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Video Life of a Hollywood Actor
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  • so do it what are you gonna see here
  • today what are you gonna show us okay
  • well that's a good question Daniel and
  • the answer is we're gonna be seen a day
  • in the life of basically to see what
  • it's like to be an actor today we're
  • gonna see what actors do on the daily
  • I'm not currently on set not I'm out of
  • work right now but they're still always
  • plenty things that an actor can do to
  • fill their day a lot of things you can
  • get done
  • you actually have a lot going on when
  • you're on set and when you're off set
  • actually so like for instance right I'm
  • not working right now
  • what am i doing hustling behind the
  • scenes I'm on the phone with my manager
  • at least three times a day it's like
  • what do I do I get up at 6:00 they gave
  • me six I stretch I make a coffee I focus
  • there are things that you have to do to
  • be an effective actor as an artist I've
  • always said out of my way did you
  • can always be better in yourself as an
  • actor as an artist you want to better
  • yourself as a person even though I'm
  • what I'm in the car look like a nice put
  • something at least a put you know put
  • some jazz on the world voided and now
  • we're finally getting together to put an
  • end to God chun-tae says she was
  • motivated by math job dissatisfaction I
  • think any idea that useful world real as
  • natural talks with the campaign manager
  • resulted in the first contract the first
  • base wage we're currently waiting for
  • the gas tank well have you been a little
  • more stressed out lately it seems like
  • you're nope smoking a lot of cigarettes
  • no I've been trying to actually I think
  • I'm three straight months now Ducky's Oh
  • would you just get inside
  • I went got a Gary oh okay get down key
  • you know people keep asking me to my
  • friends my mom Dylan when are you gonna
  • go back to work and my answer is the
  • same thing every time why would I go
  • back to work when I am the most
  • productive I have ever been right now
  • that's what I think you know what's the
  • rate on this by the way
  • what do you mean compensation why honey
  • so it's AG sad great up doing this for
  • class remember I can't pay you it's not
  • a painting gig yeah oh yeah no no no no
  • no is that okay yeah Walt Disney Studios
  • very excited
  • the Walt Disney
  • what are we doing there we're headed for
  • my frozen to audition sir today's the
  • big day
  • how you feeling about it couldn't be
  • feeling more confident hello sir are you
  • in no just me
  • don't O'Brien auditioning for frozen 2
  • today I can't believe this freaking out
  • Fignon taking a while they gotta put it
  • into this tape the idea into the system
  • it's how it works you don't want any
  • freaks or people who aren't supposed to
  • be here on the lot okay oh is the
  • contact uh I am not sure it's um
  • Jamie yes are you sure there must be
  • some kind of mistake is a frozen two for
  • Dylan okay yeah hey Liz I'm here I'm on
  • the Walt Disney lot they're not letting
  • me in
  • I don't know what's happening I tried I
  • told them they're not letting me in so
  • do something because I'm I'm here and
  • I'm ready to go I'm I'm prepared okay
  • all right well she didn't call me back
  • this happens sometimes too it's uh it's
  • tough when you have a lot of auditions
  • coming in it's tough to organize or
  • something this happens to all the big
  • actors they all have these kind of
  • stories
  • hey what they say it was a mistake what
  • do you mean
  • whose mistake they didn't mean to send
  • the audition to me
  • can I just go in anyway I really need
  • this right now she just asked keeps
  • asking tell them I'm begging
  • they don't think I'm right or strong
  • enough as an actor they don't think I
  • have the right face
  • it's cart its animation well that's just
  • no that's just separately insulting just
  • get out of my frozen to audition it
  • didn't go great
  • whatever whatever didn't go as I planned
  • but that's what happens is an actor you
  • always got to shrug that stuff off you
  • know yeah always gonna move on to the
  • next as Adina would say cold doesn't
  • bother me anyway right totally
  • I'm just gonna let it go
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • how much longer you taking up do it why
  • are you taking all this time off work
  • when are you gonna go back to work are
  • there projects out there for you you
  • know does anyone think you're good at
  • acting

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We dive into the world of a Hollywood actor with a REAL LIFE Hollywood actor… who is currently out of work…

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