see where Tyler Austin got a
  • little bit caught in between ok but -
  • Pedro's point it's the technique of
  • making sure your foot is down when you
  • do the exact same thing you can do the
  • same well still make contact if I'm
  • trying to take him out on a double play
  • slide I'm trying to clip you and I know
  • that if I'm gonna take you out this way
  • my way to take you out would be this way
  • yeah hit you right down here on this
  • foot no one might clean up and you know
  • that that's the way we were taught back
  • in those days I don't know about these
  • days but in my days will be you take him
  • out and you hit him this
  • not with the cleanup if you throw the
  • cleanup that's a sign that you wanna
  • fight no that's true anytime I gotta
  • clean I was ready to fight look I'm not
  • saying I still believe there had to be
  • some court awareness look when when the
  • guys fill in the ball like this
  • he's surrendering all right but I'm
  • saying his surrender too late he did by
  • the time Tyler Austin realize you're
  • taping that angles from what he was
  • looking at he was already thinking as he
  • took off to slide this could be a double
  • play now here's the other thing -
  • Pedro's point and here's why I think he
  • got hit and he probably needed needs to
  • get hit okay I don't have a problem with
  • them hitting him I didn't like the
  • sequence of which they did you've got to
  • know your opponent as well you know this
  • is a very similar slide to Manny Machado
  • it was the biggest news last season
  • there's no way you're a baseball player
  • without knowing the Red Sox went through
  • a similar situation with Manny Machado
  • at second base with Pedroia Machado
  • slide is different Machado slide is
  • different in petroi a good slide but the
  • whole thing was you're throughout him
  • how many times I was never ending that's
  • reading for two weeks on execution
  • Herald when it came to throwing the
  • pitch no I was perfect I totally but my
  • point Pedro is if I'm playing against
  • Pedro Martinez all right and one of my
  • guys has did that slide we're getting
  • hit I know he's gonna hit somebody
  • eventually so I'm going to play
  • anticipate and if I get hit I get hit
  • you know and that's time the way it was
  • with what happens and so Harold there's
  • something that you have to remember you
  • have your number one second baseman
  • right now on the bench with a knee
  • operation over slide your sensitive
  • already about about that kind of slide
  • yes and and then I don't think that they
  • did a good job about hitting Machado
  • that should have been done right after
  • one or two pitches and and nothing would
  • be said about what went on yeah the fact
  • that they they did not execute like
  • Kelly did today they probably chose the
  • Kelly today to do that just so that they
  • run away from making the same mistake
  • they made with Machado because if I was
  • to hit off
  • today I would hear them the very next
  • back after the hammer incident but
  • doesn't Joe Kelly have the best fastball
  • on the team
  • yeah he does but Henry is also right up
  • there with him 98 97 he I mean anything
  • above 90 will be good but to Payton it's
  • not the velocity Hertz no doubt about it
  • but the execution was perfect
  • yes perfect you don't want a guy
  • throwing up here you don't want a guy
  • hitting you in your knee

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The Yankees and Red Sox's benches clear after Tyler Austin slides hard into second with Brock Holt covering the base, then Joe Kelly later hits Austin with a pitch, resulting in tempers flaring again

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