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  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey what's up I haven't been on my
  • channel in a little while and I think
  • this is the first thing that I wanted
  • want to put out which is my room tour I
  • get a lot of questions on my room my
  • room decor when I get things from and
  • how did I do it just altogether so I
  • wanted to come to my channel with a very
  • thorough review of my room not review
  • and it's not like hair or anything like
  • that but just a thorough like calm
  • chilled by video of how I did my room
  • and things are the sort of things in my
  • room are fairly cheap I got them from
  • home goods Marshalls and TJ Maxx for the
  • most part and then some other pieces
  • I've had since my move from California
  • and some other things I got from my old
  • old room that my mom kind of like held
  • onto I feel like my room is very Virgo
  • ish at least in my eyes especially with
  • the vines and things like that I'm very
  • connected with the earth or whatever
  • I've always been like that though I know
  • a lot of people are like astrology is
  • not science blah blah blah
  • I like astrology this is what I'm going
  • with this is what it is
  • so yes that's pretty much everything I
  • hope you guys got everything that you
  • guys were looking for in this video and
  • if you have any extended questions or
  • comments or concerns leave them in the
  • description box in the description box
  • and the comments section down below so
  • this is what my room looked like before
  • I did the big transformation I had the
  • bed the mirror I still have this big
  • window of course my closet and my front
  • door and this ugly chandelier that I
  • decided to take out right now I'm just
  • going in my closet and I'm taking out
  • this old sheet and I'm just putting it
  • on the floor because I do have wood
  • floors and I didn't want them to get
  • messed up with the paint
  • although some of the paint did kind of
  • get on the floor but you know this is my
  • house so don't really matter well it's
  • my grandma's house so it don't really
  • matter
  • it's not like I'm renting and then I
  • have to pay somebody back anyways my
  • grandpa helped me mix a color of two
  • white paints together that he had
  • because he's basically a carpenter so he
  • does a lot of painting and renovating
  • and stuff like that so I just mixed two
  • things together and came up with that
  • color
  • [Music]
  • so after a quick dance break I decided
  • to take the brick orange color that I
  • got from Home Depot I don't remember the
  • exact color but I just painted the
  • threshold of my door and they'll grab my
  • window pane and then the bottom rim of
  • my whole room and then I put up some art
  • that I got from the people to whom I
  • attack Silla and the Jade AZ I believe
  • [Music]
  • so after all the hard work that I put in
  • over the summer in the past couple
  • months this is the final unveil of my
  • room and here is a fake Persian Runner
  • rug that's a tongue twister for sure and
  • then just here's my threshold of my door
  • painted and everything is painted that's
  • a jacket for mushy inside the vines from
  • the dollar store this mirror is also
  • from the dollar store I think I paid
  • about fifteen dollars for it
  • it's really good I also use some
  • scrapings freakingly gold and then my
  • copper wire is holding some of my
  • accessories and things of the sort and
  • then I have this cork board that I got
  • from home goods for fairly cheap and
  • then some notes and some pictures from
  • my friends
  • I'm not exactly sure what this thing is
  • called but I know I got it from
  • forever21 and I know I didn't pay over
  • $20 for it and then the next thing I got
  • again is this hand-me-down box and it
  • just basically holds all my makeup my
  • old makeup actually so the question I
  • get asked the most is where did I get
  • these fines from I actually got them
  • from the dollar store in my local dollar
  • store and they were about a dollar and
  • some change I think I picked up around
  • like eight or nine of them just to hang
  • around I'm not exactly sure but I do
  • have quite a bunch of them and then the
  • pins that I have what the hearts are
  • from Aliexpress I think they were about
  • three dollars and then the other ones
  • are from Michaels after book seven
  • spiritual laws of success and it was
  • gifted to me by my cousin and then I
  • have these two candles from Marshall and
  • TJ Maxx and I don't think I paid again
  • over twenty dollars for both of them and
  • this mirror is a hand-me-down
  • a lot of questions on this is a poster
  • that I got I actually got it from her
  • album drop signing so that's where I got
  • it from and here's a letter from my best
  • friend aja drapes that you see are from
  • Marshalls I think I paid about $13 for
  • them and then the greenery that's
  • hanging across my curtain is from
  • Michaels and I think I paid about $20
  • for that though this jewelry holder that
  • I have I got it from home goods for $12
  • I think I got it in the clearance
  • section and I really love it holds all
  • my jewelry and I love when my jewelry is
  • on display so that I can easily pick out
  • which jewelry I want to wear for the day
  • so I'm not exactly sure what this is
  • called but I know I got it from TJ Maxx
  • for about 150 dollars and I love it so
  • much because it helps me optimize my
  • space by having like this inside storage
  • department for all my clothes and
  • underwear so on top of this bed stool
  • that I got from Ross for $12 are two
  • pocketbooks that I use very frequently I
  • got this one for example and then the
  • other one I think is also from sample
  • either that or she inside and then here
  • are my yoni eggs you know to get that
  • pelvic floor tight and you know in shape
  • and whatnot and then here is this rack
  • that I got from I think I got it from
  • Marshalls and I think I got it for $16
  • and it's great I used some real screws
  • like not some fake screws with some real
  • screws to like tack it up and really
  • hold everything that I needed it to hold
  • including my little fish this is my
  • betta fish named fishy I know what a
  • basic name but he's been alive for like
  • eight months now so I really am rocking
  • with him and this is like a little like
  • view of like my room from the angle to
  • which I was standing at all my comforter
  • is from Marshalls I think I paid $50 for
  • it and then my pillowcases are from
  • Aliexpress and they were $4
  • one of my favorite things in my room is
  • this radio that I got from Costco for
  • $50 then this merit that I hung
  • horizontally I got it from the dollar
  • store $14 and following after that would
  • be this copper wire that I got from
  • Joanne's I think I paid $3 for like one
  • like band of it this wall cloud from
  • home goods that I just see I wipe the
  • inside and put some blinds on some
  • dollar buy from the dollar store I also
  • want to show you guys my floor lamp I
  • got two of them from the dollar store
  • for $18 each then I got two gold cage
  • baskets from Marshalls for about $15 and
  • I really liked them I decided to hang
  • them on my wall to optimize my first
  • piece and then hanging on there are some
  • pictures of my family who I hold near
  • and dear to my heart and then two books
  • one gifted to me from my aunt and from
  • my boyfriend so sitting on top of these
  • boxes are some books that I've had for a
  • while my perfumes a wine glass and yeah
  • and then beside it is a lovely Bible of
  • course and then some wine that I
  • casually drink and then here is a letter
  • from my cousin Sofia who also bought me
  • with seven spiritual laws of success and
  • then this map that I got from Aliexpress
  • and it's great if you like canvas maps
  • then I would definitely recommend this
  • one vanity is my favorite thing in my
  • whole room I took some time to refurbish
  • it it's something that was in my first
  • room that I had when I moved him out
  • Vernon and yeah I just refurbished it
  • used to be a green color and which would
  • have been fine but I decided to make it
  • go
  • while sitting on top of my vanity is my
  • makeup holder and I got it from the
  • clearance section in HomeGoods for about
  • $15 and it just holds my most accessible
  • makeup products like Benghazi air and
  • NYX and then the next thing that I got
  • is the little red thing that holds my SD
  • card and my hair pins and my best friend
  • got it for me when she went to Mexico so
  • thank you déjà I really appreciate that
  • well this is a chair to my vanity
  • it's an antique vanity that my mom got
  • from an antique store a long time ago I
  • just spray painted it gold and then the
  • side it in the cut is all my makeup
  • products and just my hair gels and stuff
  • like that so sitting in this cage thing
  • are just some other accessories that I
  • make accessible to me when I need them
  • because they're things I reach forward
  • very often and so here is more of my
  • lighting my ring light in particular I
  • love it I got it from eBay and I think I
  • paid $100 or a little bit more on last
  • floor I also have this wall stick
  • chalkboard that I got from Aliexpress
  • and I believe I paid $5.00 for it the
  • Himalayan salt lamp is from home goods I
  • paid $13 for it and then this big mirror
  • I got from a store in Santa Barbara I
  • don't remember the name of it but I paid
  • $120 for it and it used to be $200 and
  • then the lights that are on it I got
  • from Aliexpress the lights were $35 for
  • six of them and I just you know did the
  • DIY thing and made a diva floor mirror I
  • guess you could say and I just you know
  • screwed the lights in and then there is
  • a remote that comes with it further on
  • and off function and then also you have
  • to plug this this um these lights and
  • and stuff like that but it's a great
  • lighting system and it's really helped a
  • lot with just the lighting in my room
  • I would craziest rest but don't mind me
  • I just didn't have no wig on and I was
  • just showing y'all the remote functions
  • last of garnish my mirror I have some
  • ropes and then those little clips from
  • Aliexpress as I mentioned before and
  • some polaroid pictures of me and my
  • sister and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed
  • this room tour if there's anything that
  • I forgot or left out please leave your
  • questions and comments in the comment
  • section down below I love you guys and
  • thanks for watching later
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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Hello & Welcome
to my humble abode

I worked super hard on this video
and I still don’t feel like it’s good enough lmaoo.

Since I never filmed a video like this it was hard to figure out the right angles/lighting and positions to show the decor as best as possible.

I know y’all are very understanding but im sorta sad that my skills aint that poppn when i come to this stuff.

im still a yung grasshopper in train'n


Thank you to all my friends
that stopped by and helped with some of my room transformation.

- Deja
- Essence
- Kikiparty01
- Randall
- my other ex

Also a special thanks to my father who didn’t murder me after seeing that credit card bill

(y have i forsaken thee) lmaoooo

*anything NOT linked is NOT linkable
ya digg


Pillow cases -

Fish tank -

Chalk board -

Led lights -

Mini wooden clips -

Rope light -

Wooden heart clips -

Canvas world map -






Ttdeye contacts / color hd brown

boulonguise website / hidrocor brown



aliexpress lashes



CAMERA - samsung nx mini
LIGHTING - amazon small ring light



leave em' down below

My Instagram -

Email - - Download Hi-Res Songs

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