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Video Burning Money 100 Dollar Bills Experiment ~ Incredible Science
03:36   |   37K+ views   |   today at 09:09


  • make sure to do this with adult
  • supervision only because the rubbing
  • alcohol is really flammable welcome back
  • today's experiment is going to involve
  • burning a dollar bill and then burning a
  • $100 bill but I'm not going to destroy
  • it obviously it'll be just as good and
  • new as before I burned it special
  • shout-out to Leo Aaron and doe e for
  • this awesome science experiment idea you
  • want a shout out leave a comment below
  • with an experiment and if I do it I'll
  • give you a shout out here's a secret on
  • how you can safely burn money add a
  • mixture of rubbing alcohol in water this
  • is 70%
  • put some in a bowl
  • and really all you need to do is dip it
  • in and light it up but it's going to
  • burn a bluish color if you only use
  • rubbing alcohol water so the secret
  • ingredient to make it a good bright
  • yellow add some salt
  • just a little bit is fine you gotta make
  • sure that it's completely submerged in
  • the rubbing alcohol and water mixture
  • and salt
  • make sure every part of it gets wet pick
  • it up
  • light it up
  • the dollar bill is pretty good just as
  • good as new
  • and that's how you do we're going to try
  • with a hundred will now pick it up move
  • the alcohol away and light it up
  • so here's perfectly undamaged $100 bill
  • even though it was up in flames like
  • that here's the single dollar bill
  • perfectly good way it works
  • is that alcohol is soaking you dollar
  • but there's also some water in it the
  • water protects the dollar bill from
  • burning the water protects it while the
  • alcohol burns out so that flame you see
  • around it is the alcohol burning but
  • underneath it there's a thin layer of
  • water
  • protecting the bill hope you liked the
  • video thanks for watching please
  • subscribe new videos every Thursday and
  • I'll see you guys soon peace dollar bill
  • it's as good as new as is as the salt of
  • my eye out and the plains will go out
  • just make sure the rest of the alcohol
  • doesn't catch on fire so you want to
  • keep that away
  • you

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How to burn money safely using rubbing alcohol and salt.
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