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Video Toyota Camry Car Stereo and CD Player Removal 2007-2011
07:20   |   135K+ views   |   09/20/2018 at 21:01


  • today we were moving the stereo from a
  • 2008 Toyota Camry this normally the
  • stereo is a silver faced in this
  • particular case a woodgrain finish has
  • been taped to the front of the stereo
  • and the AC vents and so on we see this
  • radio in the shop for a single CD player
  • not excepting the ejecting and having
  • problems playing it the same as the same
  • it is the same for the 6 CD changer but
  • there is a reset you can try before
  • removing the CD changer for repair and
  • that's disconnect the negative terminal
  • from the battery and wait five minutes
  • and hook it back up this can reset the
  • changer so let's get started with remove
  • of this stereo we're going to start with
  • shifting to mid gear and then the
  • plastic panel the sleeve at the bottom
  • of the gear shift slides down this will
  • allow you to unscrew the gear shift and
  • remove the sleeve that was holding it on
  • next we're going to grasp the right side
  • panel this releases several clips the
  • pink Clips here or release with pull
  • pressure we're going to remove the one
  • on the right we're going to do the same
  • for the one on the left remove that as
  • these clips release with pull pressure
  • we're going to open the center console
  • and start prying at the edge of the side
  • panel and pulling up at the same time
  • this will allow the panel lift up pull
  • back from the gearshift and we're going
  • to lift that up we're going to close the
  • center release the trigger on one
  • connector and this releases the panel
  • next we're going to start with removing
  • one screw the left side of this socket
  • assembly one screw the right side of the
  • pocket assembly this will allow the
  • pocket to be removed there are also
  • several connectors on the back of this
  • pocket there there are triggers on these
  • connectors that can you squeeze them in
  • they release there are two connectors
  • these connectors are all keyed on the
  • smaller connector the trigger will be on
  • one side and with your thumb you can
  • push that trigger down that will allow
  • the connector to release the same with
  • the other connector as well now we're
  • going to move up to the top of the dash
  • and where the pry bar we're going to pry
  • the AC vents from the dash this will
  • come from the dash and we're going to
  • spin it around so that we can get access
  • to the trigger on this connector as well
  • we're going to push the trigger down and
  • release the connector and set this panel
  • to the side
  • now with a 10 millimeter socket we're
  • going to look back down under the radio
  • and up here on the top right will be one
  • 10 millimeter screw we're going to
  • remove and to the left side we're going
  • to remove one 10 millimeter screw but
  • this radio has been out of the - so this
  • screw is presently missing next we're
  • going to move up to the top and there is
  • a 10 millimeter screw here on the top
  • right and the same over going to left
  • this one here on the top left
  • this is going to allow us to pull the
  • whole console from the - there are also
  • several clips on the side of this unit
  • on both sides they release when you're
  • removing the pulling from the - we're
  • going to bully antennas from the back of
  • the stereo the main connectors here all
  • have triggers on the bottom of the
  • connectors we're going to push these
  • triggers in and release the connectors
  • turn the radio over factory car stereo
  • could you hold a moment I'll be right
  • with you thank you we're turning the
  • stereo upside down to get access to
  • these connectors I'm going to start with
  • the top one here and push the trigger
  • down on it and that should release we're
  • going to work to the second connector on
  • the back of the stereo and the third
  • again all these connectors are keyed so
  • there's only one spot they will return
  • at the AC controls we're going to push
  • the trigger down on the AC controls and
  • remove that wire next we're going to
  • take our eight millimeter socket or
  • we've got the recessed arrow and the AC
  • controls remove from the - we're going
  • to remove three screws there eight
  • millimeter or Phillips on one side of
  • the car stereo here
  • and we're going to remain remove the
  • remaining two that's at the AC controls
  • that hold the bracket on on this side
  • we're going to remove one of the entire
  • brackets this will help release the
  • stereo from the AC controls and we'll
  • remove that bracket and set that to the
  • side and we're going to turn the stereo
  • off and remove the remaining three
  • screws that secure the stereo to the
  • bracket
  • now there's the trick to removing this
  • one we'll show you one more time as
  • there are little slots here on the
  • bottom or the top of the AC control and
  • little brackets here on the bottom of
  • the stereo and it fits into the stereo
  • and slides to the side so what you do is
  • push the AC controls to the side and
  • lift up to release it from the stereo
  • this is how you remove the stereo from a
  • 2008 toyota camry hope this video has
  • been helpful
  • thank you for watching
  • you

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