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Video How To Build LEGO Minecraft Ghast
43:33   |   views   |   12/14/2013


  • today's how to build is on a Minecraft
  • ghast
  • let's start by talking about this
  • official lego minecraft micro mob for
  • the ghast they did a nice job with this
  • printed brick here making it the crying
  • face of the ghast however if we compare
  • it to their micro Steve Steve is just as
  • tall as the ghast which if you've ever
  • played minecraft you know that gasps are
  • much much bigger than Steve Steve is
  • about two blocks tall and one block wide
  • in Minecraft
  • gasps are four blocks wide by four
  • blocks tall
  • so this guest is not the right size for
  • that Steve it's not even the right size
  • for this Steve that I made no this guest
  • would be the right size for Steve like
  • that tall maybe anyway let's stop
  • talking about this gasps and start
  • talking about the three gasp that I
  • built so this is how tall a gasp should
  • be in relation to either the official
  • micro Steve or my super micro Steve
  • again four blocks tall by four blocks
  • wide that's about what this equals on
  • their scale so now I'm going to show you
  • how to build this awesome looking guest
  • that is to their scale unlike that tiny
  • thing it would eat it for breakfast no
  • no no so here are the parts you're going
  • to need for the first step of this guest
  • we're going to use this as our starting
  • point I'm going to put two of these 1 by
  • 2 with handles on it facing this way I'm
  • going to do a 1 by 4 plate below that
  • both that we're going to do 1 by 2 with
  • handle take these 1 by 2
  • plates stick those on the side 2 1 by 4
  • plates 1 by 2 with handle 1 by 2 with
  • handle and a 1 by 4 tile to top it all
  • off now all of these are going to build
  • into the same exact structure here it's
  • a 1 by 2 tile 1 by 1 clip and a 1 by 1
  • plate so this is going to be the
  • tentacle of the gas to build eight of
  • those voila
  • now you hardcore minecraft players are
  • probably going to be like but wait the
  • gas has 9 tentacles this was a sort of
  • artistic decision I made to only use 8
  • instead of 9 I think it looks better but
  • you could obviously always change that
  • if you will so clip three of them on to
  • the front part here you know you can
  • clip them depending on how far apart you
  • want them sort of I like to have them
  • sort of spaced out like this so one on
  • the inside of that this one inward like
  • so or actually since I'd like to I like
  • to have it that way a little bit
  • sometimes cuz I like to look at the gas
  • from that angle in the middle here going
  • to do two to one that way one that way
  • or however you want those two to be just
  • you know sort of offset from the other
  • ones so that they're more visible and
  • then three on the back you can play
  • around with this till how you like it
  • but then of course you want to angle
  • them all back let's switch that one too
  • yeah
  • but it's just nice to have them be
  • offset you could obviously fit nine in
  • then and there if you want but I just
  • thought it looked a little better with
  • eight and uses fewer pieces that way
  • here are the pieces for the next level
  • take this 2x4 and gray this one by four
  • and white one by two and black and two 1
  • by 1's and whites that's going to be our
  • bottom four by four there then to
  • connect these we're going to use corner
  • plate and white you can also use two by
  • two and two 1 by 1's there if you want
  • something else then back here we're
  • going to do one by ones in light gray
  • I'm gonna do two by four and white
  • across the front in the back here we're
  • gonna do 1 by 2 tile and white 2 of
  • those 1 by 2 tile and gray and then a 1
  • by 1 tile and white very serious isn't
  • it then in the front we're gonna do a
  • jumper plate one of my favorite pieces 2
  • of those in white this one I did in
  • white but it could be any color because
  • it's not going to show up yeah side same
  • with that tile technically in white but
  • I've got a lot of white 1 by 1 tiles and
  • then one by one grey plates small step
  • here I'm gonna do some small steps just
  • so I keep track of what I'm doing and
  • don't forget how to put this thing
  • together notice that some of my white
  • plates are old and yellowed that's what
  • happens when you have Legos that are 30
  • years old so 2 stacks of white one by
  • one's there do a gray 1 by 1 plate with
  • a black 1 by 1 tile 2 of those take this
  • 1 by 2 and put a 1 by 1 white tile on it
  • now we're going to use these jumper
  • plates here
  • so this is going to go in the center
  • here
  • I'm gonna put the eyes with the tears
  • streaming under them right here and then
  • these one-by-one stacks will go right
  • here next layer of the head here 2x4
  • white plate one by four and gray now one
  • by two or that could be 2 corner plates
  • two 1 by 1 in white and then for the top
  • will do one by four and white one by one
  • one by one these are all tiles 1 by 2
  • gray so fitting this on the top this is
  • supposed to be the sad eyebrows of the
  • ghast so these pieces are lined up so I
  • remember which order they go in so we're
  • gonna use a corner plate and white down
  • there with a 1 by 1 gray and then a
  • corner plate in grey with a 1 by 1 white
  • then we're going to use this Technic 1
  • by 1 brick doesn't have to be grey can
  • be any color we're gonna put a red one
  • by one to indicate that this can be any
  • color because it'll be completely on the
  • interior of the model then we're gonna
  • do one by two in white and gray and
  • white alternating like a little sandwich
  • mmm them that goes on the back and then
  • over here we're going to do a gray a
  • white and a white one by one plate
  • stacked up like so and we're halfway
  • there then for the other half we'll do a
  • 2 by 2 plate and white alternating white
  • and gray 1 by 2 tiles for three levels
  • white and gray gray and white white and
  • gray then on the top here we'll do a 1
  • by 2 and white one by one in gray and a
  • 1 by 1 and white or you can switch those
  • white pieces if you want to tekneq a
  • little better we connect these two
  • pieces and then go here and stick this
  • in here this is some fancy studs not on
  • top technique
  • taking advantage of lego geometry so
  • basically the ghast if you look at the
  • top has some sort of hair lines in the
  • back sort of go down and they do weird
  • stuff at the bottom and they've got
  • lines on the side in grey so that's what
  • I'm trying to replicate here that's why
  • we're doing all this rather than just
  • making a big white box but obviously you
  • could just make sort of a four by four
  • box and white if that's what you want
  • but that's the microscale ghast here for
  • micro mob steve or super mikro Steve to
  • run away from oh now let me show you how
  • to make its face angry so when gasps
  • shoot fireballs they have a slightly
  • different face so let's take off that 1
  • by 4 tile put a black jumper plate there
  • and put some white 1 by 1 tiles there
  • and put a red 1 by a 1 tile to be it's
  • sort of mouth that's shooting fireballs
  • I think it looks best if it's rotated
  • that way um the fireball itself is just
  • a black 1 by 1 round and a red 1 by
  • round round that's about the size of the
  • mouth hole it's about the size of a
  • fireball in relation to Steve right
  • colour scheme its eyes also get angry so
  • for this I just think it makes most
  • sense to take out the crying eye piece
  • so the gray there and replace it with a
  • red it's not exactly how the gasps I
  • changed but at this scale you can't be
  • too precise
  • so I thought that was a pretty good
  • approximation of the angry fireball
  • shooting gasps oh man those things are
  • evil but yeah I like that this uses LEGO
  • pieces going in three different
  • direction these pieces are facing
  • forward those pieces are facing up and
  • those pieces are facing that way so all
  • the z-axis action happening here
  • this is the only part I don't really
  • like that you see the bottom of the Lego
  • bricks over here but that was just sort
  • of what I had to live with to get these
  • lines on the back the way I wanted them
  • so yeah so that's the microscale gasps
  • so let's move on to minifigure scale so
  • first things first here let's talk about
  • the gas tentacle it's just gonna be 4 1
  • by 1 bricks in white stacked on top of
  • each other with a 1x1 Clippy plate on
  • the top so go ahead and build eight of
  • those and put them to the side
  • so first part of the bottom of the ghast
  • 1 by 8 brick some 1 by twos with handles
  • on them interspersed then we're gonna
  • take some 1 by 4 bricks with studs on
  • them and make the studs face the other
  • direction from the handles at the bottom
  • if you've got 1 by 8 plates that's great
  • or if like me you drin out just use a
  • bunch of 1 by fours to fill in the back
  • so that's 4 1 by fours at the bottom
  • there moving up to the next layer let's
  • take some 1 by 1 bricks put them on the
  • sides here some 1 by 2 jumpers put them
  • there some 1 by 2 with handles offset
  • them in a little bit you could put a 1
  • by 2 tile there if you really want it to
  • be nice and even for you
  • then put some jumpers on the top again
  • and then take these 1 by 4 bricks with
  • studs and fit them across I'm not going
  • to worry about these holes because this
  • will be on the bottom of the gas and
  • nobody will see it for the next layer
  • gonna take more 1 by 4 plates put them
  • across the top here again 2 1 by 8s
  • would serve this purpose equally well
  • perhaps even better top we're gonna do
  • these 1 by 2 with handles again one more
  • layer of 1 by 4 plates and then one by
  • each tile across the top and careful not
  • to break it like I just did there we go
  • good as new so this is going to be our
  • gas base now I'm going to connect these
  • tentacles that we built earlier see all
  • the center of the handles because
  • they're already sort of equally spaced
  • out where I want the eight tentacles to
  • be that's why we offset those ones in
  • the middle
  • so then you might want to lean them all
  • back or push some of them forward so it
  • can actually stand you know depends what
  • you want to do this is usually a good
  • compromise position for me I find your
  • gas preferences may be different here
  • are some pieces to get alright so if you
  • have an 8 by 8 plate and white that'd be
  • awesome
  • I didn't so I'm using a 6 by 8 and a 2
  • by 8 added together their powers
  • combined yada yada yada I'm gonna turn
  • them like that real quick use a 2 by 8
  • along the back here in white to connect
  • them 1 by 8 in gray 1 by 4 and 1 by 4 so
  • I didn't have another 1 by 8 and gray I
  • mean white and a 2 by 8 and white done
  • in the front here 1 by 2 and gray 1 by 4
  • and white 1 by 2 in gray 1 by twos and
  • white and a 1 by 4 tile in white so
  • let's start with this 2 by 6 brick and
  • put it right there for no good reason no
  • there's a good reason you just don't
  • know it yet let's stack these corner
  • plates on top of each other stack this 1
  • by 2 and gray on this 1 by 3 in white 1
  • by 1 white plate from the end there the
  • top will do a 1 by 1 gray 1 by 3 white
  • one by one gray 1 by 1 white then we'll
  • do a mirror image of that same thing set
  • of corner plates 1 by 2 and 1 by 1 on
  • the 1 by 3 1 by 1 1 by 3 one by one one
  • by one you know what's going on alright
  • so then take these chunks and put them
  • on either side of the face here do 1 by
  • 2 bricks back here
  • start with a corner plate in white white
  • gray one by one connect those with a 1
  • by 2 and white 2 a 1 by 2 and gray over
  • there in the back here we'll do 1 by 2
  • and a 1 by 1 in white and a 1 by 1 in
  • gray and then alternate with a 1 by 1 in
  • gray and a 1 by 3 in white these pieces
  • will go on here
  • and then we'll do the reverse on the
  • other side so corner plate and white one
  • by one in gray 1 by 2 and white
  • connecting 1 by 2 in gray alternating 1
  • by 3's and 1 by 1's and then connect on
  • to the next layer so you can see we're
  • building up those things on the side of
  • the gas space I'm gonna do a little bit
  • of the face now start with this 1 by 3
  • in black plate 1 by 1 tile one by one
  • jumper plate in black Center that in the
  • bottom of a 1 by 4 white brick like so
  • sit down on the front here and connect
  • it with a 1 by 6 plate across the top
  • I'm also going to put a 1 by 6 brick in
  • here right now just for some stability
  • there so let's do a 1 by 2 in white one
  • by one in gray a 1 by 2 and white top
  • that off with a 1 by 4 and a 1 by 1 and
  • white do the same thing over here
  • then up here we're going to do a 1x2 in
  • white I'll actually take this 1 by 8 in
  • gray
  • put 1 by 2 and whites neither side 1 by
  • 2 in whites and let's go ahead and put 1
  • by 1 tiles up here even though we don't
  • know what they're for yet so this piece
  • goes on the front like so each of these
  • goes on the back side at 1 by 8 goes
  • nicely across the 1 by 6 let's just go
  • ahead and do this face part now so one
  • by one gray plate and tile together two
  • of those 1 by 2 white plate plus a
  • jumper plate let's go there gray on
  • either side of that and then a 1 by 1
  • plate plus tile and white that goes on
  • the center of the jumper plate all right
  • moving on so for the next level let's
  • take this 1 by 3 brick and white put a 1
  • by 1 white plate on the bottom one by
  • one gray 1 by 2 white then stack up some
  • 1 by ones and gray on top of that do two
  • of those per usual here our symmetrical
  • ghast face those are going to go on the
  • X here
  • and then in this area here I'm gonna do
  • a gray and then a white and a white then
  • a gray with white and the white and then
  • a 1 by 2 brick 1 by 6 brick down the
  • center a 1 by 2 brick for the next level
  • looking at the face here I'm gonna put
  • some red 1 by 2 plates inside just for
  • kicks blue 1 by 2 and a blue jumper
  • color really doesn't matter there then
  • we're gonna take 1 by 2 brick in black
  • sorry plate jumper on top 2 of those
  • they're gonna be our eyes here Center
  • them 1 by 8 and white it's the perfect
  • piece here I was about to use two 1 by
  • 4's and then I saw 1 by 8 standing all
  • on the side that perfectly fits across
  • the front keep things in place then on
  • the side here we're gonna do two 1 by 3
  • bricks so at this point if you haven't
  • already run out of 1 by 1 plates in grey
  • you're probably getting close even I did
  • as I was building this so that's when
  • you're gonna want to start to get
  • creative so here for instance this is a
  • 1 by 2 plate in white this would be a 1
  • by 1 in grey but I ran out so I used a 1
  • by 2 and just check it inward I could
  • also use a 1 by 8 and stick it across
  • the whole thing works on both sides or I
  • could do a 1 by 1 tile and just on the
  • next level cover it up with white or I
  • could do a 1 by 8 tile if I really got
  • crazy these are some of the techniques I
  • used when I was building this the first
  • time myself then I ordered 1 more 1 by 1
  • grey plates so I could do most of it but
  • I'm gonna keep this as a 1 by 2 as a
  • reminder of how it used to be all right
  • I just totally messed up my set over
  • here let's hope
  • we're ready to do this so 1x2 white one
  • by one gray or one by two same thing
  • right above that so this is going to go
  • on the other side over here and then
  • over here we'll do the same thing facing
  • in now let's look at the front of our
  • gassed again 1 by 6 plate in the front
  • here 1 by 1 brick on either side gray
  • jumper plate gray jumper plate white
  • jumper plate 1 by 3 plate here white 1
  • by 1 tiles over these eyebrows here then
  • we're gonna do a gray 1 by 2 sneaking in
  • from the back here connect these with a
  • white 1 by 2 so this gives us that
  • upturned eyebrow look you've got the
  • tears on the face it's looking pretty
  • ghastly so it is big plate time in the
  • back here you can do a 1 by 4 move this
  • all forward a little bit then I'm going
  • to do 2 by 2 so it fills in the space
  • right behind that hole from the offset
  • another 1 by 4 2 by 2 across the back
  • here 1 by 8 and gray 2 by 8 white 1 by 8
  • and gray ran out of 1 by 8 and white so
  • we're gonna do a 1 by 4 and a 1 by 4 and
  • then a 2 by 8 and white across the front
  • looking pretty solid Hey the back is all
  • empty so now it's time to give this gas
  • some long greasy hair ideally these are
  • 1 by 1 by 5 bricks for in white 2 in
  • gray and then a 1 by 2 by 5 break in
  • gray but you could also do just a stack
  • of 5 1 by 1 bricks or whatever you're
  • missing
  • so two white ones and gray ones and
  • white ones then that gray one by two in
  • the center this was how I felt to best
  • do its greasy hair thing
  • I guess the hair line technically stops
  • about here and then weird stuff happens
  • on the back but I didn't feel like that
  • was a necessary detail but I do like all
  • the detailing we did on the side here
  • look at those cool lines all right now
  • let's move on to the top of the gassed
  • head so lots of fun tiles going on here
  • so here's the ghasts head so front is
  • here I'm gonna work on the bottom side
  • here it's a 1 by 8 tile all the way
  • across the side do the same thing on the
  • other side 1 by 6 tile across the front
  • those were in white now we're going to
  • do some gray hair lines here so it's a 1
  • by 4 grey 1 by 3 white 2 by 4 tile in
  • grey if you have it 1 by 3 and white or
  • again that could be a 1 by 2 plus a 1 by
  • 1 1 by 4 in gray
  • now we're gonna alternate so that's 1 by
  • 3 in white 1 by 3 in white 1 by 4 in
  • gray 1 by 4 and gray let's do a 2 by 2
  • and white and a 1 by 2 and gray now
  • let's combine it with its tentacles bits
  • I find pushing down this way is nice and
  • easy so this is what the gas looks like
  • when it's all said and done I can
  • depending on how you want the tentacles
  • you might want them all back you might
  • want them to be swinging back and forth
  • it's kind of creepy and crazy
  • this is towers over a minifig sighs
  • Steve which is what a gas should do
  • again at this scale a Lego or a
  • Minecraft block is two studs wide so
  • that's why this is eight studs wide I
  • bait about eight studs tall nice cubular
  • gasps to terrify Steve by shooting
  • fireballs from afar Hey
  • holy it had a fireball shooting face
  • that'd be pretty cool right so let's
  • build the mouth 1 by 4 plate 1 by 2
  • brick in red 1 by 1 bricks in black 1 by
  • 4 black plate that's a angry fireball
  • breathing mouth 1 by 2 jumper plate
  • black one by one in black and a one by
  • one in red same thing for the other eye
  • the fireball itself take two 2 by 2
  • circular plates one in red and 1 black
  • put a 1 by 1 black plate in the bottom
  • and then stick a fire piece in the top
  • that's about the size of the fireball
  • that it shoots relative again to Steve
  • and the gas and you can get the flame
  • effect coming off the top you could use
  • the smaller flame here too but I kind of
  • like the giant cleanness of this all
  • right now let's put this into our gas
  • gas is laying on the side here because
  • it's a little incapacitated tear off the
  • bottom tear off
  • the bottom layer here and then hey
  • remember I made that a tile so this
  • would be easy to take out pull out the
  • actual mouth plus the 1 by 4 brick in
  • top of it and then stick that in oh man
  • look at that now I'm gonna pull out the
  • eyes from the other direction see how
  • easily that comes off totally planned it
  • the eyes now go here push it all
  • together it's a little cross-eyed this
  • way but oh and then of course we'll want
  • to reconnect the tentacle bit eyes are a
  • little cross-eyed here which is less
  • terrifying but I think the fact that
  • it's shooting giant fireballs at you and
  • blowing up the space all around you
  • should be properly terrifying because
  • ghasts more terrifying so now let's work
  • on the three times scale gasp that is to
  • scale with this three times scale Steve
  • it's gigantic so the first step for this
  • guest is to build an area that is twelve
  • by twelve bricks so I'm using two two by
  • sixes five two by tens a 2 by 6 and a 2
  • by 4 for this task now I'm going to
  • connect them a little about it better
  • let's use a 2 by 4 here and 2 by 4 here
  • and 2 by 4th back there and 2 by 4 in
  • the middle there for this guest I
  • decided rather than using lots of little
  • plates to make it perfectly detailed I
  • was just only going to use bricks
  • because after making the minifigs scale
  • 1 I was kind of sick of plates and also
  • out of them
  • so here the bricks you need
  • across the front I'm gonna arbitrarily
  • say the side is the front one by 10 long
  • brick along the side 1 by 2 grey 1 by 6
  • white 1 by 2 grey one by one white hey
  • we're leaving the back empty again I
  • wonder what we're gonna do back there
  • one by two gray 1 by 6 white 1 by 2 grey
  • 1 by 1 whites so along the side here 1
  • by 4 white one by one white 2 by 3 grey
  • 1 by 2 white going in 2 by 4 white
  • filling in that space 1 by 4 and black 2
  • by 4 and white 1 by 2 in white 1 by 3 in
  • grey and a 1 by 4 and 1 by 1 in white
  • don't necessarily need to fill those
  • things in but I just spotted out of a
  • nice little stability to the front of
  • this gasp
  • alright 1 by 2 grey 1 by 1 white 1 by 2
  • grey one by one and one by four white
  • round to the front 1 by 2 in grey a 1 by
  • 8 in white a 1 by 2 in grey move around
  • to the side 1 by 4 white 1 by 1 white 1
  • by 2 grey 1 by 2 grey one by one white
  • I'm gonna stop saying everything is I
  • put it on okay
  • one by one one by six in white oh I was
  • gonna stop saying these words okay gray
  • so anyone else think it's weird that I'm
  • not saying all the names of the bricks
  • anymore that one is really dirty let's
  • do some on the back one by two by fives
  • and white this is a 1 by 1 by 5 plus a 1
  • by 1 so what these six things are gray
  • white grey right one ray
  • sounds like horse of a song
  • my dog is scratching at the door gray
  • white gray this is a 1 by 2 by 5 with a
  • 1 by 2 on top I have to start zooming
  • out a little bit okay so let's start
  • take this 2 by 3 1 by 2 1 by 1 1 by 4 2
  • by 2 turn around
  • here's the big black eyes 1 2 maybe I
  • should do it this way so you can
  • actually see what's happen from an angle
  • voila
  • okay I'm gonna skip the shots where I
  • show you all the bricks ahead of time
  • because it's getting too hard to do with
  • this height this is a 1 by 10 in white
  • on the back here it's going to be a 1 by
  • 2 and then a corner brick then a 1 by 3
  • in white here then this 1 by 12 going
  • all the way across to provide some
  • much-needed stability for the back
  • hairpieces 1 by 2 to 1 by 12 all the way
  • across wow this is less stable than my
  • notes and 1 by 1 white here here so
  • we're looking like that then on the
  • other side a 1 by 1 in white 1 by 12 all
  • the way back just that out a little 1 by
  • corner brick there in gray 1 by 2 and
  • whites 1 by 10 and white 1 by 3 and we
  • left a little hole back here 4 1 by 2 in
  • gray
  • next level 2x2 2x2 let's do this 1 by 8
  • 1 level row back here 1 by 2 grey 1 by 2
  • grey one by one white so that looks like
  • that
  • so then 2 by 6 in white two of those 2
  • by 6 and grey two of those 2 by 6 and
  • white 2 by 6 1 by 12 only a few spots at
  • the back here 2 by 6 or gray 2 by 6 and
  • grey we're gonna have a bunch of small
  • pieces back here so just keeping with
  • the existing hair lines here
  • pretty nice the top level can do a 2 by
  • 10 all the way back there two by two
  • send them one by six and gray one by six
  • and white 2 by 6 in white to gray one by
  • sixes to white two by sixes to gray one
  • by sixes think you see the pattern 1 by
  • 6 and white 1 by 6 grey 2 by 6 white 2
  • by 2 in the front here a 2 by 10 along
  • the back and now let's cover this whole
  • thing up in some tiles so 1 by 8 1 by 8
  • some two by twos 1 by 6 and gray
  • 1x6 and white 1 by 8 and grey 1 by 4 and
  • grey 1 by 4 in white 2 by 2 in white
  • lots of white 2 by 2's in the front here
  • let's just go along the edge here so 1
  • by 8s and white some more two by twos
  • and whites I'm just gonna start looking
  • at it this way that makes a little more
  • sense 1 by 4 and whites 1 by 4 in gray
  • you can see I've got an old gray and a
  • new gray because I ran out of new gray 1
  • by 6 in grey 1 by 6 and whites 1 by 8
  • and then fill this Center in with white
  • I'm using two by twos so we have again
  • faith will be recreated the hair lines
  • on the top of the ghast which carry down
  • to the bottom I've got some circular
  • lines got the eyebrows the crying face a
  • pretty good looking gassed with I think
  • just the right amount of detail final
  • steps going to be again to build eight
  • tentacles I'm using a one by two by five
  • bricks two of those connected it could
  • also do a stack of five two by twos then
  • putting one of these sort of bottom
  • round tiles on the bottom and then a
  • a 1x2 cheese slope or two single cheese
  • slopes and one of these old hinge bricks
  • here so making eight of those then
  • sticking them all on the bottom of the
  • gassed
  • so those three are one row back and they
  • are a little off the side the next one's
  • going to be another two back like that
  • and send Oh what there yeah the same
  • thing with the other one in that row I
  • can get it to connect yeah and then the
  • last three will be again to back and
  • then in line with the front row this
  • pattern should be familiar from the
  • other two guests again I'm using eight
  • tentacles instead of nine because I
  • think that's what looks best and it
  • saves you a few pieces the nice thing
  • about the way those hinge bricks and the
  • cheese slopes work is it gives the
  • tentacles a angle to which they will
  • move back and stay at Oh actually it
  • does sort of stand on its tentacles even
  • when they're back imagine that so yeah
  • so you can have it actually post like
  • that that's pretty cool I didn't even
  • realize that until now so yeah so that's
  • here to terrify this three scale Steve
  • appropriately gigantic in relation to
  • him and now let's give it an angry
  • fireball shooting face okay so for the
  • final step here we're gonna transform
  • the space into angry fireball breathing
  • face so this is gonna be a little messy
  • so we're gonna take out the eye and
  • replace it with a black one by one red
  • one by one and a black one by one do
  • that on both sides here already looking
  • creepy
  • now let's see where I'm this back
  • together momentarily and then pull off
  • the bottom alright okay so I briefly D
  • tentacled the gas and now I've lifted
  • its head part we're gonna take out this
  • 1 by 10 down there replace it with a 1
  • by 4 in black 2 white 1 by 3s and on the
  • next level we're going to remove this 1
  • by 4 in black and these two two by fours
  • and white put in this 2 by 3 and white
  • on either side in the center a black one
  • by two red one by two the black one by
  • two and then the next level take out
  • this one by eight the one by four in
  • black and two one by twos and whites and
  • we're gonna reconnect the head here
  • and you probably want to put the
  • tentacles back on for the fireball I'm
  • using this red I think it's a Bionicle
  • ball and you could also just build
  • something that's red and black like we
  • did for the other scale of ghast just a
  • little bit bigger but that I thought was
  • the right size fireball for this gas to
  • be shooting our poor Steve
  • so as I mentioned in my Enderman video
  • now that I've done the nether I think
  • the village mobs from minecraft will be
  • one of the next things I focus on
  • minecraft wise as always let me know in
  • the comments what you want to see me
  • build next whether it's minecraft or
  • anything else I've got a new spreadsheet
  • where I'm keeping track of everybody's
  • votes so you can see that yeah so keep
  • watching and keep building
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]
  • creeper creeping along this isn't a
  • creeper this is a guest my song is wrong

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