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Video The Magic Of Candy Making
11:52   |   02/22/2019 at 23:39


  • I don't think of myself as a woman
  • making confectionery I just like to
  • think of myself as making the best Solar
  • toffee in the country it's kind of like
  • in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • you know when she first bites into the
  • truffle you know each flavor is very
  • layered and really delivers a pretty
  • complex experience and that really is a
  • lot of fun for me in Chinese culture if
  • you ever go to a funeral they always
  • have some sort of candy usually like a
  • hard candy and the idea is that it takes
  • away some of the bitterness of life I
  • like that idea of let yourself indulge
  • and in these little relief of reality if
  • you're gonna indulge in something
  • indulge in the best thing that you could
  • possibly get when I was little I was
  • obsessed with candy all the time like I
  • used to go to the craft store and right
  • next to the cake decorating aisle
  • there's the candy making aisle and when
  • I found out that like humans actually
  • made candy I like freaked out and I
  • started making stuff as soon as I could
  • [Music]
  • whenever I thought of solar Kathy I
  • always remembered it being like
  • artificially flavored and just way too
  • sweet no one was doing a higher-end
  • version of the candy I started playing
  • around with it I just added really good
  • ingredients to flavor the candy and it
  • tasted really different than the
  • saltwater taffy that I had remembered
  • making solar taffies super tactile
  • especially because the way that we make
  • it each recipe is unique to be able to
  • get the whole product cooled we cooled
  • it on top of each other so that it will
  • be the same temperature throughout its
  • super Goldilocks style like you just
  • have to be familiar with each recipe and
  • you know what it should be like and then
  • we wait until it reads about like 98
  • degrees and then we're able to pull the
  • taffy on the taffy puller
  • it can be very meditative
  • [Music]
  • so the whole idea of what the taffy
  • puller is doing is it Airy it's pushing
  • air into the product you know I used to
  • pull the taffy by hands back in the day
  • I had seven pound batches which doesn't
  • really sound like a lot but after about
  • 15 minutes of pulling by hand it was
  • exhausting
  • [Music]
  • that's when I bought Rosie from a carnie
  • somewhere I can't remember where I heard
  • he was but he was funny we do our best
  • and because we do something that is so
  • small-batch there are little sort of
  • variances all in all I think it's sort
  • of worth it just because it's such a
  • special product most saltwater taffy
  • places they'll make one white batch or a
  • plain batch and then they'll flavor it
  • with artificial colors and flavors
  • what makes salty roads so different is
  • that we use real ingredients to flavor
  • the candy so real vanilla bean is real
  • fruit purees ground spices and we use
  • large green sea salt so it's sort of a
  • signature crunch it also brings out the
  • natural flavorings that we use and it
  • balances the sweetness when I'm coming
  • up with ideas I want to try to figure
  • something out that's accessible but also
  • offbeat and super tasty so for some
  • mores the baked flavor is really
  • difficult unless you're going to use
  • artificial flavors cookie butter and was
  • sort of this like workaround that we
  • were able to have that flavor came
  • through with taffy it's a weird medium
  • because we have to cook it to such a
  • high temperature as we cook it to 250 82
  • degrees
  • the cooling table has cold water running
  • through the bottom of it and the topics
  • with a stainless steel and so you have
  • to know how it's supposed to feel
  • throughout the entire process
  • [Music]
  • you're taking all these raw ingredients
  • just like any kind of cooking or any any
  • when you make anything you can call them
  • artists you can call them makers you can
  • call them whatever but I think there's
  • something really amazing and special and
  • sort of magical about taking these raw
  • ingredients and then creating something
  • else and through that process you get to
  • see things change and smell them change
  • and feel them change and it makes the
  • world make sense a little bit for me I
  • have survived for seven years having a
  • manufacturing business in New York City
  • and making solar taffy so I feel like
  • I'm pretty scrappy and I just want to
  • make sure honestly that I can take care
  • of the people that work for me and still
  • make a really good solid product some
  • saltwater taffy makers look at our
  • product and they think that because we
  • don't use artificial flavors and colors
  • it's not actually saltwater taffy which
  • is not true but you know keeps looking
  • whatever they want now haha as long as
  • it tastes good I don't really care what
  • they call it the batch roller just
  • simply turns it into a cylinder and then
  • we'll take the cylinder and hand pull it
  • into Harriett the are cutting and
  • wrapping machine confectionary is kind
  • of a trip because if you go like old
  • school it's mostly older white men for a
  • little bit I was working with a
  • confectionery scientist who's a who's a
  • woman and she brought me to some of
  • these like corporate events and they
  • just had no interest in me like at all
  • we have for the last three years I think
  • only have had women it's not philosophy
  • it's just like we hire the most badass
  • people that we can hire and it just so
  • happens that the last three years it's
  • only been women I don't think of myself
  • as a woman and like
  • making confectionery I just like to
  • think of myself as making the best solar
  • cafe in the country
  • [Music]
  • my name is Marissa and I make solar
  • tapping there's a certain face that
  • everyone makes you know when they taste
  • it they pop it in their mouth and then
  • all of a sudden their eyes kind of widen
  • and they put their hand to their mouth
  • you have a keep themselves from drooling
  • but does actually physically lock into
  • your pleasure receptors just like drugs
  • more better mo better toffee is pretty
  • simple to make it's hard to make right
  • even though there's not many ingredients
  • it's really three things it's really
  • good quality butter I use an 83 or 84
  • percent butterfat butter sugar and sea
  • salt that's all that goes in it butter
  • crunch toffee is again deceptively
  • simple you know you just put the butter
  • in there and the sugar and the salt and
  • start stirring it but really goes
  • through several transformations along
  • the way and you have to put it over a
  • really high heat and it has to be
  • stirred pretty much continuously for 40
  • minutes or so that it takes to cook it
  • after I'm in business for a few years I
  • realized turns out I'm a control freak
  • how could it be that if I didn't touch
  • it myself you know if I wasn't the one
  • who started from starting to finish
  • could it really be mine
  • [Applause]
  • one of the things that really sets me
  • apart I think from mass-produced
  • chocolates or confections you know even
  • from other confectioner's you know who
  • make things by hand I want it to be very
  • clear what you're tasting and I wanted
  • to be a full experience I grew up in a
  • really small town in southern New Jersey
  • and right near the school was a candy
  • store
  • those guys had like a license to print
  • money when I was a kid my mom really
  • encouraged me to try enjoying myself in
  • the kitchen and she encouraged me to
  • bake things so when I was a kid
  • Halloween was you know the big thing but
  • we used to just range around the
  • neighborhood as much as we wanted the
  • giant you know grocery sacks and give
  • some of it up to the parents but I would
  • always you know stash a little bit under
  • the bed first for myself all my
  • favorites somebody gave you an apple
  • I've actually been making chocolate for
  • 30 years having taken a after-school
  • program course at the local high school
  • it wasn't until I has gone back to
  • school as a returning learner at NYU I
  • suddenly took a look around and I said
  • hey you know I've been thinking I would
  • do this one day and so if not now than
  • when I had a little bit of trepidation
  • about kind of breaking into the food
  • industry I have to say that whenever I'm
  • at an event or
  • industry gathering of any sort
  • hands-down I'm always being oldest
  • person in the room because you know I
  • can't cook pretty late as an
  • entrepreneur you really need to do all
  • the things you really have to do
  • everything from the ground up that was
  • both challenging and lightning and
  • ultimately fun I've had many jobs in my
  • life and before opening Ronnie Sue's I
  • worked for ten years for the Coalition
  • Against Domestic Violence at on Long
  • Island one of my Jobs was to go to the
  • shelter once or twice a week and they
  • would always bring a nice spread of
  • truffles of butter crunch toffee and
  • that sort of thing to the shelter and
  • just you know really cheered everyone up
  • I also brought it into the office
  • whenever I made it and it's a good way
  • to win friends and influence people
  • there's almost no one that doesn't like
  • chocolate and candy
  • especially butter crunch toffee is
  • something that folks really have a deep
  • taste memory of especially here in the
  • US a lot of people really have a thing
  • for it so that was always a good way to
  • break the ice
  • opening Ronnie Sue's I felt like I
  • wanted to have some kind of little
  • tagline that encapsulated what my
  • philosophy was for my product I came up
  • with simple on the outside special on
  • the inside put my money where your mouth
  • is that's another the ingredients
  • the treatment of those ingredients is
  • really where the special part comes in
  • it may look deceptively simple on the
  • outside you know just a smooth little
  • bonbon but when you bite into it it's
  • very special at any time I think there's
  • something really sort of magical about
  • taking these raw ingredients and then
  • creating something else candy making and
  • confectionary work is a creative outlet
  • when you make anything you get to see
  • things change and smell them change and
  • feel them change really at this point I
  • think this is probably my last four
  • years it makes the world make sense a
  • little bit for me for me
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]

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Candy is a mesmerizing process that takes the utmost skill and patience to perfect. These two New York-based women are at the top of their craft.

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