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  • [Music]
  • we have our floating breakfast in our
  • room we actually eat breakfast but we're
  • just getting this for the shot so I want
  • to talk about the importance of props
  • and actually setting up your shot for
  • the photo so we have another prop being
  • set up right now to bring a bunch of
  • flowers for our bathtub
  • so props important it makes photos so
  • much better and just like adds to the
  • shot we're just trying to perfect the
  • shot right now my hair is like glowing
  • but something that's quite difficult is
  • when you're trying to deal with Sun and
  • shadows so right now we're trying to
  • figure out how to do this because this
  • little patch here is showing up way too
  • lights you can't fix this as an editing
  • our floating breakfast is trying to go
  • over then Finity pole to Megan's just on
  • the camera doing a test shot and so what
  • her and I will do is we will take the
  • shot the exact shot we want and frame it
  • and so then when the person starts
  • taking photos they know exactly how to
  • frame the shot and where they want it so
  • then you don't have to keep looking back
  • and forth and so we'll always take test
  • shots and basically set this shot up for
  • each other yeah looks really cool we
  • always like I said have in mind of where
  • exactly we're going to crop it which is
  • the most important thing thinking of
  • cropping so then you don't crop anything
  • out or you won't have to crop anything
  • out that you don't want to
  • [Music]
  • so the pool photos are going I mean
  • they're not going the bet they're going
  • okay we're trying to adjust if you ever
  • are taking a photo and it's like not
  • working just like readjust try doing
  • something different
  • I like this bottom here okay
  • but I want to show you guys the flower
  • bath that stinks it up so they're just
  • setting up in the tub right there that's
  • a lot of flowers banks and banks Oh
  • amazing oh that looks so good thank you
  • so much that looks awesome
  • okay so we're gonna quickly finish
  • shooting this and then move to the
  • bathtub
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • guys the tub looks so good I've seen
  • these photos on Pinterest and have
  • dreamed of having a tub like this we
  • just finished shooting my bathtub photo
  • we're gonna do Megan's now I would have
  • time lost it but I had to take my shirt
  • off for it because I wanted like a
  • bareback because obviously it makes more
  • sense than wearing a baby suit in the
  • tub so anyways I want to keep it pg-13
  • I don't want YouTube did you monetize my
  • channel maybe what half an hour until we
  • have to leave here but our drivers chill
  • so I'm sure we could take a bit longer
  • if we needed anyways I'm so excited edit
  • these photos it looks so cool we got so
  • many cool shots today so that's always a
  • good thing is shooting multiple things
  • in one day because in Southeast Asia as
  • a female it's kind of annoying to put
  • makeup on and so when you put makeup on
  • you kind of want to get all your shots
  • in one day and then you don't have to
  • like and get ready every single day
  • [Music]
  • so another quick tip I just had to take
  • an image for a brand photo and like I
  • was saying setting up props I'm just
  • putting like a purse or shoes I'm gonna
  • show you guys what I mean basically I
  • had to take a photo for this deodorant
  • brand and so I just took Meghan's purse
  • actually I took a dress and I kind of
  • placed it where I was just like spilling
  • the dress out and then I had the product
  • sitting kind of spilled out like that
  • and I had some sandals there kind of in
  • front of the pool I'll insert it and
  • show you kind of what it looks like but
  • having stuff kind of in the foreground
  • and then having something interesting in
  • the back is a really great way to frame
  • your photos we have arrived in seminyak
  • and we're here for three nights so we
  • actually are here during a day called
  • net bday I think it's an Indonesian
  • holiday and basically it's a day of
  • silence and so there's no restaurants
  • open anywhere the airport's actually
  • closed which is really interesting
  • because I've never been somewhere where
  • they actually will close down the
  • airport restaurants of course but to
  • have the airport closed is a huge deal
  • so basically you can't get anywhere on
  • that day so you do have to stock up on
  • food and so we're actually staying in a
  • hotel for three days because they do
  • have room service and the restaurant
  • open up until 5:30 here most places
  • wouldn't have anything open so that's
  • why we didn't want to do a villa
  • necessarily but I guess tomorrow we'll
  • just have to stock up on dinner we can
  • probably eat like right before here but
  • then we'll need some snacks because I
  • get very hungry often but it's something
  • to note that just be aware of like
  • holidays are like special things that
  • may be happening in a country you're in
  • because you obviously don't want to be
  • stuck I mean the way we actually found
  • out this was through our friend but I'm
  • sure if you're staying at any hotel or
  • like that sort of thing they probably
  • will give you a warning or you'll like
  • see signs about it somewhere but that's
  • a low tip because we had literally no
  • idea about this holiday and if
  • restaurants are closed all day and you
  • haven't stocked up on food you're kind
  • of screwed
  • thank you it's a we've arrived at our
  • coffee through Martel and I'm actually
  • gonna be doing a separate video of like
  • polyfoam instagrams or cafes and I'm
  • really excited I'm also gonna be like a
  • photo again
  • they need a white photo for big teeth I
  • think I'm gonna get a pink chai latte is
  • the plan that our food has arrived very
  • Instagram of all smoothies and food
  • looks really good as well so we're just
  • doing a cute little photo here that I
  • will post right here so you guys can see
  • what that looks like if you're not
  • following me on instagram definitely
  • make sure to do so just got all of our
  • shots obviously kind of a production
  • whenever we go and eat somewhere at a
  • really cute cafe because you have to get
  • Instagram stories you have to get an
  • Instagram post you want to get different
  • angles and that kind of thing and by the
  • time you come out to it your foods kind
  • of cold I honestly don't do this every
  • time I eat it's just because I'm making
  • specific videos so you know what is work
  • but that's okay we're going to eat now
  • all right so our bill came to 295 which
  • is around I'm just gonna head back is it
  • them so that's $20 us for all of that
  • not bad
  • and if you guys want to get a cute blush
  • a photo you can just load your latte
  • here like so so we're going to pick up
  • Meghan's why do I make it
  • Meghan's surfboard right now and then
  • because she's starting her surf lessons
  • tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. I've tried to surf
  • before I suck I mean I should probably
  • take lessons but I just want to end off
  • this log with answering a few more of
  • your questions and I also want to do the
  • channel feature that I'm doing with the
  • hashtag read me so you guys can leave
  • comments down below so if you guys use
  • that hashtag and just tell me a fun
  • little fact about yourself so starting
  • off I want to feature a girl named Sonya
  • and she has been following me for quite
  • a long time because I always see the
  • comments on my videos she's always one
  • of the first people to comment and it's
  • very very supportive so huge thank you
  • to you Sonya I really appreciate it so
  • definitely make sure to go check out her
  • channel she does lifestyle videos and
  • vlogs also make sure to go comment on
  • her recent video saying that I sent you
  • and sent her some love because she is
  • awesome but I also want to answer a few
  • more questions before I finish off this
  • vlog um of questions that you guys had
  • asked me okay so the first question
  • comes from Genevieve O'Hara so she asked
  • how has traveling shaped your
  • perspective of the world over the years
  • so for me I obviously been travelling
  • for a few years and I really think it
  • opened up your eyes to just realizing
  • that there are so many people in the
  • world and I think sometimes it's easy to
  • get caught up and sometimes just like
  • very small problems and worrying about
  • things that don't really matter and in
  • some areas of Southeast Asia there is a
  • lot more poverty and you do still see
  • people that are happy and just living
  • simple lives but it really shows that
  • you don't need much to live a happy and
  • fulfilled life so that's not something
  • that's I'm kind of cool to see by
  • traveling into different countries so
  • Lola Hefner asks how do you make money
  • while traveling so I obviously do
  • YouTube in its travel time and so the
  • main way is when I work with brands so
  • they do pay me and that kind of allows
  • me to keep creating content I also will
  • make a little bit from Adsense and then
  • like affiliate marketing that kind of
  • thing when you see like a little link
  • and then those things altogether allow
  • me to create content continue living on
  • the road I mean kind of living on the
  • road and traveling almost full-time and
  • if you guys want me to do a video on
  • that on how you guys can make money
  • while traveling I'm a different
  • suggestions and that kind of thing not
  • just being like a social media monster
  • because it does take a while so you
  • build up a following to the point where
  • you will make money off of it so let me
  • know that'd be interesting that little
  • travel blog asks how do you stay
  • positive and motivated when things maybe
  • don't go with your way with your online
  • presence with doing social media and
  • like being online you're gonna have your
  • ups and downs I don't think I know one
  • person that has it had like highs and
  • lows with being on YouTube or being on
  • Instagram it's just kind of the nature
  • of it but you just have to power through
  • and really just realize okay you know
  • what I'm gonna come out of this right or
  • if you went to a dry period where maybe
  • you're not making as much money I'm kind
  • of struggling just know that if you work
  • hard eventually that will pay off and so
  • that's usually what I tell myself if
  • like I'm going through a dry period or
  • just like my video views aren't as high
  • as they used to that kind of thing
  • because everyone goes through that and
  • it's just kind of what you get when you
  • put yourself up there and have all your
  • stuff online you can't really control it
  • and so I guess just realizing that it
  • kind of eases your mind a little bit and
  • makes you not stress about it as much
  • teach me whatever asks do you have
  • eyelash extensions and how do they hold
  • up in the ocean in swimming pools so yes
  • I have eyelash extensions I kind of need
  • to get them filled where I'm gonna get
  • the film I don't know I usually try not
  • to go completely under water in the
  • ocean I wouldn't suggest necessarily
  • like every single day doing it because
  • your eyelash extensions might just fall
  • out but once in a while it's totally fun
  • Izzy Johnson asks least favorite thing
  • about being travel bloggers probably
  • third thing would be being critiqued by
  • everyone and everyone having an opinion
  • on your life it can get kind of tiring
  • at times obviously I'm very lucky to do
  • what I do but it can get a little tiring
  • when you're going through something
  • tough that can be difficult for sure and
  • kind of put a toll on you and that's why
  • I oftentimes a lot of people have to
  • kind of like take a step back and take a
  • break because it does kind of wear you
  • out at time zero so my cameras dying so
  • I'm gonna have to cut these questions a
  • little bit short today but I hope you
  • guys enjoyed this vlog and also make
  • sure to follow me on social media it's
  • just at Laura Reed you guys can follow
  • me on Twitter and Instagram I've been
  • posting a ton of photos on there and
  • yeah I hope you guys have a great rest
  • of your day and I will see you in the
  • next vlog
  • [Music]

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