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Video Xiaomi to unveil Mi 8 soon; U12+ launched with quad-camera setup
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  • hello and welcome to business today is
  • Lolita crafts where we take you through
  • the hottest headlines from the tech
  • world one classics received its first
  • software update after going on sale the
  • software update brings the Android
  • security patch for the month of May
  • ability to hide the knotch and some
  • improvements in the camera department
  • users can now record slow motion videos
  • in 1080p at 240fps and 720p at 480 fps
  • after installing the update the software
  • upgrade also brings with portrait
  • feature to one plus 6 it also brings one
  • Plus switch to the device which allows
  • one plus users to transfer data easily
  • from their older oneplus devices to the
  • new ones xiaomi has confirmed that it
  • will launch its next flagship mini 8
  • during an event in shenzhen on may 31st
  • the company shared a teaser about the
  • event on chinese social media site Weibo
  • the me8 is expected to come with
  • snapdragon 845 coupled with a maximum of
  • 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage the me
  • 8 is expected to support advanced facial
  • recognition at par with Apple's face ID
  • Xiaomi has also confirmed that it will
  • launch the meai UI 10 during the event
  • while we don't know much about the
  • features of this room it is expected to
  • be based on Android Oreo after enticing
  • the tech world with its truly basilis
  • design the vivo FX is expected to be
  • launched in June
  • vivo has reportedly sent out invites for
  • an event in Shanghai on June 12th where
  • the device is likely to make an
  • appearance
  • the vivo apex comes with a 5.9 inch
  • screen and a 4.3 millimeter thick chin
  • and no not the vivo apex sports a
  • periscope front camera which pops out
  • when you need to take selfies the device
  • also comes with under screen fingerprint
  • scanner
  • HTC launched its new flagship offering
  • the you 12 plus today up front the
  • device force and 18 is 2 9 quad HD plus
  • screen under the hood it is powered by
  • snapdragon 845 coupled with 6 GB of RAM
  • coming to memory the HTC u12 plus offers
  • 64 GB and 128 GB of internal storage
  • options it also comes with the second
  • generation of HTC's edge since the USP
  • of HTC u12 plus is its quad
  • set up at the back it features a 12
  • megapixel sensor with wide lens and a 16
  • megapixel sensor with telephoto lens
  • upfront it has a dual 8 megapixel setup
  • the HTC u12 plus has already fibbed -
  • wowie 320 in the exo mark tests with a
  • score of 103 and that's all from us
  • today if you like what we do here please
  • like comment and share and if you are
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OnePlus 6 gets first software update that allows to hide notch; Xiaomi to launch Mi 8 on May 31 in China; Vivo Apex may be launched on June 12 and HTC launches U12+ with quad-camera setup. Watch more in this episode of Daily Tech Wrap with Vivek Punj.
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