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16:04   |   views   |   11/23/2017


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • morning guys so we went out and bought
  • one of those nutribullets we had one of
  • the fake knockoff versions for quite a
  • while and we decided you may as well
  • just invest and get a proper juicer that
  • is very very carrot II assume it should
  • be healthy though so sorry what missing
  • a vlog on Wednesday I've just been
  • really really sick good like the last
  • ten days now I've had this fever that I
  • just haven't really been able to kick
  • I've been having night sweats it's just
  • it's been horrible it's been feeling so
  • rundown I've been to a couple of doctors
  • trying to figure out what's going on
  • yesterday I actually went to an
  • naturopath which is something that I've
  • never done before I've always been a
  • little bit skeptical of natural paths
  • and to be honest I don't really have any
  • real reasons as to why I guess I've just
  • always gone to medical doctors rather
  • than natural paths may be a big part of
  • it is the expense in the past I've never
  • been able to afford to go to natural
  • pass like yesterday I went and had a
  • couple of tests done at the naturopath
  • must be five hundred and ninety dollars
  • like it's just ridiculously expensive
  • feel like I've just tried everything
  • that I can try in terms of medical
  • doctors and medicines and stuff like
  • that and they just haven't been doing
  • anything so I feel like I'm gonna make
  • the investment and invest in my health
  • and try this whole naturopath route and
  • and see where it takes me so
  • I get those results back in like three
  • weeks we'll see what they come up with
  • in the meantime I'm just really trying
  • to take care of myself
  • and hopefully I'm gonna be better soon
  • because this really sucks being sick and
  • I miss hanging out with you guys as well
  • haven't done a very light ombre well
  • before but I figured I would give it a
  • shot and actually looks like I'm taking
  • this right now this is my summer vibes
  • right now look at my top if it says
  • shiny mood anyways I'm about to feel my
  • 22 week bump date and I'm just gonna do
  • it on the g7x because I seriously can't
  • be bothered setting anything up and the
  • house is like a total mess so I'm just
  • like I'm trying to just get this out the
  • way
  • while I was at daycare so that I have a
  • video to put up on my channel cuz I
  • haven't done that in a minute but
  • hobbies feeling a lot better today which
  • is nice you guys you don't understand
  • the struggle I don't know what's wrong
  • with this guy yeah like you literally
  • had zero energy to do anything no it was
  • so bad and the fact that the doctors
  • don't even know what's wrong with you is
  • even crazier to me and he's been doing
  • such a good job of taking care of me and
  • as I said I feel really bad because I'm
  • the one who's supposed to be taking care
  • of her while she's pregnant
  • a bunch of women went ham at me in
  • comments the last video going on about
  • how how dare I allow my pregnant wife
  • take care of me what people a wild eel
  • yeah
  • people are wild why would not take care
  • of if I'm feeling better baby I've a
  • feeling you're not gonna like it I feel
  • like there's two types of people with
  • making juices the type people that will
  • like tested as they go and title it will
  • just throw anything in there and just
  • pray for the best and I feel like that's
  • what you do yeah I'm type 2 I actually
  • legitimately felt full like I had a
  • whole meal after drinking that so check
  • it down mobile check it down what
  • happened ain't nothing wrong with even a
  • little bit of cat it's not even occur
  • but you know what I mean yeah it's a lot
  • of extra bits but that's probably where
  • you gettin all your nutrients you're
  • probably losing all your nutrients right
  • now you know that right that's good now
  • so we're just heading down a Baby
  • Bunting we're trying to find exciting
  • party favor been trying to potty train
  • up for quite a while now and I feel like
  • she kind of thinks of sitting on that
  • little white party is somewhat of a
  • punishment or something like that cuz
  • she always gets really really upset when
  • we put a runner we're gonna go and try
  • and find a little bit more of a fun
  • party like a colorful one
  • but if we say the reason that we haven't
  • gone out and bought her a lot of clothes
  • is because when we found out Ava was a
  • girl we went out and we bought so many
  • clothes favor but we actually have too
  • many items you guys we went so crazy
  • with the paper that I reckon she only
  • wore with no exaggeration she'd probably
  • only walk 20 to 30 percent of our new
  • boy
  • got like a little feather detailing so
  • sweet I love these with a little fold
  • over things so they don't scratch they
  • face me so we end up buying over this
  • pink Mickey Mouse one and it makes
  • sounds and as you guys know Ava loves
  • singing happy birthday and a favorite
  • part of a happy birthday is seeing the
  • hip-hip-hooray part so when she does
  • something in the party it goes so I'm
  • really really hoping that this is going
  • to help what do you think babe
  • I think she'll at least sit on it just
  • pulling that thing down constantly so
  • last week I got one of those Bree takes
  • carpet cleaners from Kohl's
  • I rented it out and I did the carpets in
  • the living room and I did my rug as well
  • and it has completely ruined my rug I
  • don't know if you guys can see but it
  • literally looks like pee stains all over
  • it if anyone has any suggestions on how
  • I can get my rug clean again please
  • leave them below because I would love to
  • save this bad boy so in its place we're
  • going to have to put one of the West our
  • rugs that I got because I can't just
  • leave this rug free I feel like it just
  • looks really naked in here I don't know
  • if you guys remember but Nikki judged a
  • pet competition at West Elm a couple of
  • months ago and when we went into the
  • store
  • this little guy who'd on a rock and when
  • a dog has peed on a rug the store could
  • no longer sell the rug so they said to
  • us do you guys want a free rug and so
  • they said I'm not here it it well free
  • it's both like over a grand
  • yeah you know me I love a good bargain
  • nothing better in life than a good
  • bargain
  • thank you very much Louie thank you very
  • much this is what our temporary rug is
  • looking like it's obviously quite small
  • for this space but it's the only rug
  • that we had and so it just has to do add
  • a bit of color to the room yeah I quite
  • like it thanks Lou
  • previous video this is where Ava loves
  • coming shopping how is it as a because
  • it
  • [Music]
  • how school today IV that was good you
  • want to hold it okay
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • okay you sit on it test it out this is
  • going my I'm not stupid
  • [Music]
  • okay you sits on the podium um you'll
  • give you a donut mini donut for Ava
  • Louis Majid Provo come on we gave you a
  • doggie don't up the other day
  • there's your snack good about to make a
  • cup of tea and I remembered that I've
  • got this Christina Rae Hynie collection
  • for snobbery collection it's just a cup
  • but I thought I'll show you guys how
  • cute is this this looks like one of
  • those cups and um is that the beauty in
  • the Beast
  • you know how the cops come to life babe
  • it looks like one of those so I can't
  • you wanted you want melon little
  • watermelon - yeah do you need one for me
  • - hey what about that
  • hey you guys the other day I caught a
  • Burt working like she literally was bent
  • down shaking her butt to a song on the
  • TV I didn't know whether to laugh or cry
  • [Music]
  • smart girl
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • we gotta this scooter or a couple of
  • days ago and up until about ten minutes
  • ago what she would do is she would just
  • stand on it and hold it and she couldn't
  • figure out how to push it then all of a
  • sudden it clicked in then Ava could girl
  • so uh this whole potty training thing
  • not going so well had a nebulous for a
  • little while trying to entice it ago to
  • the putty the putty is just bare she
  • decided right it would be a much better
  • place to go to the toilet probably with
  • kids is they don't have a button that
  • you can press them makes them do what
  • you want them to do they just do what
  • they want to do so yeah how do you
  • training not going very well alright
  • well that's it for today's vlog it feels
  • awesome to be back today shadow actually
  • goes to a very good friend of mine
  • Adrian a a bunch of logs back we did a
  • blog where it was behind the scenes
  • shooting his music video for his song 17
  • again I actually did the drone footage
  • for this particular music video and the
  • video actually dropped this week and it
  • looks so good such a good feeling to
  • have friends who genuinely inspire you
  • and he's a friend who really really
  • inspires me so I'm gonna leave you guys
  • with a slipper of the music video but I
  • encourage you to go and check out the
  • link it's in the description box go
  • comment on the video and talk about how
  • awesome what the drone footage on it is
  • as well I'll see you guys in the next
  • vlog keep the thumbs up subscribe all
  • that good stuff and we'll see you soon
  • bye back when I was 17
  • back when I was 17 Oh back when I was 17
  • I had a notion that I would see the
  • whole walk across the ocean my mom be
  • working hard but she getting a promotion
  • she'd beat that every day for me that's
  • devotion we never had a chance to go to
  • the Aussie Open we used to collect cans
  • on the message seconds she tried it fits
  • my heart but tragedy broke it I know I'm
  • trying hard and that's a nice fuzzy
  • let's see Ozzy Ozzy go yeah yeah and sad
  • Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy go

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