Video Tessa Violet - Bad Ideas (Official Music Video)

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Tessa Violet - Bad Ideas (Official Music Video)
Tessa Violet - Bad Ideas (Official Music Video) thumb Tessa Violet - Bad Ideas (Official Music Video) thumb Tessa Violet - Bad Ideas (Official Music Video) thumb


  • [음악]
  • o a
  • 으 으 으
  • 앞에 런타임 카루
  • 부터 나와 난 내가 ot
  • 아마 나라가 컬쳐 10
  • 마크 짜주고 가 있어요 써
  • 그녀와 난 학점이수 뭐 9
  • 파라 주 서는 세이크 10초 입니다 1주 채 wl 세월을 있어 논거를
  • 친하
  • 오오오
  • [음악]
  • [음악]
  • 아 to a we hope to 4
  • 아우 예 아 예 woon
  • [음악]
  • power to open a woman 해본적은 언어 스윙 3의 탱
  • 아가라 we estimate
  • 아마 같이 사망 학교 쏭 cp 탱큐 maker was too
  • [음악]
  • [음악]
  • we be be be
  • [음악]

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"Bad Ideas" Lyrics:
I hope that you don't think I'm rude, but I want to make out with you
and I'm a little awkward sure, but I could touch my face to yours
and no one ever called me smooth, but I just wanna see the grooves between your hands your teeth oh, tell me do you think about me

I just wanna kiss you and even if I miss you at least I'll know what it's like to have held your hand oh, no, hey.

Bad Ideas, I know where they lead
but I got too many to sleep and I can't get enough no,
I wanna kiss you standing up
and if tomorrow makes me low, well it'd be worth it just to know
cause I can't get enough no, I wanna kiss you standing up

I don't know what compels me, to do the very thing that fells me
I wake up still high on you but by the night I'm crashing through so

why I'd wanna kiss you even though I'll miss you
guess i just wanna know what it would feel like
oh no, hey

smittens a bad look on me and if I'm talking honestly it takes everything I got not to text and
I just wanna kiss to get me though, cause now all my bedsheets smell like you so
if you think you miss me come on back and kiss me
I just gotta know what you and I would feel like
oh, no, hey! yikes.

lyrics & music by Tessa Violet
produced by Seth Earnest

Directed by - Jade Ehlers
Produced by - Jade Risser
Director of Photography - Nathan Presley
Production Designer - Jonathan Denmark
Editor/Effects/AC - Manny Figs
Colorist - Jade Ehlers
make up - Cassandra Byers
hair - Alex Thao

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