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Video Indian Street Food in Mumbai - 400 Egg BIGGEST Scrambled Eggs + BEST Seafood in Mumbai, India!!!
22:06   |   02/23/2019 at 23:44


  • - Alright check it out guys, it's Trevor James.
  • We just got into Mumbai, India.
  • True street food heaven,
  • and I'm so pumped,
  • 'cause today we're gonna be going
  • for a full on street food adventure.
  • Let's check it out.
  • - [Narrator] This is it, Mumbai.
  • The food capital of India.
  • You can come here solely to eat,
  • and if you come during the Ramadan season,
  • you'll find even more unique street food
  • and spice-packed delicacies on every street corner.
  • And if you love true spice and bold flavors, get ready,
  • 'cause today we're going for a full
  • on Mumbai street food tour,
  • and roaming late at night at Mumbai's
  • most famous food street for a Ramadan-only special dessert.
  • Let's eat.
  • - This is magical, guys.
  • We're in Mumbai.
  • Exploring and taking the train today
  • for tons of delicious food.
  • What an amazing experience this is.
  • - [Narrator] First up,
  • we're visiting a local scrambled eggs master,
  • who makes the world's biggest scrambled eggs
  • with 400 eggs, Indian style.
  • With tomatoes, onions, tons of spices
  • and fresh chilies, there's nothing better.
  • - Alright guys,
  • right up here is a famous scrambled eggs.
  • Mumbai scrambled eggs, and it's supposed to be just massive.
  • We're gonna take a look.
  • Oh, for the bhurji?
  • Oh, and tomatoes.
  • We're just chopping a ton here.
  • This is all gonna be going into the omelet.
  • So we got tomato and piaz onions,
  • and we're chopping up coriander as well.
  • So, we're a little early and gonna watch the chopping
  • in anticipation for this big scrambled eggs.
  • We got coriander.
  • We got capsicum, green bell peppers, and cabbage here.
  • And this is gonna be gigantic.
  • And look at this,
  • we got fresh green chili,
  • and we're gonna chop those up.
  • - [Narrator] Half the fun of coming here
  • was watching the super-human cutting speed and knife skills,
  • but that was just the beginning.
  • After preparing all of the ingredients,
  • we began to make the scrambled eggs.
  • - Oh, and look at this, tons of oil, ghee.
  • Oil, oil, look at all that oil.
  • These are all the eggs, and all in?
  • All in?
  • Oh, we're gonna put them all in.
  • It's big, (laughs) yeah.
  • Amazing.
  • This is gonna be the biggest scrambled omelet,
  • scrambled egg in the world.
  • Oh, and here come the tomatoes.
  • Look at that (laughs).
  • It's a mountain of onions and tomatoes,
  • and he's just gonna mix that up.
  • Oh.
  • Salt?
  • Tons of salt in there.
  • Oh, and he's just putting tons of salt, chili,
  • look at all of those bright spices.
  • Masala.
  • All the masala, chili, and salt and tomato.
  • There just gonna mix it up,
  • and what is so nice is the aroma,
  • the sweetness of those onions.
  • And I can't wait to see all of these eggs,
  • 400 eggs go onto this pile,
  • and we're gonna eat it a bun,
  • and it's gonna be perfect with all that masala and spice.
  • Here we go guys, this is the moment.
  • This is what we've been waiting for.
  • The eggs, whoa.
  • One after another.
  • Pure satisfaction watching all of these eggs go in.
  • He just keeps going.
  • Non-stop.
  • It's like a volcano.
  • It's like a hot tub.
  • It's a scrambled egg jacuzzi.
  • (spatula clanking)
  • Just getting so thick here.
  • Scrambled egg, the bhurji.
  • And it's really hot, this is hard work.
  • Oh, and look at that.
  • Look at them, slowly getting cooked,
  • and we're taking the outer layers
  • of this tomato and onion and mixing it in.
  • Oh yeah, pushing the perimeter in now.
  • The worlds biggest scrambled egg.
  • Oh, try? Okay.
  • Oh, it's heavy.
  • All those eggs.
  • That is a ton of protein.
  • Heavy, full of energy and nutrition and masala.
  • And this is a real skill, as you can see.
  • I'm the noob here.
  • Thank you, bhaiya.
  • Whoa, and it's all going in.
  • Into the big pot, into the bowl.
  • Look at all those eggs.
  • - [Narrator] And after watching
  • another massive scrambled eggs being made,
  • the real magic began.
  • With the adding of tons of butter and chili
  • to infuse into the scrambled eggs,
  • and serve with a soft bun.
  • - And we're gonna add tons of chili in now, too.
  • Green chili right into the butter.
  • That is gonna spice it up.
  • Little bit of salt, perfect.
  • Look at that, chili,
  • tons of chili,
  • garam masala, it's all in there.
  • Oh yeah.
  • And we're just pushing it all in now.
  • Thank you.
  • Oh, covered in coriander.
  • Look what we got here.
  • Look at this, we've got the ultimate bhurji here.
  • That's incredible.
  • So, it's full of tomatoes, full of onions.
  • Actually, I think it's gonna be really spicy.
  • He put tons of fresh green chilies in there,
  • garnished it with coriander,
  • we got red chili and garam masala.
  • Classic Indian spices here,
  • and then we've got classic Mumbai pav here.
  • So, the Mumbai bun, and we're just gonna...
  • Oh yeah, load that up.
  • Get a nice and plump one.
  • All that coriander,
  • all that onion,
  • all that creamy butter.
  • Look at that.
  • That looks incredible, all that butter.
  • Amazing.
  • Mmm.
  • Mmm!
  • Whoa.
  • It's actually very spicy.
  • There's tons of green chili in there, and buttery.
  • And there's actually a bit of a sweetness
  • from the onion as well,
  • but that is definitely the spiciest omelet you'll
  • ever eat right here from all of those fresh green chilies.
  • It's burning the minute it hits your tongue,
  • and the butter, wow.
  • Mmm.
  • - [Narrator] Next up,
  • we found a local man selling street breakfast
  • right from his bicycle, the classic South Indian snack
  • from Tamil Nadu, the Idli Vada.
  • Rice cakes and legumes donuts served
  • with lentil stew and coconut chutney.
  • The perfect breakfast to start your day.
  • - Awesome, and we are gonna have more breakfast here,
  • right on a bike.
  • Beautiful.
  • Idli Vada?
  • - Idli Vada.
  • - This is Idli Vada,
  • mixed on a bike (laughs).
  • Look at this.
  • So basically, idli here,
  • these rice puffs covered in a coconut chutney,
  • and the vada, donut.
  • Sambar? Okay.
  • And this is sambar.
  • More of that beautiful lentil stew.
  • Oh, and coconut chutney.
  • Amazing.
  • Thank you, bhaiya.
  • (laughs) Great.
  • Wow.
  • The Mumbai Vada,
  • (laughs) right on a bike.
  • Let's try it out (laughs).
  • So it's basically just a rice puff covered in
  • that coconut chutney and the sambar.
  • Let's try it out.
  • Mmm!
  • Wow.
  • Wow!
  • Mmm (laughs).
  • (laughing)
  • Delicious.
  • Wow, and people are so friendly here.
  • It basically, it has this rich, complex,
  • almost, like, from the field flavor.
  • Even though it's rice, it actually kind
  • of taste almost like wheat in a way,
  • with a slightly spicy, beautiful sambar
  • and that coconut chutney.
  • The coconut itself isn't sweet at all,
  • it's more of a plain coconut flavor.
  • Mmm, really nice.
  • Mmm!
  • Thank you, bhaiya.
  • Very delicious (laughs).
  • Really nice here in Mumbai.
  • - [Narrator] Next stop,
  • before going for a massive seafood feast,
  • and then making our way to the largest street food area
  • in Mumbai for Ramadan, we went for an early lunch
  • at a place famous for Poli,
  • tons of different healthy curries,
  • and their mango stew, the sweetest,
  • most enjoyable mango sauce you'll ever taste.
  • - It's so great to be exploring the streets of Mumbai,
  • and next up, guys, we're gonna go for aamras curry.
  • Right up here there's a famous amm,
  • which is mango chutney with poli,
  • and you can also get a ton of other gravies with it as well.
  • Let's go try it out.
  • And we're hanging with the cows here, too.
  • So, we're gonna order the aamras poli,
  • mixed mango chutney, and a bunch of other gravies as well.
  • And you can see, we're just putting in
  • these beautiful, flattened dough sheets,
  • and then they puff up and turn into the classic poli.
  • And look at the specialties here.
  • We've got pink poli, which is beet root poli,
  • and the green one is spinach and fenugreek.
  • And you can see, they're just throwing
  • them deep into this wok.
  • Oh yes, and here it is, guys.
  • Curries of your dreams.
  • Curry scooping action, so many varieties.
  • This is what it's all about right here.
  • And look at this, guys.
  • Now we are scooping the platters of poli
  • and all the different curries we've got.
  • Their specialty is the mango,
  • and that is what we're gonna be trying,
  • along with a poli platter,
  • five different types of poli.
  • Oh, this is amazing.
  • India is just full of spice and flavor,
  • and there's nothing better.
  • (car horns honking)
  • Wow.
  • Here we go.
  • That is just incredible, look at the color.
  • Oh.
  • Shukriyaa.
  • Wow.
  • So this is ripe mango chutney.
  • Look at how colorful that is,
  • and then we've got five mixed polis here.
  • We've got plain, we have a paneer,
  • we have a spinach and fenugreek, we have a beet root,
  • and then we have a masala.
  • And you can just dip that right into the mango chutney.
  • And then look at this amazing platter of flavor and joy.
  • This here is a beautiful...
  • Basically like a chaat.
  • It's like a wheat crisp, a wheat puff,
  • with a yogurt and tamarind chutney
  • with some different spices,
  • and then this is the kidney bean curry,
  • and then we've also got a paneer and pea.
  • And the is the kadhi, which is like a pakora,
  • and it's a sour curry.
  • And then we've got a beautiful potato curry and a chhole,
  • basically a chickpea curry,
  • with some lady finger and potato,
  • and then a beautiful gulab jamun,
  • which is basically like a deep-fried dough ball covered
  • in a rose and saffron syrup.
  • And, of course, beautiful polis.
  • And I really just wanna go for this amazing paneer poli.
  • Looks like there's some chili in there,
  • and we're just gonna dip it right into that amazing...
  • Oh yes. Mango gravy.
  • The king of mango, alphonso mango,
  • and we're gonna try that right out.
  • Mmm!
  • Oh, wow.
  • That is the most flavorful mango of your dreams, really.
  • It actually tastes like a mango smoothie.
  • It's just like a pure mango gravy,
  • it tastes almost like a candy.
  • And then look at this beautiful platter we've got here.
  • And we're just gonna go right into
  • that beautiful paneer and pea gravy.
  • Oh yes, this is the land of flavor.
  • This is the path to happiness.
  • Mmm.
  • Oh, yeah.
  • That is just so flavorful.
  • It's like the most wholesome paneer
  • and pea gravy you can dream of,
  • and with the poli, these guys are the poli masters.
  • You just feel so wholesome and healthy,
  • and there's a lot of spices in there,
  • and a lot of seeds, and this is just one
  • of so many different varieties of flavor to choose from.
  • Mmm.
  • And you just can't get enough of that.
  • If you visit India, there's nothing better
  • than a plate full of different flavors.
  • Wow, shukriyaa.
  • It's very tasty.
  • - [Narrator] And after trying out the huge variety
  • of healthy and wholesome vegetarian curries,
  • and saying thanks to the owner, we made our way
  • for perhaps the best seafood meal you'll ever eat.
  • - Alright guys, next up we are in an old area
  • of Mumbai, South Mumbai, and right up
  • here there's a famous seafood joint.
  • We're gonna have some amazing Mumbai seafood
  • right up here at Trishna's.
  • Let's go try it out.
  • Hi, how are you?
  • - Fine, thank you.
  • - Oh, thank you so much.
  • Oh, look at this.
  • - [Host] Hello, Sir.
  • - Hi, how are you? - How are you? How are you?
  • - Good how are you?
  • Wow, we're excited to try the seafood here.
  • This is just amazing.
  • We're gonna have some real seafood here.
  • Oh!
  • Whoa, that's huge!
  • What type is this?
  • - Mud crab.
  • - Mud crab. Mud crab.
  • And what should we get it cooked in?
  • Butter? Butter garlic, okay.
  • Let's get this one.
  • Look at the size of that mud crab.
  • Look at the claws on that.
  • That is huge.
  • And butter garlic, right?
  • Whoa.
  • So we're gonna get that mud crab in butter garlic.
  • See you soon (laughs).
  • On the table.
  • Amazing.
  • Oh, and this is the lobster?
  • So we got lobster and jumbo prawn.
  • - [Server] Jumbo prawn, this is the lobster.
  • - [Trevor] Whoa. And mud crab (laughs).
  • That's amazing.
  • - [Narrator] And after ordering up the lobster
  • with a Chettinad spicy and creamy coconut sauce,
  • and the jumbo prawn in mint and coriander,
  • the seafood all arrived on the table covered
  • in delicious sauces, ready to eat bite after bite
  • of juicy, flavor packed joy.
  • - Look at that, whoa.
  • Butter garlic crab, that is huge!
  • Massive, covered in garlic.
  • - I'll get the prawns. - Get the prawns, oh.
  • - Yeah that's the lobster. - The lobster.
  • - [Server] Lobster Chettinad.
  • - Lobster Chettinad.
  • In a curry. It's got a gravy, which gravy?
  • Wow.
  • Oh, and the-- - This is the tiger prawns.
  • - The tiger prawns.
  • - With the green spice.
  • - Green spice.
  • - [Server] Coriander and green chili.
  • - [Trevor] Okay. Look at the size of all of this seafood.
  • Whoa, just look at the size of this giant mud crab.
  • Look at the claws on there (laughs).
  • That is the biggest claw I've ever seen.
  • Look at...
  • (laughs)
  • Look at the flesh on that claw,
  • drizzled in garlic and butter.
  • Oh, and you can just see it's dripping out.
  • That is amazing.
  • Now, we've got a beautiful lobster over here as well.
  • So, all of the flesh has been scooped out
  • and fried in a rich,
  • dark curry.
  • And of course, these beautiful prawns.
  • - Here, we've got rice.
  • - Oh, the rice - So, appam.
  • - Appam.
  • - Appams.
  • - So, it's like a steamed rice bar.
  • - Steamed rice bar.
  • - Oh, amazing. Thank you.
  • Look at the size of that claw,
  • drizzled in garlic and butter.
  • It's just giant, and the flesh is just bulging out.
  • Let's try it out.
  • Oh, wow.
  • Mmm.
  • (laughs)
  • Mmm.
  • Oh!
  • That is insane!
  • Wow.
  • - We're glad you like it.
  • - That is just the most succulent,
  • garlicky, buttery flesh.
  • Oh, it just pops in your mouth.
  • I just had the biggest bite of crab meat I've ever had,
  • it was just like a huge ball of juicy,
  • garlicky, buttery crab flesh.
  • Oh.
  • Look at that.
  • Drizzle it all over the flesh.
  • Wow.
  • This is the best crab you'll ever eat right here in Mumbai.
  • That chunk of flesh is unreal.
  • (Trevor slurping)
  • Mmm!
  • Oh.
  • Wow.
  • That is perfection.
  • Wow.
  • Pure lobster flesh in a coconut chili
  • and masala spices.
  • Mmm.
  • And you can just take that appam,
  • and pure lobster flesh in there,
  • curry leaves, masala, coconut, oh.
  • Mmm.
  • Whoa.
  • Oh.
  • That coconut, that beautiful chili.
  • It's smooth, it's not too spicy,
  • it's just the perfect mixture of creamy, spicy, juicy,
  • and the lobster flesh is so juicy wrapped
  • around this spongy rice cake.
  • Oh, that is perfect.
  • - [Narrator] This is definitely one
  • of the best seafood meals you'll ever eat,
  • and you'll crave it for a long time after you're gone.
  • Absolutely unforgettable.
  • And after enjoying the rest of that beautiful crab,
  • we made our way out to the famous Muhammad Ali road
  • to find a special dessert only available during Ramadan.
  • - Awesome, guys.
  • Next up, we are gonna be visiting
  • Muhammad Ali road just up ahead.
  • This is the epicenter of Halal street food
  • during the Ramadan season in Mumbai,
  • and we came here for this.
  • Let's check it out.
  • Look at that.
  • Wow!
  • - [Narrator] We specifically came here
  • to find a famous malpua to finish off the day.
  • A huge and heavy egg and flour pancake,
  • loaded with tons of condensed milk
  • that's impossible to miss.
  • - Wow, look what we got here, guys.
  • Malpua.
  • Look at this.
  • Malpua?
  • Oh...
  • This is Malpua.
  • Look at this, guys.
  • This is the ultimate dessert of Mumbai Ramadan season.
  • Look at that.
  • Oh...
  • Incredible.
  • And we're just loading up the eggs.
  • So, he's gonna make the malpua from scratch here.
  • So, we're loading up the eggs.
  • Tons of eggs.
  • It's beautiful.
  • That is amazing.
  • Oh, and then just flip it over.
  • Oh yeah, and then just flipping them over in that deep oil.
  • That dark oil.
  • And then mixing the eggs,
  • there's basically a flour batter.
  • Wow.
  • Amazing (laughs).
  • Oh, yes.
  • What a unique street food, only during Ramadan.
  • Just look at that.
  • Just look at how many we've got here,
  • and they are brown and crispy and full of that deep oil,
  • that dark oil full of ghee and flavor,
  • and throw them right into the malpua pile.
  • And there just so full of oil,
  • and he's gonna throw them over.
  • Wow.
  • This is the best street food scene I've ever witnessed,
  • because the flavors coming from
  • this malpua are just incredible.
  • Oh, one after another.
  • One after another here.
  • And look at the sizzle!
  • Listen to that.
  • And we're just loading them up.
  • He's putting a bit of pistachio
  • and other nuts, and then there's the batter.
  • Beautiful.
  • That is incredibly saturated.
  • (knife banging)
  • Chop it up.
  • We're gonna get the special version.
  • Load it up with condensed milk.
  • Thank you. Shukriyaa.
  • Oh, pista vadam.
  • Pista vadam.
  • Shukriyaa.
  • Amazing.
  • We got the pista vadam loaded up.
  • Look, there's almonds, cashews, pistachios.
  • Beautiful.
  • Look at this, guys.
  • Right out of the pit,
  • covered in sweet condensed milk,
  • and the pista vadam.
  • Cashews, almonds, pistachios, oh yes.
  • Mmm!
  • Oh.
  • It's so sweet and fluffy.
  • It almost tastes
  • kinda like a cinnamony, saffrony banana.
  • (laughs)
  • Oh, yeah.
  • It has been an absolutely delicious day in Mumbai.
  • So much street food, this is a place
  • you definitely have to visit,
  • and thank you so much for watching.

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Indian Street Food in Mumbai is INSANE! We found the BIGGEST Scrambled eggs in the world, with 400 eggs and full of Indian spice!! Join us today as we explore the DEEP back lanes of Mumbai, India, tasting and trying spicy Indian curry, a delicious 400 egg Indian style omelette in Mumbai, and delicious Indian seafood!!! This is definitely some of the best street food in the world!!!

In Mumbai, India, there is some of the most varied and delicious Indian cuisine in the world. From the DEEP back alleys to the fine dining and Indian restaurants found throughout the city, you can never go wrong eating Indian food in Mumbai. We flew in specifically to eat a ton of delicious Indian street food, and found so many delicious foods! Seriously, this food was good. So delicious and tasty that I want to move here permanently so I can eat that delicious Indian seafood crab feast every day!!!

If you come to Mumbai and want to eat at the same Indian restaurants and Indian street food locations as us, the addresses are below:

1) Insane Indian Street Food MONSTER 400 Scrambled Eggs: Mohd Nasir cooper Wala Pav Bhaji & Bhurji Centre. This is known as the Mumbai style Egg Bhurji and is the best Indian style scrambled eggs ever!

2) Delicious South Indian Breakfast on the street.

3) Amazing Mango Poori Lunch @ Pancham Puriwala

4) INSANE Indian Seafood Feast Found at Trishnas Restaurant in Old Mumbai. Here we ordered a HUGE garlic butter crab and spicy lobster cooked Indian style! This is the best Indian seafood you will ever eat!

5) INSANE Indian Malpua found during Ramadan in Mumbai on Mohammad Ali Road.

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My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious . I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge. Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below! Please make sure to subscribe, it's the best way to keep my videos in your feed, and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video, thanks, I appreciate it! You could also share the video too if you liked it, that would be awesome!!

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