Video I Went To Prom For The First Time

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I Went To Prom For The First Time
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  • - [Jazzmyne] Everybody prepares for this high school moment,
  • dresses, and their limos.
  • There's movies and there's TV shows,
  • a whole genre dedicated to prom.
  • - I'm Lindsay.
  • - And I'm Jazzmyne.
  • I was prom queen.
  • - And I've never been to prom.
  • So this week we're going back to high school.
  • So in highschool, I was actually pretty shy.
  • I had a perspective of prom where it was like,
  • that's where the cool, popular girls go,
  • and it's just like not my crowd.
  • It wasn't even a big decision,
  • I was just like, yeah of course I'm not going.
  • - Really?
  • - Yeah, I didn't go to any dances
  • except for like my choir banquet.
  • - I was surprised to be nominated.
  • I didn't even vote for myself.
  • I voted for my friend Andrea.
  • - That's why you won. - Probably.
  • - 'Cause you're so giving.
  • I definitely don't regret not going to prom,
  • but, the one I totally missed out on
  • that I really wanna experience is like,
  • pre-prep going to prom.
  • Like, the promposal, the shopping for your dress.
  • - I went to prom with two dates.
  • I walked in like this.
  • And I felt like I was the king of the world.
  • But one of them ended up making out with someone else.
  • (record scratch)
  • - So we have a busy prom week.
  • You need to ask me.
  • So you need to prompose to me.
  • And then we have to get your dress.
  • - [Lindsay] Oh my god, I'm so excited for this part.
  • - I'm not worried about the pre-pro of it,
  • I'm worried about going to prom with like, cool teens.
  • - Yeah, like who do we sit with?
  • Do we eat dinner with people?
  • Do we have to mingle?
  • Are they going to accept us into the teen community?
  • - I was leaving like, my bible study with all my friends,
  • and then I walked outside and he had his truck there,
  • and he was playing "Breaking Free."
  • And he was just there being like,
  • "will you go to prom with me?"
  • and I was like, "how can I say no to Troy and Gabriella?
  • Yes, I'll of course go to prom with you."
  • - Hello everybody.
  • - [Group] Hi.
  • - Welcome to Mission: Promposal.
  • So I had to do all the work for this promposal.
  • I was really nervous that I couldn't think of something
  • amazing and great, but then I realized,
  • let's just break it down.
  • What does Jazzmyne like?
  • Here's the things she likes.
  • (laughter)
  • She loves Cardi B, her favorite flower is Sunflowers,
  • and she also loves fried chicken.
  • I think there should be a scavenger hunt involved.
  • - I think that we should find all of the like,
  • most popular Cardi B lyrics and that'll help us
  • figure out what to put in the scavenger hunt.
  • - [Lindsay] Correct.
  • I just got word that Jazzmyne just arrived,
  • and I'm trying to stay out of sight.
  • There's a window over there that I can kind of like, see.
  • I think she should arrive with security.
  • And security hands her one sunflower and a note.
  • - Oh my god. (laughs)
  • you're lookin' like a snack, or maybe a whole meal,
  • go to the spot that has the banana peels.
  • Is that The Cantine?
  • (laughs)
  • - I'm gonna see Jazzmyne.
  • She has a sunflower.
  • - This is my favorite flower, so she did good.
  • (laughs) Wow.
  • Go to the people who send you your paycheck, accounting?
  • Where's accounting?
  • - I think she's gonna be really confused with this clue
  • because I don't think she has any idea where accounting is.
  • They're coming in through the side door.
  • And they're gonna be like just as excited as me,
  • I'm like so excited.
  • - Caught a lick, where do you go to take your IG pics?
  • I'm guessing this is the blue wall?
  • - It would be cool though with that it was outside,
  • that we get like everyone to come outside.
  • Like kind of like how high schools will like,
  • bring everyone out into like a parking lot, or something.
  • Everybody come outside.
  • All right come outside, come outside, come outside.
  • Everybody lineup on the sides from the door,
  • like all the way to the sign okay?
  • And then I wanna end on a giant sign outside that says
  • "Prom, okurrr?"
  • Wait I gotta get my, oh I gotta get my flowers.
  • And then also have sunflowers, and fried chicken
  • as gifts.
  • - All right she's coming.
  • (laughs)
  • - Yeah!
  • (crowd cheering)
  • - Oh my god.
  • Yup this is it, this is it.
  • Thank you.
  • It was so like cute, and the little scavenger hunt,
  • with all the rhymes, and to end it
  • with my beautiful best friend and some chicken.
  • - I feel like friends should do it too,
  • like, promposal shouldn't be reserved
  • for just romantic people.
  • - Mmm mm.
  • (all cheering)
  • - I'm crying.
  • - I think it was senior year.
  • I forgot that I asked a freshman to prom,
  • like jokingly, and he thought I was serious,
  • and he showed up to prom ready to go,
  • but I didn't have a ticket for him,
  • I feel bad, it still haunts me to this day.
  • - All right we're going to prom dress shopping.
  • I have all my friends in the car.
  • I just feel like when you go prom dress shopping,
  • you bring your friends right?
  • - Oh I went with my mom too.
  • - Wow. - Oh!
  • (gasps)
  • - It's like a little Barbie.
  • - Oh my god I love this one.
  • Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
  • I feel like teens now, with just the simplicity
  • of having the internet, and social media,
  • and comparing your prom dress to the Met Gala,
  • teens have such high expectations.
  • Like, when I was in high school,
  • it was just like go to your local department store,
  • you know, whatever.
  • No one really got prom dresses online.
  • Now, teens go all out.
  • Like, prom was already such a big thing,
  • but in today's day and age, it's a bigger thing.
  • - Oh my god.
  • We ended up picking up like 35 dresses.
  • We like walked in there with like a game plan.
  • And grabbed as many dresses that we liked in your size.
  • Nothing here is exactly what she said she wanted.
  • So anything she picks is gonna pretty much be a wild card.
  • - Oh yeah, we made sure there's a lot of wild cards.
  • You know, it started off kind of rocky.
  • Nothing was speaking to me. - Yeah.
  • - Ooh, what's going on there?
  • Wow, no.
  • - [Jazzmyne] Just no.
  • - My beloved Joffrey.
  • - My beloved Joffrey!
  • - [Everyone] Ooh.
  • - [Camera Woman] I hate it too actually, it's okay.
  • - Oh!
  • - Wow, we've talked about things being so ugly
  • that they're cute, I was hoping for that moment,
  • but it was just ugly.
  • - It was just ugly.
  • (laughs)
  • All right.
  • - [Camera Woman] Oh this one, this one.
  • - There was one that was so beautiful that I loved,
  • but they didn't have it my size so we had to like,
  • put it to rest.
  • - [Camera Woman] Wow.
  • - I initially wanted to go in looking for a princessy,
  • sparkly, just like over the top.
  • Because it's prom, that's like the one time you can do that.
  • If this is like my prom moment,
  • I wanna feel like I'm in something.
  • - Something more.
  • - [Camera Woman] Oh, mama. - [Jazzmyne] Okay.
  • - [Lindsay] We got down to two that we really liked.
  • - [Jazzmyne] And it was like total opposites too.
  • - [Lindsay] But not something I was like not expecting
  • to wanna get for prom.
  • But that one like spoke to me the most.
  • I got the prom dress, I'm not gonna show you the bag
  • because it's a secret.
  • - It looks really good.
  • - But we had a really hard time deciding.
  • I'm excited, are you excited?
  • - I'm so excited, I'm not even going.
  • Can I just be the mom that takes pictures before?
  • - I was with a girlfriend,
  • and we're going to go to prom together.
  • And it was going to be amazing,
  • but then I got a hernia,
  • and I literally had surgery on prom night.
  • - We gotta get going because I don't have my earrings.
  • I don't have a bag, I gotta get my nails done.
  • Also I woke up and my neck hurts so bad,
  • and I'm like, this would never happen to a teen
  • on their prom day.
  • Like, this is some mid 20s (beep).
  • Usually for a normal event, I just like
  • get ready for that event like an hour or two
  • before the event.
  • Since this was prom, had to get my nails done,
  • I didn't have a bag yet, I didn't have my earrings yet.
  • I was like running around town at like 9 am.
  • I think these are our only options so,
  • might just have to make one of these work.
  • (beep) failed me you guys.
  • I went in, they had no sparkly earrings,
  • I wanted long, just diamond whatever.
  • And the only diomond-ey things they had we're these
  • tiny little studs, so, I guess this is gonna be more
  • of a simple look now.
  • I didn't like any of the bags, and I wanted gold,
  • because the dress is like orange-ey,
  • and every time it think of orang-ey, I think of gold,
  • I don't think of silver.
  • But I'm at the nail salon now.
  • Oh man, I feel like the dress would just look better
  • with long earrings.
  • God I look terrible, but look how good my nails look.
  • We found a color that looks just like the dress.
  • Bam!
  • In order to do this video,
  • we obviously had to find an actual high school prom.
  • Which was really difficult to do.
  • But, we found a LA homeschool prom.
  • Which was like perfect for us,
  • because we're not homeschooled,
  • but like we didn't go to the school either.
  • - Yeah.
  • - Okay, I just got to the hotel,
  • and the prom jitters are already starting because,
  • I walk in and there's so many teen in the lobby,
  • like with their dresses and stuff,
  • and I'm like.
  • I am doing my own prom makeup.
  • I feel like a lot of times,
  • I see people get their prom makeup done,
  • which sounds exciting and cool but, I don't know,
  • I was kind of just like, I just wanna do my own prom makeup.
  • I think I'm just gonna do something super basic,
  • with eyelashes, and a red lip.
  • Any time I walk around, I'm gonna feel like
  • I need to explain myself why I'm going to prom,
  • even though to other people I might just look like 18.
  • - You will.
  • Me? Ill look like your aunt.
  • - All right this is us practicing
  • our PG dance moves tonight.
  • (awkward music)
  • - This is, now see that's too sexy Jazz.
  • I felt really good in like my outfit, and Jazz's outfit,
  • and just like, we felt really confident.
  • So, it was just like fun to dress up
  • regardless of how the night would go.
  • (cheering)
  • - How do we look so cute?
  • I really love it.
  • - Oh I'm getting my train.
  • - Oh, oh, oh.
  • I love it.
  • - I feel like me still, I feel elegant, I feel comfortable.
  • - My dressing picking came like a few days
  • before prom actually.
  • I was going to wear like a suit,
  • and then I just went shopping for another video,
  • and found this beautiful pink ruffled dress.
  • I wish I would've worn Nikes to prom.
  • - Right? I think more people should.
  • - Yeah.
  • - All right so final step.
  • - Corsage! - Corsage!
  • - One, two, three.
  • It's just like a little flower.
  • - Of course a corsage moment
  • was essential to the prom experience.
  • - [Jazzmyne] Yes. - [Both] Woo!
  • - It's so cute.
  • - It really is.
  • - It goes with your outfit.
  • - These are like wristwatches.
  • - What time is it?
  • Prom time, ew.
  • (dance music)
  • - All right so it was time to go to prom.
  • We got in our Uber XL.
  • - We we're gonna get a limo
  • because that's what prom kids do,
  • but it was like down the street.
  • - Literally, so we got into our car,
  • and we could see the venue from the car.
  • But we got a car.
  • - We just needed to arrive in something.
  • How are you feeling, Jazz?
  • - I'm feeling good,
  • I kind of just got really nervous though.
  • - I know, but I'm just glad that we're doing it together,
  • 'cause if I was going by myself, i'd feel horrible.
  • - Oh my gosh, yeah. - scared.
  • Hopefully the food is good.
  • I got the chicken, did you get the chicken?
  • - I got the chicken.
  • - Hi Lindsay.
  • - Hi Lindsay.
  • - I hope you have a magical time at prom.
  • - Dress up, this is like your mini Met Gala.
  • - Do something really cool with your makeup,
  • 'cause I know that you're capable.
  • - Have fun, have a blast.
  • This is the time of your life.
  • You're never gonna get it again, girl.
  • - Don't go, just buy a car or something.
  • There's so many other things you could do
  • besides spending money on prom.
  • - Just don't make out with your ex.
  • - We got to the venue, which was Skyspace.
  • We started going up the elevator to 70 floors.
  • Ooh there's us.
  • Oh my god, I'm scared of heights.
  • - I'm terrified of heights.
  • - It started setting in like, what are people gonna think
  • when we walk in like, "what are you doing at our prom?"
  • you know?
  • Like I was scared for the teen angst.
  • - Yeah.
  • - Oh my god, everyone looks so pretty.
  • The room was just friends, and nice,
  • and so many people came and talked to us.
  • So many people that watch BuzzFeed.
  • - [Both] Oh my god.
  • - And the rain stopped, and so there was a rainbow.
  • - Took pictures outside with the beautiful view.
  • Prom! - Ah!
  • - Jazz didn't wanna go down the Skyslide.
  • - No.
  • - I'm about to go on the Skyslide,
  • which is a slide that is like, completely see through.
  • And you can see all of LA under you.
  • Oh my god.
  • We had spotted a table with a bunch of teens.
  • - Yeah, they we're all really cool.
  • - I made a friend.
  • Is this your fist homeschool prom.
  • - Yes, yeah it is.
  • - (gasps) it's our first, together.
  • This is so fun because we looking at everyone's outfits.
  • Ooh, the lights just, oh.
  • - Not from the teens. - from the teens.
  • - Not from the teens. - No.
  • Like an adult from downstairs,
  • when we we're looking out the window.
  • We're gonna go dance now.
  • (dance music)
  • - We started dancing when they were playing music.
  • They were playing all the music that we listened to
  • when we we're younger.
  • ♪ I just can't look, it's killing me ♪
  • ♪ I'm a sucker for you ♪
  • - It became so clear when we we're there
  • that I was old man. - Yeah.
  • I wanted a cocktail real bad,
  • but I can just imagine that I was their age and a teen,
  • like would've just had a blast.
  • I was surprised at what prom turned out to be.
  • But also not surprised at all.
  • The magic of prom is the people you surround yourself with.
  • - For sure.
  • - Looking back, I didn't go to my prom
  • mostly because the people that did
  • weren't really the people I hung out with.
  • And I don't think I would've had fun.
  • But, it was really cool as an adult
  • to kind of just dress up and go through the motions.
  • - Would you recommend teens go to their prom now?
  • - Prom isn't the end all, be all.
  • Go if you wanna go, don't go if you don't wanna go.
  • - Go and dance for a little bit, then leave.
  • Get that free desert, and then go.
  • - Oh man I forgot the cake!
  • - Yeah.
  • - I forgot the cake! - Oh you didn't eat it.
  • I ate the bread pudding.
  • - Oh I forgot.
  • Prom2k19.
  • - [Lindsay] Looks like you do something next Jazzy Jazz.
  • What did you wanna do in high school?
  • - Um, I was gonna say something but it's so not approptiate
  • so, let's just cut.

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