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  • the four-bagger system by je m is
  • designed for one operator to bag fill
  • bag clothes and bag stack four bags per
  • minute the system consists of a
  • Wolverine gross way bag filling scale
  • ABC eight bag closing conveyor with a
  • variable speed drive wand activation and
  • a two position
  • foot pedal with a portable sewing head
  • mounted on a pedestal with up-and-down
  • adjustment and designed to hold one
  • five-pound cone of thread the basic
  • operation is hang bag one start scaled
  • by pulling the handle the scale will
  • automatically fill and stop release bag
  • one onto the moving conveyor hang bag to
  • start the filling cycle bag one reaches
  • the wand and the conveyor is
  • automatically stopped rege us at the
  • bank depress the foot pedal partway down
  • to start the conveyor when bag reaches
  • the sewing head depress foot pedal all
  • the way down to run the sewing head when
  • bag is sewn release foot pedal and push
  • bag into the blade to cut the string
  • sewing head is stopped and the conveyor
  • is running stack bag one on a pallet
  • release bag two from scale which is now
  • filled hang bag three and repeat the
  • process we can change the scale model to
  • have dusting features we have gross
  • weight models with digital controls that
  • provide greater accurate
  • see and the height of the conveyor can
  • be set based on your needs
  • you
  • but coma thread comes through the first
  • eyelet from the backside down to the
  • bottom of here around the tension disk
  • down through this guide through the
  • needle bar then after it comes to the
  • needle bar there are two guides on the
  • very bottom here and here and it comes
  • through here down through here and then
  • on the bottom side it comes up through
  • the bottom of the needle up and that's
  • the proper threading reply bag with a
  • gusset the gusset here we're just going
  • to show that we are able to sew this and
  • that's right out of the box there's your
  • so line and let's show the other side
  • this is a laminated poly woman bag non
  • gusseted and we have not made any
  • adjustments to the sewing yet we'll just
  • sew this one chef snap it again over
  • product-level
  • have front and back together before it
  • enters the sewing kit and there is your
  • so line on the front and on the back
  • side
  • you

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