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Video 17 Year Old takes DMV Driver's Test in Bugatti Chiron
14:23   |   today at 15:14


  • you know what we need we need some
  • lights we definitely definitely need
  • some lights ladies and gentlemen welcome
  • back to the channel the keys where do I
  • put the keys though hmm
  • keys keys where did I put where did I
  • put the keys
  • I'm trying to decide what kind of day is
  • it is it wiper roadster no I'm not
  • feeling it not today maybe another day
  • maybe another day oh it's definitely
  • it's definitely it's not a chanting REO
  • kind of day you can't go wrong with the
  • latest and greatest from Ferrari but you
  • know what nope my insurance agent arty
  • vetoed the vision Gran Turismo so maybe
  • we should take out the hell bug I don't
  • know I don't think so not today on the
  • 6th of September 2018
  • it's a Bugatti kind of day a he'll be
  • kind of day it's 1 p.m. at 2:20 p.m. my
  • friend matt has an appointment at the
  • Department of Motor Vehicles he is
  • taking his driving test today to try to
  • get his driver's license he's in class
  • right now I think he's in like algebra I
  • need to go pick him up from class in
  • Chadron and then he's going to drive
  • this year on from class to the DMV
  • taking his driving test in a 4 million
  • dollar Bugatti when I was 16 I drove a
  • 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan SC it didn't it
  • didn't quite have the same effect it
  • definitely did not have 1,500 horsepower
  • all right we run late chondral yes
  • are you kidding me no way this is a cold
  • start up on a bugatti chiron
  • [Music]
  • we are driving a 1500 horsepower Bugatti
  • Chiron oh my goodness I helped my
  • insurance agents I'm watching today's
  • video I want to punch the car so bad but
  • I have to be mature and I have to have
  • restraint so we're just gonna have like
  • the dummy key kinda looks like a vogue
  • so I can piss off right here to the left
  • that is where the top speed key goes
  • that unlocks the full potential of the
  • sheer on we got launch control right
  • here we're not going to be doing that
  • today maybe tomorrow but probably not
  • look at that speed Oh 300 miles an hour
  • we got the horsepower gauge right over
  • here 1500 horsepower picking up Matt
  • from High School Dana Hills High School
  • in the bouquet on this is so
  • ridiculous and so so cool there is the
  • man there is Matt look that smug smile
  • what's up dude
  • how's it going think that why you did
  • you look nervous this is like this is
  • the most important day of Matt's entire
  • life oh yeah I got to put your backpack
  • in the boot
  • how is algebra is your pastor test so
  • nice so much now leaving the high school
  • at first we have to say hello to the
  • proctor apparently that's the person
  • that says whether or not you can leave
  • you have your permission slip that was
  • kind of a joke thank you so much all
  • right we're good we're good we didn't
  • have Proctor's when I was in school just
  • got picked out from high school and whoo
  • bugatti chiron
  • to go take his driving test like just
  • let that sink in for a moment
  • it was unreal this is crazy two hands on
  • the steering wheel absolute focus clear
  • eyes full hearts can't lose I don't have
  • anything to say but I got to get my
  • signature shot here in the helvey ladies
  • and gentlemen we got a views on news in
  • the comments below let me know what car
  • did you drive when you took your driving
  • test
  • I drove a 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan se it
  • was white it had nice hubcaps a CD
  • player it didn't have 1500 horsepower
  • and it did not have a w16 but yeah let
  • me know what did you drive for your
  • driving test in the comments below and
  • if you're not yet sixteen what do you
  • want to drive for your driving test in
  • the comments below
  • ladies and gentlemen this is actually
  • right now Matt is inside right now just
  • waiting for his turn for his driving
  • test he's gonna give me a call as soon
  • as they're ready I'm gonna pull up the
  • car to the front of the DMV and other s
  • is in his hands now today's video is not
  • a DMV sanctioned event and what I mean
  • by that they don't they don't know that
  • we're filming this I don't know if we're
  • really allowed to but it's one of those
  • things if you ask then they know so we
  • haven't asked and they don't know check
  • this out
  • inside this year on we have a sneaky
  • sneaky GoPro setup right here behind the
  • driver seat so that's we're gonna be
  • using to film the actual driving test so
  • hopefully the instructor doesn't notice
  • it I don't yeah that's yeah that's
  • that's everything I need to say it's 210
  • the test starts in 10 minutes so Matt's
  • gonna be calling me shortly and when I
  • say shortly the DMV is notoriously slow
  • so it could be 10 minutes could be an
  • hour maybe a couple hours are you ready
  • to roll yeah let's do it read means go
  • red means stop yellow means stop don't
  • speed
  • don't crash stay in between the white
  • lines you're gonna kill it
  • you're gonna kill it Department of Motor
  • Vehicles okay so I got to be you super
  • low key as the filmer guy so if this
  • footage is not very good I'm sorry but
  • that's what I got to do a super super
  • discreet the DMV doesn't really like
  • filming so we don't want Matt to not
  • pass because I'm filming look at that
  • smug smile sad behind the Tucson DMV
  • restricted area drive test and
  • verification only
  • we're gonna do a safety check on the
  • vehicle all right over your left turn
  • signal on
  • Wow way to the windshield wiper control
  • plenty foster control these very few
  • people can say they can do so you're
  • going to be evaluated on your ability to
  • drive safely and skillfully during
  • different driving situation okay make
  • any lane changes necessary to follow my
  • direction sounds good
  • perform all maneuvers when safe if I
  • don't tell you to turn or change lanes
  • you just go straight don't worry about
  • what I'm writing here I want you to just
  • focus concentrate on your driving any
  • questions no but I definitely know
  • there'll be a lot of people taking
  • pictures and stuff just so don't be
  • alike will you be and yeah and I am and
  • and drive safe
  • [Music]
  • here
  • reversing nice and slow straight
  • actually
  • I start when you're ready in your own
  • the intersections are right
  • they change
  • nope
  • [Music]
  • very good and they got one marking is
  • when you accelerate your accelerating at
  • one point was a little jerky okay I
  • passed yes thank you very much here we
  • go at the moment of truth let's find out
  • did he pass there it is is that smug
  • smile dude congratulations how was it
  • it's good yeah for the first time ever
  • bugatti chiron successful driving test
  • here at the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • in the beautiful state of California
  • look at that smug smile dude where we
  • going Mexico Mexico let's go to Mexico
  • it's just like 100 miles that way that's
  • right let's do it no nobody's ever done
  • it before some say to 60 some say to 70
  • some second do 300 Mexico Mexico here we
  • come
  • only mom and dad good five 1500
  • horsepower license free man right foot
  • is gonna be very happy sad tonight
  • finally we can do some full throttle all
  • right let's see this to figure out some
  • proper wait to celebrate mat passing his
  • driving test so naturally it seems like
  • a prime opportunity for a food vlog so
  • we're headed to McDonald's we need some
  • chicken nuggets look at this I mean I
  • like chicken nuggets yesterday we had
  • chicken nuggets very surprised at how
  • good they were and I'm just craving them
  • against it this share on is so wide
  • format nearly meant to drivers just
  • killing it I'm gonna have a large coke
  • extra ice a strawberry smoothie an Oreo
  • McFlurry
  • to medium fries I 10-piece chicken
  • McNuggets
  • do you want anything twine or exploit
  • these Nuggets excuse me dear fries that
  • was science where did you want it medium
  • blonde medium
  • we were here yesterday in the Veyron and
  • now we're here in this year
  • kicked off
  • [Music]
  • there I'll take them but
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • today's video is effectively over but
  • actually at the same time it's not
  • because we're gonna do a full
  • walk-around of the vision Gran Turismo
  • this is the coolest Bugatti in the
  • entire world it's a one-off concept car
  • this is the only one in the entire world
  • like there's no amount of money in the
  • world that can get you this car and it's
  • at here and we're gonna take a little
  • tour this is the famous vision GT remote
  • so we're gonna turn on the headlights
  • check this out oh cool and now we're
  • gonna sneak on inside check this out
  • what feels so good open now we're gonna
  • do the interior lights like this is
  • actually a video game in real life this
  • is absurd I don't know what any of this
  • does but I don't really care
  • get the ignition right there you got an
  • emergency stop air-conditioning we are
  • inside the vision Gran Turismo this is
  • gonna be a cold start up like this is
  • this was never gonna go in my life let
  • alone to even see the vision let alone
  • to sit in it let alone to start it up so
  • here we go Yuriko ladies and gentlemen
  • this is a cold start up on the vision
  • Gran Turismo
  • no way check this thing out behind the
  • steering wheel of the vision of Gran
  • Turismo
  • what
  • check this out
  • Oh Beast
  • well there you have it that is going to
  • you effectively in today's video Matt
  • dude congratulations
  • killed it the Chiron driving test has
  • been passed as always I hope you guys
  • enjoyed today's video if you did like
  • squad be sure to smash that like button
  • but just like that this vlog is over
  • anima
  • [Music]

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