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Video Iloilo Properties - Philippines
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  • this is the condominium for 2-bedroom 40
  • square meters cuz the four million pesos
  • is a close to ten thousand hundred
  • thousand dollars oh my god
  • we are here to see houses this is a
  • house probably I'm going to buy for 7.3
  • million not $1 but epistles possible for
  • the guests yes master
  • for me and for my lady I don't have an
  • ID yet okay
  • yes - oh yeah okay should I remove my
  • shoes okay
  • Oh
  • here it's gas discuss or use the
  • electricity yes
  • huh
  • as you can see their bedrooms are not
  • fair you only have here a page through
  • the rest of the better
  • mm-hmm so the first photo has no room at
  • one room I made room okay but we have
  • the cut of our own grass right part of
  • the service
  • okay you can request to shape the
  • property manager to do the grass packing
  • for you that's what we already that's
  • part of them a producer fee it's a
  • parking yeah there's about the carport
  • over there
  • so one car garage house one o'clock
  • but you can't get an SL of if you want
  • so you can have the car garage but if we
  • friends come to visit they have the park
  • on the driveway okay okay it's the
  • bathroom yes so out here I have only
  • three rooms
  • okay only from the mass room can go to
  • the backing only this room can go to the
  • balcony the others cannot yeah there you
  • can have an option okay I understand
  • you
  • so then
  • Messimer that also do one then you have
  • your remains true kitchen
  • I'm sorry I want to go back you see that
  • the sort of meeting again this first one
  • yes I kind of go see one more time
  • you

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Iloilo Properties - Philippines


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