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Video The Best Fried Chicken and Jalapeño Cornbread Waffles | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K
11:47   |   today at 01:22


  • there's a lot of moving components today
  • but when the end result is crispy
  • chicken and jalapeno waffles with butter
  • maple cream it's all working max just
  • said that was a perfect intro and it is
  • because it's 100% true because you're
  • gonna love what we're doing today look
  • we've done Fried Chicken before it's a
  • slightly different take on it
  • and I'm trying to encourage you to make
  • fried chicken really because damn it's
  • good the first part is to get our
  • chicken brining and here's how we go big
  • bowl everything goes in so we're
  • starting with buttermilk because it's a
  • great little thing to help brine this
  • chicken and a little extra Tang that it
  • has is super delicious but we wouldn't
  • just do it by itself we have to do a few
  • things so of course we had some salt and
  • pepper as we always do look how pretty
  • it is and it's all mixed together
  • we're gonna add a little sriracha why
  • because the little heat is an amazing
  • thing and then we're gonna add a little
  • dill pickle juice
  • and technically this is not dill pickles
  • these are guild green beans that I make
  • that are amazing in a Bloody Mary or
  • martini or gin and tonic I don't know I
  • mean they're just fantastic and anything
  • we'll put a link up here I never know
  • where to point max max always goes up
  • here down there over here I just go here
  • there's a link so whatever okay so we've
  • got this and now we mix and we add our
  • chicken and I'm using boneless skinless
  • chicken thighs because well look I like
  • fried chicken with the bones in it but
  • when it's going on top of a waffle we
  • don't want to be messing around with the
  • bone we just want to be messing around
  • with straight eating and once they're in
  • and settled we leave them for as long as
  • we can
  • I suggest four hours but if you only got
  • a half an hour then go with the half an
  • hour the fact that you're doing this in
  • the first place that's all it matters
  • next the battering flour so once we're
  • ready to dip the chicken into the flour
  • and then put
  • the oil we need seasoned flour doesn't
  • take a lot we're gonna go with kosher
  • salt and pepper again and I have a
  • little dill here when I say a little
  • dill I mean like a little dill from a
  • little package that I bought for
  • something the other day that they like
  • we already have the pickle juice in the
  • brining liquid so Dylan here isn't
  • natural now that just sits off to the
  • side now it's waffle time and I'm using
  • jiffy by the way not sponsored it's what
  • I use when I make waffles
  • especially cornmeal style waffles
  • because it's already done and clearly
  • it's America's favorite super easy we
  • start with this to Brees if you can open
  • it apparently on the little challenge
  • okay so one little box of this goes in
  • here not so appealing yet but just wait
  • two-thirds cup milk one egg a couple
  • tablespoons of oil
  • you know dos tablespoon of sugar and the
  • fun part some diced jalapenos boom so
  • good I'm gonna use a couple tablespoons
  • of them one without liquid two and we
  • mix beat that egg a bit first then
  • everybody gets stirred together perfect
  • three tablespoons jalapeno without the
  • juice there we go now we're fine okay
  • so what have we got to do now the
  • chickens brining the flour battering
  • part is ready the waffle mix is ready
  • there's one part that we haven't
  • addressed yet and that's the maple
  • buttercream that's going to just bring
  • this whole thing together and the most
  • ridiculous who gives a about losing
  • weight in January of a new year
  • kind of way so we're gonna start with
  • about a half a cup of maple syrup and
  • max if somebody only had Aunt Jemima or
  • some other pancake syrup would that be
  • okay oh yeah of course it would use what
  • you got ladies and gentlemen I don't
  • want you making special trips for any of
  • my recipes use what you've got next
  • we're going to add about a quarter cup
  • of whipping cream
  • one two three four tablespoons and
  • because I don't have a spoon out here
  • about a knife's worth tablespoon of
  • butter and it goes on the heat oh dude I
  • almost stabbed the out of you holy
  • that literally poked me no I see I
  • see the butter
  • I see the butter right there did I get
  • your oh okay
  • that goes hein they ignore the fact that
  • I almost skewered my child that goes on
  • as it starts to warm the butter melts
  • everything comes together we stir it we
  • stir it we stir it and we let it thicken
  • and that's gonna be the most awesome
  • thing on top of the crispy chicken the
  • jalapeno waffles
  • oh boy and as it starts to boil and
  • bubble make sure you stir it because it
  • can definitely get away from you and go
  • over the top and you don't want that to
  • happen but you do want it to thicken and
  • you can totally smell it right from here
  • buttery mapley oh it's gonna be crazy on
  • top of these things let's cook our
  • chicken okay so the chicken dance goes
  • like this we take a piece of chicken out
  • of our brine drip off the excess then it
  • goes in the flour and we cover and you
  • want this well covered check it off
  • shake it off shake it off and put on our
  • rack Oh in flour the point is to cover
  • it evenly and then shake off excess but
  • if you see spots that don't have any of
  • the flour component make sure they get
  • it and then down rinse and repeat just
  • finish it off
  • and when your oils hot enough and we'll
  • call it 350 degrees
  • we take our chicken give it one more
  • little shake and lovingly place it in
  • the oil away from you in case it
  • splatters look if I was using a bigger
  • pot I could put more chicken in but I'm
  • not so kind of stuck doing a piece at a
  • time the last time we did Fried Chicken
  • we fried it twice a mole again do it
  • once today because well honestly I
  • haven't had breakfast I'm starving and I
  • can't wait to see this whole thing come
  • together so we'll have a little look yes
  • hello gorgeous love what you're doing in
  • there and when it's gorgeously
  • golden-brown
  • oh she comes she I am assuming let it
  • drip a bit put it on your rack get one
  • more piece and then it goes and repeat
  • and then just continue until you're all
  • done okay so here's our maple
  • buttercream it's nice I wanted a little
  • thicker keep it back on so just continue
  • cooking the chicken till it's done but
  • right now to hell let's get some waffles
  • going so when your waffle maker is warm
  • we open it up we give it a little spray
  • bottom and top and it goes the batter
  • I never know how much to put in so I
  • hope that's enough and we turn it in a
  • couple minutes that's ready the chickens
  • ready we're eating big by the way if you
  • don't have a waffle maker they're super
  • fun to have because there's so many
  • things you can do with them besides
  • straight waffles tact I should do an
  • episode about that we'll put a link at
  • the bottom let's check our waffle and
  • it's time let's go so here's how this
  • goes down we get our waffle hot Hey
  • steamy oh my gosh smells amazing and you
  • see the little flecks of jalapeno in
  • there how could you not chicken on top
  • come on there's something quite wrong
  • about this ladies and gentlemen and now
  • this maple buttercream not too much but
  • not too little and I'm gonna give it one
  • more thing and no it won't be green
  • onions it'll be a very simple little
  • dusting of smoked paprika just to add
  • that little delicious smokiness and
  • amazingness what's the way to approach
  • this well maybe a little waffle first
  • shall we I mean just because you kind of
  • have to right see the jalapeno in there
  • how great is that hmm a little spice
  • from jalapeno a nice amount that smoked
  • paprika is amazing
  • waffle like super crispy on the outside
  • but the main event right here a bite of
  • beautifully cooked chicken on perfectly
  • crispy absolutely gorgeous waffle
  • there's a little bit of this maple
  • buttercream
  • all right I'm Jewish so I don't know a
  • whole lot about Catholicism but there's
  • moments when the Pope does things and he
  • stops and then the music plays and
  • people are really embracing the moment
  • that's what's going on here crispy
  • chicken cooked perfectly crispy little
  • bit spicy waffle cook perfectly crispy
  • on the outside fluffy on the inside I
  • really helped by that little bit of
  • maple fricking cream butter mmm Mac said
  • a minute ago oh my god I just realized
  • I'm having waffles with crispy chicken
  • for lunch I'm gonna say it's like 20
  • times better than he would ever have
  • imagined make this comment like
  • subscribe we're here for you we're only
  • here for you okay I'm here for max but
  • apart from that

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Fried chicken + spicy jalapeño cornbread waffles + maple butter cream sauce = the best thing ever!
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