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Video The Only Way to Survive a Fall from an Extreme Height
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Can you survive falling out of a plane? Such miracles happen extremely rarely. But you can increase your chances to survive even in the situation when it seems that nothing can save you.

What is the maximum height a person can plummet from and survive? Even the fall from the first floor can turn out bad, one from 33,000 feet. However, Yugoslavian flight attendant Vesna Vulovic managed to survive a fall from such height after her plane blew up in the air as a result of a terrorist attack. She got severe injuries but a bit later returned to the aviation working as a flight attendant again as if nothing had happened. The secret here was that due to her traumas she lost the memories of the catastrophe and didn't suffer from PTSD or nightmares.

If you're falling from the window #
If you're falling from the plane #
A free fall without any plane fragments at hand #

It will take you about 3-6 minutes to fall from the height of 33,000 feet, and the fall itself will have the speed of 120 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the chances to survive are incredibly slim, but hey you have nothing else to do. You can either: watch the clouds go whizzing by, picture just how big an impact crater you’re about to make, or try to save your life.
It's obvious that to survive; you have to get lucky first of all. But in general, after watching this video your chances to survive after falling from a height have significantly increased. So, share it with your friends you care about.

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