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Video The Lettering Lifestyle | Desert & Desserts Acrylic Sign
10:54   |   views   |   10/13/2018


  • becoming a parent there's so much to
  • celebrate and there's no bigger
  • celebration than the first birthday
  • today our theme is deserts and deserts
  • and we are doing an acrylic sign for
  • Ava's first birthday we're working on
  • acrylic today you can get them in all
  • different sizes all different
  • thicknesses acrylic is very very good if
  • you want to do illustrations and
  • drawings with acrylic I'm gonna be
  • working on both sides which is kind of
  • nice and the advantage of a feeling kids
  • birthdays we can really go crazy with
  • illustrations and like you know colors
  • and design I sketch multiple times
  • before I even begin working on the
  • acrylic what's important I feel like is
  • to choose the right type of font for the
  • sign so our theme is desert and deserts
  • and I think about cactuses I think about
  • like Western a little bit sometimes so
  • I've pulled up like this particular font
  • because it has these cute little spikes
  • on it which I think kind of like emulate
  • the cactuses on top of that because you
  • we know we're gonna be drawing some
  • cactuses
  • back in the day we would have to go to
  • the library we have to do some research
  • by nowadays with the internet it's so
  • easy just to Google cactus and then get
  • some reference pictures before you begin
  • drawing or painting it's always
  • important to lay out watch font and like
  • where everything is going to be on your
  • sign in the same shape as the surface
  • that you're working on I'm going to be
  • aligning all of my lettering in the
  • center so that I can leave a little bit
  • of room on the sides for my
  • illustrations which is going to be the
  • cactuses my go-to tool my number one
  • tool for everything that I do for
  • sketching on every surface is still
  • going to be this tobillo all that's what
  • we're using today we are going to starch
  • and
  • I am gonna tape up my board now
  • currently this is the layout so all my
  • lettering is going to be in the center
  • and then I've left some space on the
  • side for my illustrations so right now I
  • have to take a look at my sketch and map
  • out where each line is going to be
  • I always like to draw the letter V first
  • because it's only three letters it's
  • easier to you know put the center letter
  • into the center of you know your sign
  • and then work outwards the first thing
  • that I would do is make sure like my my
  • lettering spacing is good and then I
  • would draw the letters in and then after
  • I've done the skeleton bones of the
  • lettering then I would add in like the
  • details which are like the seraphs and
  • the little spikes that give the type
  • like a character it's good to kind of
  • have guidelines to make sure your slant
  • for your cursive is like you know on
  • parcel I would suggest putting you know
  • like light light lines to make sure your
  • script is always hanging the right way
  • not too upright not too slanted
  • so sweet there's SW eet I gave the W a
  • little bit more space because I know WS
  • are a little bit wider W & M's are
  • always a little bit wider just to keep
  • that in mind because I know I'm gonna be
  • adding a serif like to the side I don't
  • put the beginning of the e just right up
  • to the tape because I know I need a
  • little bit of space to add that
  • detailing later
  • so I sketch out a little bit
  • you
  • so Nexus enjoy and take so the same
  • thing has made our year so you'll see
  • that I like to use mirroring a lot so
  • like Ava and the word sweet and the word
  • tasty is gonna be the same font made our
  • year so plus the enjoy and take a treat
  • is going to be script so I'm using two
  • types of fonts and then similar coloring
  • for each section as well
  • alternatively when you're on an angle
  • like this instead of using tape to make
  • sure your letters are all the same you
  • can also use your Stabila wall to sketch
  • boxes so it's like at this point as an
  • artist it's your preference of what you
  • want to do but what's important is that
  • all the letters are the same size and
  • the same weight same height that's
  • what's important how you get them get
  • there is kind of like a PU today we're
  • working with two types of paint acrylic
  • and that as well as go wash wash is a
  • water-based paint it's kind of like a
  • poster paint its benefits is that if the
  • opacity is very good so you won't see
  • through the paint as much acrylic you
  • would have to kind of wear many layers
  • of acrylic in order to get the same
  • opacity I'm also working with the
  • molotow acrylic paint markers the paint
  • markers are actually very good the best
  • actually when you're lettering
  • I prefer paint pens when I'm lettering
  • and paint brushes when I'm illustrating
  • so when you first get your pen if it's a
  • fresh pen what you would do is you would
  • shake it really vigorously to ensure
  • that the paint is mixed really really
  • well
  • within the vessel from there I would
  • usually like put it face it upright and
  • then you kind of press down on the tip a
  • couple of times to kind of I think
  • there's a seal inside maybe break the
  • seal and then I would cap it again shake
  • it some more and then this is when you
  • would go and you would press it down on
  • some pieces of scrap paper to ensure
  • that the flow
  • saturates the tip of the felt pen
  • so don't worry you don't have to go
  • exactly on top of your sketch I just use
  • that as a guideline okay but so when
  • you're working with your letter and now
  • you kind of can be a little bit more
  • thoughtful a little bit more structured
  • very important to thicken your strokes
  • as you go that's one of the techniques
  • that is very important when you're
  • lettering beyond paper for example for
  • the oh I would draw my own and the tail
  • would start for the you but before I
  • start the you I would thicken the
  • strokes of the oh wherever it needs to
  • be thickened and then once that's done I
  • would start with the you same you would
  • draw your you and then I would kind of
  • like stop halfway at the our thicken
  • your strokes and then continue on with
  • your arm
  • mala to paint pens durability on the
  • surface is actually a lot stronger than
  • the Sharpie water-based paint pen
  • because it's in acrylic and because this
  • is an acrylic sign they kind of like
  • stick together really well so it's kind
  • of like you don't really have to worry
  • the only thing is if you were
  • intentionally trying to scratch it it
  • would come off if you put any type of
  • solvent nail polish remover wooden decks
  • then it would come off otherwise the
  • Stabilo all kind of just melts off like
  • you can kind of go to town on it and
  • with your hands or a cloth and it's not
  • going to make any difference to your
  • lettering so at this point I've turned
  • the sign around and I'm actually going
  • to color in the AVA sweet and tasty in a
  • different color to give it like more
  • depth when you're coloring block of
  • color like this and you want to make
  • sure you don't leave any streaks and
  • make sure it's nice and full so the
  • color looks bold and the opacity is 100%
  • so this was one of my reference cactuses
  • and as you can see there's like a high
  • light a medium green and then kind of
  • like a darker green so how I would
  • create this on acrylic is I would mix a
  • light colored green and then I would
  • kind of like paint in like the
  • highlighted area in a circle and then I
  • would kind of mix in a little bit of a
  • darker and then mix the paint again to
  • create like the medium color and then go
  • in with the darkest one on top of the
  • two colors that we've already blended
  • so with the medium tone how we would do
  • that so we essentially have to darken a
  • little bit so I would add a little bit
  • more dark green paint I might add a
  • little bit of red once I add the red the
  • green becomes a little bit more dull so
  • for these other cactuses I'm actually
  • gonna paint a full color but then add
  • the lights and darks in the front so as
  • you can see like there's like different
  • ways that you can approach the cactus
  • [Music]
  • so and then we look near this on the
  • other side and then we should have a
  • complete fine if you take anything away
  • from this tutorial it's just to be able
  • to add your personal touch to all your
  • celebrations I do things on a grand
  • scale because I love it but if you don't
  • have a time and you want to do something
  • small take these techniques and apply
  • them to a small celebration on a small
  • piece of acrylic just remember to
  • incorporate your mark in your lettering
  • in all your celebrations and there will
  • be so many more to come with children
  • there are so many milestones and so many
  • birthdays and so many things to
  • celebrate so if you would like to learn
  • more about how to letter on things my
  • tips and tools and tricks it's all in my
  • book extraordinary hand lettering

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The first birthday is always a huge milestone for every child AND the parents! For Ava's first birthday, parents Christine and Chris pulled out all the bells and whistles with this fabulous Desert & Desserts theme!

For this tutorial we are creating an acrylic masterpiece for Ava's incredible dessert table. Walk with me from beginning to end about the tools, tips and tricks I use to letter on this versatile surface!

Thank you for watching and stopping by!
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