Video Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Mumbai

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Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Mumbai
Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Mumbai thumb Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Mumbai thumb Women Swap Mystery Beauty Boxes • LA & Mumbai thumb


  • - Oh.
  • - Oh my God.
  • - Ooh.
  • - What?
  • - [Voiceover] The world is a vast weird wonderful place.
  • It can be hard to imagine what it's like
  • to live in a different city all the way across the globe.
  • So we're going to pair two strangers
  • from two different countries and have them send
  • a care package to each other
  • full of their favorite beauty, style and self-care items.
  • This week we have Chantel in Los Angeles,
  • and Aishwarya, in Mumbai.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - Hi, my name is Chantel.
  • I live in Los Angeles, I was born and raised
  • in the San Fernando Valley
  • so I've been here most of my life.
  • Some people know me from watching Lady Like,
  • some people also know that
  • I direct stuff independently a lot.
  • Some things I like to do are traveling.
  • I've been to six continents.
  • I also really enjoy taking care of my cat, James.
  • Want some food?
  • Good boy.
  • My style will either be super
  • comfortable, casual like today.
  • Or red carpet glam.
  • There's not a whole lot in between.
  • I am excited to try this.
  • I like trying new things,
  • and I like seeing different cultures.
  • I don't know much about her culture
  • so I'm excited to see what else she sends my way.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - Hi, I'm Aishwarya.
  • I live in Mumbai, India.
  • Was born in Mumbai, I've been raised here.
  • Never really lived in any other city.
  • Okay, I'm biased because it's my home,
  • but I definitely love it.
  • I mean why wouldn't you?
  • I am a video producer here at Buzzfeed India.
  • Yeah, I'm in love with my job as well.
  • So I'm having a great time, guys.
  • I'm really into fitness.
  • Some days I am stronger or I feel stronger,
  • some days I just feel like wow,
  • I'm a weak piece of (bleeps).
  • I wish I was more confident in trying out new things.
  • If I happen to see like, a new trend in fashion,
  • I would look at it and be like, oh that looks so good.
  • But I could never pull that off.
  • I'm just excited to you know, go through this journey
  • and just seeing what they send me as well.
  • - [Voiceover] Each box can be decorated
  • any way the sender likes.
  • But they should contain one cosmetic item,
  • one self-care item, one fashion item,
  • one snack, one wild card and one item
  • to be opened at a specific time.
  • - I am about to go buy my items for Aishwarya's box
  • and I'm really excited they include some of my favs,
  • some stuff that I think will be her new favs.
  • - We are gonna shop here.
  • It's quite windy today.
  • And we will see what we can buy.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - Alright.
  • It's alright.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • (clicks)
  • Alright so we just finished grabbing everything
  • and it was surprisingly easy.
  • - So I'm finally done shopping for Chantel.
  • And I absolutely enjoyed it and I had so much fun.
  • I got the things that I love and that I would love
  • if someone else gived it to me.
  • - Nailed it.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • Okay, so I heard that the box just arrived in the mail.
  • I'm ready.
  • I love surprises, I love getting gifts.
  • - The box is finally here after like two months
  • of struggle from with like customs and everything.
  • Really I don't know how I waited for this box for so long.
  • Currently looks like someone stabbed it
  • or like ran over it.
  • - Smells nice.
  • It kinda smells like spray paint.
  • I love fumes.
  • - It's pretty!
  • It's so cute.
  • Oh I love it.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • It has these things in it.
  • - And oh, this is gorgeous, my goodness.
  • My box does not look this.
  • I can tell you that much right now.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • Beauty product.
  • MAC Ruby Woo lipstick.
  • - I think this is the most popular lip shade in India.
  • I'd like to see if she likes it
  • as much as people over here like it.
  • - Oh, I like the baby one.
  • It's so cute.
  • I love tiny things.
  • - First what I'd like to say is her packaging is adorable
  • NightBright.
  • An overnight trip from dull to dreamy.
  • - She was saying she doesn't have any sort
  • of skincare routine and that she's actually
  • wanting a night routine.
  • This is one serum and one oil by Drunk Elephant.
  • The brand is a little bit pricier
  • but I do find that they work on my skin really well.
  • - I'm just gonna take a little bit.
  • Wow this oil is really oily.
  • This was not a great idea.
  • I will do this at home and not now.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - Ooh.
  • So it says luxurious right on the box.
  • So that's an instant selling point for me.
  • - This is a facial treatment mask,
  • which is like a face mask.
  • It's mysore sandalwood and nagkesar.
  • Sandalwood is the most Indian thing I can actually think of.
  • I don't use any skincare items now,
  • but I do remember using sandalwood and it helping me.
  • - So it says that it's supposed to permeate the tissue,
  • nourish and rejuvenate the skin.
  • All those sound like things that I want for my skin.
  • Cool.
  • - I wonder what this is.
  • It feels like a book.
  • One Question a Day.
  • A Five Year Journal, a personal time capsule
  • of questions and answers.
  • It is so cute.
  • - This is a one question a day journal.
  • One each day, it just asks you a random question.
  • This book will last you for five years.
  • - I really love this.
  • Are you a saver or spender?
  • Like right now I'm a spender but I can't wait
  • til the fifth year when I write that I'm a saver.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - Oh my God.
  • This is beautiful.
  • - I don't know if she's ever used something like this.
  • I would like to see how she uses this
  • and like how she pairs it with things.
  • It's very Indian.
  • So I went for like a really Indian thing.
  • - This is gorgeous.
  • Part of the reason why I don't use purses
  • is because I'm like, eh, I'll use pockets if I have them.
  • And then two, I'm like it doesn't add
  • a whole lot to my outfit.
  • But something like this.
  • I also like that it's hard.
  • That's kind of fun.
  • - There's more of this!
  • Oh my God.
  • Okay I would never pick them
  • because I know they are not gonna suit my face.
  • - So I tried these on and they look great on me.
  • Hello, fashion.
  • And I had Kate try them on and Sara tried them on.
  • So they looked great on three people.
  • So they're gonna look good on her.
  • - [Woman] Aw, they look so cute.
  • - I don't know how these look.
  • This is something I would never pick for myself for sure.
  • I'm happy but I'm also very very nervous.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - So...
  • Oh (bleeps).
  • (grunts)
  • Speechless.
  • - This is something that I ate as a kid
  • either before school or after school.
  • It's instant noodles.
  • It's called Maggi, its the most popular brand in India.
  • - Masala two minute noodles.
  • Truly good ingredients you know.
  • This is a dream come true for me.
  • I love zesty snacks
  • - Natural green olives.
  • Ooh, they say low calorie snack.
  • - For my snack I chose these little packs
  • of olives called OLOVES.
  • I love traveling with these.
  • They're a great little zesty snack.
  • - Okay I'm quite calorie conscious.
  • So this is like the perfect treat for me.
  • Okay I wanna have some.
  • Actually I'll have them later.
  • I'll have them during lunch
  • and I'll share it with people as well.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - What?
  • - I thought of what I could get someone who travels a lot.
  • These are just antique binoculars.
  • I engraved it with her name over here.
  • I hope she enjoys it.
  • - Oh my God.
  • I feel so fancy.
  • Man, these are so cool.
  • I never in a million years expected to unwrap and see these.
  • - My last gift to you is actually a challenge.
  • - She said that she tends to play it safe
  • in regards to style and fashion
  • and will only wear bold things
  • if someone else gives it to her.
  • So I want to challenge her
  • to buy something bold for herself.
  • And to own it.
  • - I know this is like the easiest thing
  • if you think about it.
  • It's like oh you have to buy something for yourself.
  • But it says that if I get scared,
  • it probably means I should buy it.
  • I don't know.
  • It's a big challenge.
  • (upbeat jazz music)
  • - We've got one more mystery to save for later.
  • Open when you crave an Indian snack
  • but want to also have some good old American fast-food.
  • So that means that I have one more surprise.
  • - Open this when you want to work out.
  • So I'm definitely going to be
  • working out like, tomorrow morning.
  • So we shall see what that is.
  • Honestly like everything that she sent me
  • is something I wouldn't buy for myself.
  • And I love those kind of gifts.
  • You wanna try them out but you would never
  • spend money on them you know, yourself.
  • - I hope that she enjoys my mystery box
  • as much as I enjoyed hers.
  • Because she knocked it out of the park.
  • Can't wait.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)
  • - I am gonna try these sunglasses and ask my friend
  • and colleague, Diksha.
  • - I love them.
  • I love them, you look adorable.
  • - [Girls] Yes girl, yes.
  • - [Friend] So hot.
  • - I'm going to try the facial treatment masque.
  • Pretty dry, pretty tight.
  • I think my face actually looks really rejuvenated
  • and really hydrated.
  • - I'm about to go to the gym right now and this is a gift
  • that she said, open this when you want to workout.
  • So I'm gonna open it right now.
  • Interesting.
  • It's a pen drive.
  • Is this music?
  • (fast-paced music)
  • - My next gift is something that I want her to open
  • when she wants to workout alone.
  • I gave her a hard drive
  • of some of my favorite songs to workout to.
  • - So I just finished my workout.
  • And I think it was a jolly good workout.
  • I'm jolly liking the music so I think this was very sweet
  • of her to create and curate a playlist for me.
  • - So now I'm going to open up this box.
  • Oh God, can't do it with one hand.
  • Oh.
  • - When I think of Indian food or I have friends abroad
  • who think of Indian food, it has to be spicy.
  • So I'm got her something
  • that we get over here at McDonald's.
  • It's the piri piri spice mix.
  • I hope that it's not available in the US
  • and ya'll are seriously missing out.
  • - Oh my God, these are so good.
  • - Chantel has said that I should
  • buy something that scares me.
  • I'm gonna buy fake lashes.
  • Like I've wanted to buy for a very long time.
  • But I'm always scared of it because I'm like,
  • what it it looks like really fake and I look very different?
  • It's jolly heavy, I did not think they'd be so heavy.
  • It's gonna take some time to get used to.
  • I feel really nice about them.
  • I mean I still think they're pretty long.
  • But I'm also like maybe they're not so bad
  • and I'm really happy Chantel made me do this.
  • If I like them if I find them comfortable,
  • if it's something I wanna do, I'm gonna go ahead and do it.
  • Is this how you're supposed to do it?
  • Oh my God, that was so satisfying.
  • (upbeat instrumental music)

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