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Video Speeding Ticket
07:53   |   02/23/2019 at 17:18


  • Pre-video Dom: "This video has been brought to you by NordVPN. Use the code DOMICS at
  • for 66% off a 2 year plan.
  • *Intro music*
  • Dom: "With all of the videos I've made about driving and my complaints about other people's abilities behind the wheel,
  • you'd assume I'm a pretty good driver with no record."
  • "Haha,
  • wrong. I am a filthy hypocrite. (Good you admitted it) Last year
  • I got a ticket for speeding ( SANIC GOTTA GO FAST) in a school zone, which, if you didn't know, is an automatic fail on your driving test.
  • Actually looking back, I technically wasn't in the school zone yet, and I was just trying to keep up with traffic.
  • But I'll own up to my ignorance and admit that I didn't realize I was actually going that fast.
  • You can tell that specific area is a hotspot for speeders because there's a nice little nest for them Dodge
  • Chargers to perch on. (IKR) I sped past an incognito cop, saw the flashing lights in my mirror and after some initial
  • delusion that it wasn't for me... No, it can't possibly be. Oh wait it is, I pulled over. Now,
  • I got my driver's license when I was
  • 21. Might seem a little late to some of you because you probably started driving right when you hit puberty.
  • I know you don't need to tell me. You're probably
  • 5' 11" (1.8m) at the age of 13 and feel the need to remind me that I'm short.
  • I know, you don't need to tell me. But do know that I was a university student who
  • commuted everyday to school in a city where it's a nightmare to drive. (Ouch)
  • So the only times I could drive was during my free time on the weekends, which was usually non-existent.
  • It wasn't worth paying insurance to be an inactive driver,
  • but I eventually got a part-time job and decided on getting my G2
  • soon after my 21st birthday and for the next six years, until last year,
  • I was never in an accident nor ticketed for vehicular misconduct. And
  • then I went 80kmph in a school zone... Which is an unacceptable amount to pass the 40 kilometer per hour limit as
  • competent of a driver as I believed to be, I probably deserved that ticket. The cop gave me the whole,
  • Cop: "Do you know how fast you were going?" speil and I was nothing but cooperative in the conversation.
  • Dom: "Officer I was going so fast that you're not even speaking to me, this just my afterimage."(Bye felicia)
  • He asked for my license, insurance policy, and proof of ownership, cool.
  • Here's my license and my insurance policy and let me just get my other document from the
  • The empty glove compartment. Why are my documents not here? Oh, yeah. That's right
  • I recently got my car detailed and took everything out and forgot to put it back in.
  • *sigh* uhhhhhhhhhhh...
  • Cop: "Sir, are you aware that your policy expired a month ago?"
  • *Dolphin sound* with ood mouth
  • *Dolphin Sounds*
  • *rhythmically smacking dolphin sounds*
  • Dom: "No."
  • Cop: "Please remain in your car." The police officer went back inside his car for a few minutes.
  • I assume he went to check my records (and steal your identity) and then he returned to my car.
  • He saw that my record was clean and decided to cut me some slack.
  • Cop: "I understand
  • this is your first offense, but I'm still gonna have to ticket you for speeding.
  • But, I'll only mark you for going ten over, All right?"
  • *Nods head repeatedly* (Looks like having seizure)
  • Cop: "I can waive your other charges if you can provide those documents in court, you'll be contacted for an appointed date."
  • Dom: "Thank you officer. I'd really appreciate it."
  • Cop: "All right, you have a good day, sir."
  • *phew* Ok...
  • Dom: "I maintained a 10 kilometer per hour speed below the limit for the next few weeks. The next day,
  • I immediately went to go pay the speeding ticket, And then I got my documents together for the court hearing that was scheduled four months
  • later. And so I waited for the day to arrive... As it approached,
  • I remember working on a video deadline and staying up late one night. The court hearing was the next day at 10:00 a.m
  • and I remember contemplating whether to just stay awake for a few more hours until then.
  • I spent too long thinking about it that I was already on that path, but somehow I didn't make it for 10 A.M.
  • I didn't make it to 11. In fact, I didn't even wake up at noon! I somehow fell asleep and woke up at 4:00 P.M! (Jesus Christ)
  • Holy shhhiiittt. I jumped up from my bed, So violently that I ended up on the roof of my condo building. (3rd editor: I have to remove all parenthesis now.)(fourth editors had to fix most mistakes)
  • I didn't know what to do. I looked up the number for the courthouse and called, voicemail said they were closed...
  • I checked their hours to call the next day. They were closed on weekends, Oh
  • my girth...
  • I remember reading in the letter or somewhere that if you are absent without informing the court prior to the date,
  • The judge can issue a warrant for your arrest. (GET DOM!)And I know it was just a speeding ticket with failure to provide some documents,
  • but, Hahaha, I
  • panicked. I called 9-1-1
  • 9-1-1 Lady: "Hello. What is your emergency?"
  • Dom: "Hi, this this isn't an emergency,
  • I just wasn't sure what number to call." Someone probably got murdered because I occupied the line. I explained my situation
  • and although I could feel how much of an idiot she thought I was, she was helpful and explained my options.
  • Which were nothing. I simply had to wait for Monday to call the court again
  • and when I did I was
  • informed that not only was I absent
  • but so was the officer that ticketed me. And I believed my charges would have been waived if I was just there, but because we
  • Both weren't they rescheduled the hearing and you bet your gas hole I didn't sleep in that time.
  • They usually group a couple hearings together because many are short and get resolved quickly.
  • The person in line in front of me turned around and did a double-take.
  • Random Stranger: "Are you Domics?"
  • Dom: What an inconvinient place for a fan to recognize me, I could probably just lie...
  • Dom: "Yeah, that's me. I'm just here for a speeding ticket, How about you?"
  • Random Stranger: "I ran a red light and killed a family."
  • (Awkward Silence Thinking about why the guy isn't in jail.)
  • I'm just kidding, but I remember it being more serious than a speeding ticket
  • Anyway, the police officer that ticketed me came into the room and approached me. He seemed almost
  • hospitable with what he told me to do and say once my name was called up and assured me that I'd be okay.
  • I mean, I knew my offense wasn't that serious, but he kind of seemed like a bro for making sure things went smoothly.
  • I don't know. Maybe it was just me. Uh, mister puhhpu
  • ponge-a-bob (Pang-a-nee ban what is so hard bout this)
  • (That sounds awfully close to a butchering of my last name.)
  • (I sure hope someone in here is actually named at Ponge-a-bob.)
  • (I guess that's a nope, nobody here,)
  • Okay, yeah, that's me.
  • Man, I'm really glad that cop cut me some slack, but you know who wouldn't be as nice?
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  • Enjoy, and stay safe.
  • Captions Contributors: HoneyDew Melon, Dreemurr, agaveboy, AveryTube HD

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