Video The Great Dress Debate - My Dream Quinceañera - Giselle Ep. 2

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The Great Dress Debate - My Dream Quinceañera - Giselle Ep. 2
The Great Dress Debate - My Dream Quinceañera - Giselle Ep. 2 thumb The Great Dress Debate - My Dream Quinceañera - Giselle Ep. 2 thumb The Great Dress Debate - My Dream Quinceañera - Giselle Ep. 2 thumb


  • I'm to zalem 40 years old and I'm about
  • to have I can sing it
  • telling the invitation to guys is so
  • great about it
  • it honestly really matched the beat my
  • quinceanera is going to be great gatsby
  • to make my gasketing come together we're
  • going to use wax and golds and whites
  • and Silver's and make sure the
  • decoration shows off that it's 20s and
  • it's got to be much all elaborate and
  • fun today we came to one of those man to
  • come pick my dancing at a dress I'm
  • excited to get my ginseng at a dress
  • because I've been looking forward to
  • this day that will be pretty in like a
  • like quite cold you know that will be
  • very pretty actually
  • I like the roads just a color we can get
  • because they have a wide variety of
  • dresses to choose from I really like
  • those collars off of it over there a
  • thing goes will be perfect for your
  • theme I wanted to be Great Gatsby and to
  • tie the entire theme together so we see
  • me be like oh yeah she's great gatsby
  • and she's like 20s and cute
  • and what do you think hey what is that
  • you don't like that I don't like the way
  • it's like designed at the core support
  • okay what about that one that one's
  • pretty it's white I'll go with your
  • scene it was pretty and look at how like
  • the tools and stuff but it's not like I
  • don't like to talk to you there why not
  • because it's not that much you know I
  • don't like it I was thinking about
  • getting an ivory gold ginseng at a dress
  • to match my theme Don's already ready
  • just imagine Giselle Great Gatsby dress
  • like all the jewels are on it I see her
  • wearing something ivory or gold with a
  • lot of decorations on the Chris head and
  • not too poufy and without a train okay
  • you want to go to Quran and see if we
  • see anything else or because I I still
  • think we should say with something like
  • this well I'm worried because once I
  • said something in my mind and I color or
  • I style
  • I try to golf with that and she's more
  • into I'm gonna find whatever it's gonna
  • cut my attention and get me excited to
  • continue yes my name is patty okay
  • should be woken Raymond mm you got
  • something was worrying we're thinking
  • probably something gold or ivory just
  • because her theme is gonna be great
  • gatsby so i think that's going to be
  • that maybe he'll like that's gonna go
  • best with her goal the guy will there's
  • actually something in gold yeah
  • the dress is very important to making
  • together because it is a like ties
  • everything together it shows that I'm
  • the
  • like to train me
  • really nice one teacher doesn't like
  • laptops that's all we have to look at
  • something out yeah sure go ahead and I
  • can show you the cow let's do we're
  • seeing all these really really pretty
  • dresses and a lot of them are like nice
  • they're very like poofy and sparkly but
  • none of them really stick out to me look
  • at that one probably in a different
  • color my mom is really going for the
  • ivory and the gold colors what do you
  • have in mind
  • well but none of like really like stood
  • out to me like I didn't see one rose oh
  • wow look at that one you know do you
  • want to look at the catalog yes okay I
  • don't really see any dresses that would
  • represent me I don't feel like I could
  • see myself in any of them look I'm going
  • to show you who once there like Neal was
  • one great pi is going to show us some of
  • the catalogs and hopefully I type
  • something in there and you say you
  • wanted to member that train correct yeah
  • cool and there's a couple more that have
  • like a really long training okay have it
  • in what I'm looking at some of the
  • catalogs with my mom and some of the
  • dresses are really pretty some of the
  • movement how the train that I'm looking
  • for some of them also come in like ivory
  • and gold which works for my theme what
  • do you think of this one something like
  • this and they have it in white so we can
  • have it in white for your party
  • tabletop okay we're looking through the
  • catalog and gets me nervous bad we don't
  • get to see it in person and we don't
  • need to get to Taylor or she doesn't get
  • to try it on it's pretty challenging
  • I've got that sonic it's beige or ivory
  • I really see myself as like a truth okay
  • so if you're really looking for
  • something with Trane we have a couple of
  • more options okay
  • well it seems that yourself I always
  • wanted to have a dress with the Train
  • and it's important to her and we're
  • gonna have to work around that so that
  • actually likes to always ow look at that
  • they have it any rose gold and purple
  • gold no but they don't have it in ivory
  • as I'm looking through the catalog I see
  • the dress that I really like it's like
  • pink and it's bold and it's kind of out
  • of my theme colors but it's really
  • pretty and I really really like it this
  • one I like the top
  • she said it doesn't have it doesn't come
  • in white or ivory ah her changing your
  • mind makes me feel nervous because
  • realizing that she's gonna get it and
  • we're not gonna have enough time to do
  • any changes makes me extremely nervous
  • okay can you like rewind it would look
  • like a wedding dress
  • it's another trend and I want to try if
  • you wanna wipe using in a dress without
  • a train perfect go for it but if you
  • really want to train the white one kind
  • of looks like a big unless you say yes
  • we're disagreeing right now but
  • hopefully I can convince her but in the
  • Chinese doesn't go with you see it has
  • gold on it and look - but everything
  • else is he but the pink is like light
  • pink it's not like dark either but we've
  • been planning your party based on a goal
  • to dress or an udderly dress not a pink
  • dress shopping for my daughters
  • quinceañera dress has been challenging
  • because um I realized that she has her
  • own opinion of what she wants and her
  • ambition and it's not nothing compared
  • to what I think it should be I'm sure
  • she can't wait but I hope we've been
  • talking about the missing it and it was
  • always ivory or gold trust me that
  • always happened I'll be standing out oh
  • no you can tell that on the keeping it I
  • really want to get it because I feel
  • like it's gonna be my dress just like
  • it's a dress that I can see myself in
  • you
  • it's really pretty do you see yourself
  • wearing it yeah I actually do like
  • that's like when I saw it that stood out
  • - do you realize that if we ordered the
  • dress you're gonna get stuck with the
  • dress even if you don't like it at the
  • end yes you're still okay with that
  • mm so my dress well I want this one
  • well if you want it then I guess we have
  • to order it that's how you see yourself
  • even though that's not what we got to
  • talk
  • okay took it to sound made up her mind
  • she knows that she wants to get a dress
  • I have to respect her decision now and
  • we're gonna have to wait and see what
  • comes out of it then I get everything
  • ready for you thank you this dress is
  • the dress of my dreams and I can't wait
  • to come back and try it on hey guys
  • thanks for watching my show if you want
  • to be featured on my dream quinceanera
  • send a video to Kinsey at awesomeness TV
  • comm telling us why and don't forget to
  • subscribe to awesomenesstv

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It's time for Giselle to pick out her Quince dress!
A Modern Family - Giselle Ep. 1 - http://bit.ly/1pzUkhk

It's time for Giselle to pick out her Quince dress and she couldn't be more excited. Giselle and her mom have their minds set on a gold and white gown to go with Giselle's Great Gatsby theme. But when none of the options live up to Giselle's dream dress will her mom be able to handle Giselle taking the reins on the decision? Find out on this episode of My Dream Quinceañera!

Want your quinceañera to be featured on the show? If you live in Southern California send a video telling us why to quince@awesomenesstv.com!

Turning 15 is a rite of passage and becomes a major event when having a Quinceañera. There's finding the dress, planning the fiesta, choosing your Court of Honor and the list goes on, especially when you are planning the Quince of your dreams!
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