Video Clash Royale | OWNING FACE IN THE 2v2 CHALLENGE! (silly decks)

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Clash Royale | OWNING FACE IN THE 2v2 CHALLENGE! (silly decks)
Clash Royale | OWNING FACE IN THE 2v2 CHALLENGE! (silly decks) thumb Clash Royale | OWNING FACE IN THE 2v2 CHALLENGE! (silly decks) thumb Clash Royale | OWNING FACE IN THE 2v2 CHALLENGE! (silly decks) thumb


  • Hey, what's going on guys Ssundee
  • here and welcome back to some more clash royale
  • Now dudes as you know. I have not played this game in so freakin long, but I am currently at
  • 3,000 trophies I'm at level 10 and here's the deal
  • I Currently, I have Madeleine and discord she lives on this game
  • She has yet to buy a single gem in this game
  • And she's level 10 just like I am and she's over 3,000 trophies
  • So I asked her if she wanted to do some 2V2 battles with me and carry me through some class royale battles
  • But get ready for some rage. She is probably going to yell at me a lot because I suck at this game, so
  • let's do this -
  • Lets get in call with her. I currently have
  • 15,000 gems let's open up some chests
  • Let's do this
  • So I guess we could start with the crown chest
  • because there's like five or six new cards that I don't have that she does. I think there's more than that I
  • Don't play this game often she lives on okay here. We go. Okay. We got gems that's from the crowd
  • Goblin Gang is it this really good?
  • Okay, let's keep going elite barbarians. Those are good more mortars and the hog rider, okay?
  • So that's our crown chests, so we have
  • 15,000 gems
  • Which chest do you think I should do the magical chest and super magical chest or giant chest? What do you think?
  • What are you guaranteeing them I never buy chest. Yeah, that's right
  • She has everybody so I usually buy super magical chest and if you look here
  • I get a sixty two thousand or sixty two hundred gold and 684 cards, but also
  • 22 epics
  • And if I get tWenty-two epics before the last card the last card is guaranteed to be a legendary
  • Did you know that though no okay? Here? We go. Let's do this dude. Do any of this. I just love playing
  • She's level 10 and she hasn't bought a single chest yet. Okay here. We go. Let's do this 4,600 gems
  • Okay, we got a 6200 gold
  • So we need 22 epochs before the last card, and then we're guaranteed a legendary here. We go
  • Okay, oh, we got the battle is that a good card. I mean some people use it a lot, but that's so old you know
  • Okay, we got the battle Ram
  • Bombers, okay, okay? We need 22 rare, okay archer gimme some rares, please
  • No
  • We need 22 rares in these last two or not rares epic really 22 average in these last two cards
  • No last chance 22 epic. Oh
  • You got it. Is that light flashing colors now?
  • We are Gonna get a legendary in this last card
  • Guaranteed unless they change something about these chests
  • What do you think it's going to be?
  • Hopefully something. I hope it's the bandit. I want to test out that bandit. Okay here. We go. Please no Sparky
  • Don't break it
  • Alright, I guess I can't get too upset. It's a lumberjack
  • They're pretty good right a lot of people use them or no, I'm hit or miss hit or miss okay, okay? I?
  • Mean that wasn't that bad we got a legendary. I'll take it. I also unlocked the the little log carryin things was that called
  • Yeah ramp okay, so let's do the next one super magical chest here we go
  • What do you - epic and then we're going to get into our 2V2 battles like here we go
  • Oh the heal car. Is that good your people use that some people are really good with it. I on the other hand
  • I you're not good with it. Okay. I'll try to be good with it. Okay here. We go
  • Dark goblins those are good a lot of people use those if I remember correctly right?
  • Okay, okay, here. We go
  • They don't
  • I've got more battle rams. Okay. We need 22 epics in these last three cards. I'm getting a lot of rare
  • okay, epic
  • 524 oh good Goblin Gang is good. It can be really good if you use them at the right, okay?
  • We need 22 epics right here. Oh
  • and I got a new execution
  • Okay, battle is
  • We're gonna legendary right here. What do you think it's going to be take a guess I wanted to be the log
  • So you can level yours up. I already have the log you can level it up, but I want a new card
  • I really I want I
  • Want that I want the dough. What is it called the dasher? Yeah? I wanted to be the bandit ok ready ready
  • That one
  • We already have your fertile Dragon Madeline
  • Now you do a lot of damage. I know it's good, but I want something new in my life
  • That's so mean ok here. We go last super magical chest and that will get into our 2V2 battles
  • I have an idea that. I want to test for the 2V2 battles probably won't work, but let's do this ok here. We go
  • last Super Magical chest
  • Goblin Gang is we got those we need
  • 23 8 guys if you think we can get this legendary in this last super magical chest app
  • hit the like button I
  • Of the worst sellout ever okay here we go
  • Fire spirits those are good a lot of people use these right ok ok here. We go fire spirits. We need 22 epic
  • Minion nobody really uses those anymore. Do they no. Oh here we go more tar?
  • Nobody really uses those anymore two chances left on these epics here we go
  • eight okay
  • Umbridge spell so that means eight - twenty - we need
  • 22 - 70 13 I don't know man here. We go blade yep
  • That is why it was flashing that means you're gonna legend right right right okay? So we're not getting a legendary
  • Let's see what epic. We do git clone spell okay close spells not too bad okay, so there are our chests
  • We have 2000 gems left over. I might use these on gold to upgrade carts so um
  • Matalin let's build our decks. Let's do some 2V2 battles just
  • Promise me you won't yell at me
  • Just get on my level
  • Trying. I'm adeline. So you have your deck right? Yes, so so what we're going to try to do
  • Here's the idea, and I don't know if this is going to work
  • We won't have a deck Madeline is going to be the attacker, and I'm going to be the support player
  • So I have what I have is I have defensive things I have defensive buildings
  • And I have defect or offensive and defensive spells like the rate. Oh, and I also got the heal spell
  • Should I try to use that yeah go for it?
  • I mean, I'm I don't know I've never played a game like this where I'm the only one attacking and it's lucky I
  • Don't know what I should or shouldn't be using in my deck all right madeline. So I think this is the deck
  • I'm gonna try okay. I'm going to invite you this time. Okay a fight me invite me, so I don't know maybe Gonna solo
  • How do I check I've analyst through this? We're in okay here. We go
  • Barbarian Bowl okay, do you see my deck? How good it is yeah? It's so good. Okay
  • I have full faith okay, okay here. We go. Good luck. Let's go to the right side
  • I'm gonna drop off furnace right there furnace right there. Oh
  • You did a barbarian hot knife? I'm going through a clone right there go right there
  • Freeze spell right there. Who are we good okay? Okay? Image? We got some stuff
  • Nice should I do a rage spell or hold off? Oh look at the damage. We're doing now I
  • Didn't have any mana. I didn't have any away back
  • Yeah, this is why the princess is so good look at through behind and she can do a lot. Oh, okay?
  • I'm gonna do a log I did a log just now nice night-night
  • Without warning tower yes, okay. I'm going to I'm going to put a barbarian what on the left side Barbarian on the left side
  • I'm going in
  • Madeline is this deck gonna work am I it might actually work. There's no way
  • Good okay. Oh
  • They come in from the other side that's fine. That's fine. I have I have a tornado. I have a tornado
  • Okay, okay, okay, okay? We got this we got this you zapped a nice snap, okay?
  • I'm going to put on the left side, okay coming forth they're coming for us
  • Why are they doing for her main cabin sometimes you can do a ton of damage by doing what they just did?
  • Don't know where I got it okay. Okay? Let me know when you're going to do something. I have state 5 elixir
  • Okay, well I'm going to throw in my barrel okay, and then I'm going to princess note now. I mean, okay
  • I did that I did rage and clone. I did raise a clone. Oh
  • We got his damages right there
  • Okay, keep with that
  • keepers app for when they do their uh their double-barrel
  • Okay, I'm going to put another
  • Barbarian Hut in the bottom left nice. That's in cape
  • York way to live give you a princess and get battling okay, okay, another one I?
  • Think we're going to get this they have nothing else to do they were told here. We go. I'm gonna try again. Oh
  • I did a tornado. I did a tornado night. I don't know if I did anything, what it did?
  • Okay, here. We go Rachel Rachel. Oh
  • man
  • We got yes, okay? I think we got a minute 30 seconds battle and hold on oh
  • Hold on. Sorry hold on sir. You're approaching on now hold on cater Britches. I pretty I'm freezing
  • I just hope I'm not be doing some you been hold on. No. I meant like hold on to your britches
  • Sorry, hi got a mint like don't put anything up down and so how do you plan okay? Okay?
  • We're gonna get ready for their burial. I had to that
  • Okay, I did a log I did a log
  • Yes, okay, okay? I'm gonna do a tornado Marilyn
  • This is support Jack work. I think it actually the shows promise
  • there
  • Good game, adil. Don't be a jerk you're so mean. I always use the thumbs up. I don't speak I can't believe
  • the support Deck works
  • That's kind of fun though, so like you do all the attack nerve-racking. I'm not used to that
  • I bust you up you do all the attacks, and then I somewhat defend
  • Yeah, you did good okay, okay?
  • I want to pick up another strategy hold on so I'm going to keep that deck
  • We will go back to that one let's let's do another deck. I have an idea
  • So this is the deck. I want to try this is going to be a horrible idea, but what we're going to do
  • We have a goblin barrel and then we're going to mirror the Goblin barrel, and then I'm going to clone it
  • So we're going to have four goblin barrels going over there, and then what they'll and we're going to clone it all
  • You'll see how we execute this plan, but we're gonna try. Okay battle Eq up queue up
  • Right now okay?
  • Sharing sharing sharing okay, I got it. I got it. I'm in okay here. We go. I
  • Never used this card, so it'll be energy like oh it until you get Goblin Barrel
  • Mirror and then clone. I have cloning Goblin barrel, so I'm just okay, so I'm putting gallon barrel - okay
  • I'm gonna place a princess on the right hand side okay, and I'll do mine on the left, okay
  • I'm gonna headliner and everything. We need okay. I'm missing the mirror. I'm still missing the mirror
  • Okay, there we go. So I'm dude. I just put a minor back there. Oh, and it fries your
  • Fries yeah, we ready to do this - No I
  • Don't have it yet. Hold on what I'm gonna place a nice beer back there, okay? I have it I have it
  • Whatever what detective right hand side, okay right here. I'm ready yet, go
  • Goblin Barrel mirror and Ignite so I say I'm sorry what's one of the frey and you went for her laughs?
  • Man when you know I'm stupid. Oh my gosh. What's the way look at the damage?
  • We're doing yeah, we did good though, but you definitely need to work on learning your core specific. You know I'm special Ed
  • You know this about me
  • oh
  • Look at the damage we picked. Oh, yeah
  • I have a princess. I have a princess. I have a princess. We're good. I have a princess. No. They're getting it
  • I haven't even my back that's fine. That's fine. I am cycled back to the strategy. So just save up a lick sir
  • I'll go left you go right. We'll do that again
  • Yeah, I'm not either dang it. They got it. We have time. We have time. We're good. We're going to double kill him right here
  • Okay, let me know when ready just trying to cycle through. I'm just missing one. We're right naked I'm
  • Okay, I have tornado. We should be good here -
  • Where's my me ride?
  • Okay, you have it. Yeah. I'm gonna use it that's really quick, and then now I have it. I'm wasting elixir. Are you ready?
  • Yeah, go, okay. Okay? I'm gonna go left side you go right, okay?
  • Here we go here. We go. I
  • Don't have my clone up yet dang. Okay? I'm tapping
  • Yeah
  • I'm gonna put my spirit down to tank that there we go. Oh
  • My gosh, battle and how is it working? Yeah? Nobody just use those again cuz I have some extra
  • Huge we're good. We're good. We're good. I'm going to put a princess up the left side, okay. I was gonna do that too
  • I'm going to throw down a minor in the back to take out that elixir pump nice nice
  • I'm going to free I
  • Nice, okay. I'm back to me. We need to focus on all these skills, okay, Madeleine. I'm throwing all of my barrels
  • I'm throwing all of my barrels, and then I'm going to kill you okay, so we're going to lose this over here. That's fine
  • That's why we got this
  • Yummy doing this damn it
  • Okay, we're good. We're good. We just need to defend. We just need to defend
  • Okay, we're good. Okay, Madeleine. Okay. Got it got it got it
  • Okay, so we didn't get the three current clip crowns. I can't even speak, but you know we won. Oh
  • My gosh that is you I actually like that the massive amounts of Goblin Bears you want to try that again
  • Or do you want to try a different day actually we're going to try something else. We're not going to do that deck again
  • We're going to do all legendaries, and I've had some really surprising luck with all legendary decks just for Road
  • Yeah, okay, okay? So queue up, and I will join you okay ready. I'm sharing right now. Okay battler
  • We're in you ready, okay, okay? Who do all?
  • Legendaries all legendary and their level 9 so we're already a little bit of a benefit okay, okay, okay?
  • So I'm going to throw a princess on the right side whenever I get to ten
  • Okay, I'm gonna Sparky. Okay right now. I just did it on the right oh
  • You put a spark you're way up there you crazy. Yeah, no, that's not you. Oh, but we're both lumberjacking
  • That's good nice. Okay, okay princess. You're Sparky is down
  • Okay
  • Okay
  • Laurel Laurel Barbara, okay, well right. I loved it. I loved it smell. No they have a thingy though
  • I think that spits out things. I just elektra whizzer did it. I'm gonna try to bandit behind you okay, okay?
  • I put an ice wizard, okay nice
  • Any reason there we go. Oh
  • Look at the damage battle yeah, there are some good damage. How are we doing this already?
  • Okay, and there's the right side if you're the right side
  • I'm going to mine to the left right I'm going to throw a Lava hound there we go
  • I'm going to throw a lot of hound in the back left and then a princess
  • I'm going to wait till the threat, okay?
  • I'm going to wait till the right side gets closer, and then I'm going to princess the left side
  • so it goes left foot it attacks, right ah
  • There we go, okay. I'm walking I'm walking okay. I'm logging
  • daughters
  • Okay, look at the love around ah can't demand it. I'm nine 'red. I minored I might have left okay
  • I'm banding slow ball to the redwoods nice. Okay. We got this
  • Come on
  • okay, ah
  • One more hit two more hits no no nice there we go can we get the three star dome okay?
  • I'm gonna Sparky from the back on the right wait till you get some awesome. Elixir going, okay?
  • Okay, well now we have to defend over here forever right okay? I'm going to do that, Electro Wizard
  • princess
  • There we go
  • Okay, they're taking the right side, but that's fine. That's okay. Okay. I'm gonna put it in front of it, okay
  • I'm mining. Oh nice miner. Okay lock on to the tower. Yes getting it
  • Okay
  • I'm going to put a lumberjack on the right go for it and maybe in it ready to go don't run into anything nice
  • Yeah, it's nice it okay. We're okay
  • Trying to think. What should we do. I'm gonna put a lava hound no, okay, okay?
  • I mean, I elektra Wizard rocks at live electric versus outside, okay, okay? We're good. We're good. We're good. Okay, okay?
  • I'm mining over. Yeah, okay. I'm gonna
  • Can we get a little oh yeah? I've been for knowing. I'm in fur knowing what God I'll roll and try to get them
  • We're so close. We have 30 seconds. No jim. I can't we get the three coats
  • So mentally I didn't get in there and hit it open it. Oh
  • Cool
  • Did you get it? Oh?
  • Tell Gigi Madeline don't be a jerk
  • Did you are you saying? I didn't see good game okay? So the legendary deck works. I'll take told you it's so fun. I
  • Was fun mel. We did good high high four all right high four
  • No
  • It's four now. We're going to end this episode here
  • You guys have enjoyed it want us to play this again of course hit the like button down below
  • Hit the subscribe button turn on notifications. You guys know the drill. We'll see you next time
  • oh

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SSundee and Maddie see if they can win in 2v2!
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