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Video Home Pet Spa Test
11:36   |   views   |   07/14/2018


  • what's up guys how y'all doing for
  • today's video I really have to give a
  • bath to look Gus and you go in here so I
  • have time to get my job a lot easier I
  • have three dogs now there is no way I
  • can just use a hose so I got here a dog
  • spot let's see what it's all about it is
  • actually pretty heavy pop this open we
  • might have to do a little bit of a
  • simplest I'm going to be using all this
  • outside so I don't know we need this
  • here plug or anything like that
  • cuz I'll just leave it out here open but
  • for fun I'll just keep it right here
  • just in case looks like I can even make
  • almost a bass out of it
  • also came with the little touch month
  • for the poles there is little doors and
  • stickers kind of all came undone when I
  • was getting delivered but looks like it
  • still works cool looking pretty good
  • this hinge is looking kind of sideways
  • but I guess it's normal oh one problem I
  • found they say here him with the closing
  • pins but there is only one pin on that
  • clozapine and I don't know where is the
  • rest of the pins they are supposed to be
  • stuck to the gather to this thing maybe
  • they still inside of the bag okay at
  • least I found the second one so I can
  • still claim it but maybe two top ones so
  • that way Cantus hang on or maybe it's
  • only came with two it looks like it's
  • supposed to come before but oh well
  • that's annoying sometimes you get stuff
  • like that okay you get this hose and
  • connect it into the showerhead boom
  • hello it's a retractable which is
  • perfect beautiful I wonder what these
  • things do
  • we'll have find out also I see something
  • very very cool on the inside they said
  • he'll look like little spray bottle in
  • the six of them next step we will have
  • to do is plug in this right here so the
  • attachment it's all came together in it
  • so the only complaint is missing clear
  • towels but I'm sure I can get some let's
  • see how the connection works and that's
  • how you plug it in and that's what the
  • water is going to come out time to
  • shower let's go good boy good boy ok
  • first problem right here if you push up
  • a little bit on this thing it kind of
  • comes out stay good boy stay stay look
  • look at him Union you see in the back
  • over there I might have to get some kind
  • of stretchy band or something because
  • this logic is a little bit broken so
  • that's annoying so they push up a little
  • bit it'll get messed up
  • ok turn the water on oh wow that's so
  • cool
  • look at that it's so spur in from the
  • outside all over him that's so good I
  • love that options I didn't even think it
  • was there when I was sorting in it but
  • again the door kind of push up opens ok
  • this thing just does not work I don't
  • know if it's broken or just falling out
  • so easily so what I'm gonna do is get a
  • statue burn and fix it by the way guys
  • if they jump out like that there's two
  • anchors so you can hook them up so they
  • cannot jump out this is the idea of it
  • but I want them to actually do it
  • without this in person without delicious
  • so they actually enjoying it looks like
  • he don't like those other spring colors
  • because he's not used to them look at
  • his face he's a little enjoying this
  • right now the water is pretty cool cuz
  • the dog that we
  • cool dog then get hotter so what I'm
  • doing right now is just trying to get
  • him with as much as I can because he's
  • in a small box he's not going to shake
  • off that easily because you don't have
  • him enough space so that's why I can
  • only super mop this thing I hear is
  • kinda annoying because it's leaking so
  • great idea but the quality so far is I
  • could have been better especially for
  • how much they selling it for all right
  • gonna give him some shampoo he needs a
  • lot cuz they dirty dirty doggies all
  • right and then we're going to super mop
  • man he's gonna be so much more whiter
  • don't you look aren't you
  • look like that
  • hue girls jealous hehe he's like I want
  • some too you gonna go next it's okay
  • they're really really muddy cuz it's
  • been raining a lot and the law of to dig
  • in the mud for some reason yeah get that
  • tail it's so funny they concerned for
  • the three teams were they time to get
  • some two on that action and check this
  • out if I wanna wash his the other side
  • easy just washes out upside so on I see
  • as a box this thing actually very very
  • amazing very amazing I love it
  • I just wish those little things like
  • hoses did not leak and the hinge did not
  • break those couple things that is kinda
  • unknown but the rest that's an amazing
  • idea
  • one problem is I gotta be bent over the
  • whole time which is a little bit unknown
  • but let's I always have to wash my dogs
  • I have to be burned over
  • well he's really clean so far he's
  • getting that he needs to be brushed look
  • at all that poor in my hands that's
  • crazy I should have done this but a long
  • time ago good boy and you good boy they
  • were advertising
  • you got a Lucien so they don't jump out
  • but looks like Luke tolerate it enough
  • to where he don't have to jump out look
  • at that really easy to clean him
  • everyone gets his parkour in his paw get
  • this phone park going his phone wha no
  • big deal
  • okay thanks to wash him off somehow
  • well we got a problem right here I was
  • like where's my water
  • and guess what Wow looks so much for
  • coming out this little connector kept
  • popped out completely
  • that's all I know and this is once in
  • all this layer things are so cheap and
  • just falling apart
  • okay luckily it just clicked back
  • together but it was annoying I had to
  • stop the whole process and connect
  • everything back together the only thing
  • we're gonna do is just sing some more
  • good boy look I'm not had to turn on
  • this spring colors on the inside what
  • whatever they called look at this spring
  • color side here TV right here and on the
  • other side it's perfect for instance
  • especially under where he sits in the
  • mud every single day get all the ticks
  • away and all we have to do is flip this
  • head here it's top flip this
  • and we can wash the top now
  • I mean names look at him he shaded so
  • much so giving huskies but even a big to
  • them is pretty important it keeps them
  • cool and it's going to get rid of a lot
  • of fur was that why they get used to
  • getting baths so that way they not
  • afraid of it he's so cute I love this
  • opening night here it works perfect for
  • my dogs I don't think it will work for
  • the smaller dogs I think there is an
  • attachment you can put under here so
  • that way it's lift them up but I don't
  • see that attachment it might be
  • something that you have to purchase
  • extra good boy good boy don't whine we
  • almost done and now once you're done you
  • seek he can't even shake him that well
  • inside there but all once you're done
  • and ready to let them out you can drag
  • him off with the towel inside there too
  • or you can let them out and dry him off
  • or with him do a good boy come on let's
  • go
  • Gus not you right now good boy that's
  • why they have this anchor she got bored
  • so I'm gonna water him real quick so
  • they get used to this thing a lot faster
  • then I'm gonna add in shampoo give him
  • some shampoo going and now I've been
  • good
  • his brother is a lot easier to wash off
  • you cannot have a baby fur compared to
  • Luke it's over you D but yeah you can
  • walk around this thing
  • wash him
  • they saw nice guys need to get used to
  • this stuff okay I mean stuff
  • look at those spring colors on the
  • inside getting everything on the inside
  • I mean stop and washed off but anyways
  • if you don't care about spring colors
  • you can just use this you know what guys
  • I might go back to my old ways the other
  • thing is just annoying
  • it looks like the dogs gonna care about
  • being so cluster phobic is how do you
  • say that he just jumped out or what but
  • I haven't seen you change Mickey mopida
  • and look I must say the Washington
  • without a leash I usually put a leash on
  • him hissing hogwash my dog just watch
  • him up
  • looks like they enjoying this so much
  • more here then being all closed up in a
  • box
  • look at that they're pretty clean now
  • especially Luke used to be like mud
  • dirty but we just need to fix couple of
  • patches of mother on dour
  • but yeah feels like it's still kinda
  • hard Anna see I still have to be bent
  • over a lot to walk into this box you see
  • I'm saying to wash him all the legs and
  • under body so it's kind of hard to use
  • anyways with the hose I can sit down and
  • wash them it's kind of same thing
  • anyways and I don't have to pay $500
  • I'll have this giant box in my backyard
  • so I don't know I might go back to
  • washing them my old ways just with the
  • whole still I find something easier to
  • use but yeah that's pretty much it let
  • me know in comments below what do you
  • think about this video don't forget to
  • thumbs up subscribe and I'll see you
  • next time

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