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Video Woman's Bedding not Washed for 100 Years | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human
07:54   |   views   |   09/24/2016


  • Haley and Dan have cleaned other
  • people's grimy homes before but this
  • will be their grandest challenge yet
  • plastic oh my god
  • oh my god it's huge Wow that is
  • ginormous
  • [Music]
  • oh my goodness it's so big and it stinks
  • like hell pay those are like statues
  • everywhere I don't really like that
  • cheese either think they're hard to
  • clean
  • [Music]
  • we're like borrowers compared to the
  • size of this house
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • thank you I'm afraid it's the coldest
  • house in Wales this is the Great Hall
  • shall smell may be the Polish polish all
  • the floors and what she polished some
  • with special polish that you have you
  • can't buy in the shops when I bought the
  • house it was a derelict 20 before bleach
  • obsessives Haley and Dan see the extent
  • of closet eggs decade's worth of dust
  • and grime Cornelia wants to establish
  • her house rules I want things done how
  • they were done in another age case you
  • can't use any spray polishes and other
  • than these modern things on my furniture
  • okay you know I don't like the modern
  • smells and I hate things that make rooms
  • known I think they're ghastly yeah okay
  • I mean you probably think that is well I
  • would think we like the smell of bleach
  • how did you know I would bleed on any
  • time nothing what about products that a
  • like I don't like products you use you
  • know a bit I like a bit of dust anyway
  • so there's no jingle it's a house that's
  • good you know
  • yes lifting the struggling to find think
  • all we'd actually used nothing just it
  • just water on the sponge that's all it
  • doesn't kill the bacteria in does it the
  • victory can live here I think I mean
  • yeah can we use things like very liquid
  • yes yes
  • it's definitely going to be somewhat of
  • a challenge 250 years ago this type of
  • mansion would have had 20 indoor
  • servants dedicated to making all the
  • rooms spotless
  • anybody come through to the kitchen come
  • and see it Cornelia yeah can you help
  • the cut and ice and for me plays I'm
  • really sorry it's just I've got I'm OCD
  • what's up for me it's like germs and
  • dirt and stuff and it makes me really
  • anxious and have like panic attacks I'm
  • too nervous
  • to touch so yeah okay thank you thanks
  • [Music]
  • this is the kitchen so when was the last
  • time you cleaned in here it's fing with
  • all the time it's been cleaning this
  • from even this morning the house is open
  • to the public so it has to be clean this
  • is the cooker which doesn't work so you
  • use that as a cupboard news it's a
  • cupboard yeah so the only cook I'm
  • cooking I've got is on a microwave so I
  • live on cheese pastures every day of the
  • week yeah do you clean that craft no
  • never really don't have time I just
  • can't believe how many things you have I
  • got a tie here
  • [Music]
  • this is my library but I do most things
  • yes I was like the fires been up yeah
  • it's the only room that has hazel
  • really yes that's it I sleep in here you
  • sleep in here yeah on the sofa
  • it's about 1820 very important Regency
  • so do you bring like your pillow and you
  • do value at night then yeah I know
  • they're tucked behind the desk so you
  • can't fall - site is quite costly yeah
  • yeah yeah there's just too much work for
  • you than it is yeah it's a bit yeah it's
  • impossible to get this house in order
  • I think we need a miracle or Jesus or
  • something because I can't express enough
  • how big and how messy this house is
  • Halley and Dan are not just faced with a
  • mammoth cleaning task this is where
  • you'll be sleeping they've also agreed
  • to challenge their obsessive behaviors
  • by staying over for five nights this
  • room and the one downstairs other two
  • most haunted rooms in the house this is
  • where I'm sleeping yes it's the most
  • famous haunted house in Wales so you
  • might get a visitor oh this is a real
  • well Haley this is your room
  • Cornelia when was the bed in last wash
  • no it's never been polished what about
  • the mattress you clean the matches a lot
  • how old is the mattress it could be a
  • hundred years old or something you know
  • this is how people used to live years
  • ago and I still live like that
  • [Music]
  • let me show you the bathroom the boss
  • has cold water okay the waters gonna
  • come out rusty because no one's had a
  • bath here for about twenty nine years
  • hmm
  • okay so where would we be if do you know
  • where there's Nova okay so I don't have
  • a vast never you know this you can't
  • people don't normally bother to bath you
  • see that's I'm just yeah I'm just
  • conscious that we're here for a week
  • sweating yeah clean in a nice shower
  • like sometimes four times a day yeah two
  • or three myself
  • I mean I'm find extraordinaire nothing
  • go now and leave you to it yes yes okay
  • how can she be happy living here like
  • this it's not a way of life it's torture
  • I can't not wash I feel so bad for her
  • but I feel even worse for me I changed
  • my bed sheet every day it makes me feel
  • happier
  • wensley citric acid phosphoric acids and
  • you're giving it excessive amounts the
  • liver is one of the

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Apparently committing to an old way of life means not cleaning anything, ever.

The British Isles are world famous for their spectacular stately homes. Brimming with centuries of history, they are legacies of a bygone era. But behind some of their grandest front doors lie years of neglect and decades of dust. In each episode we’ll see what happens when ancestral ways of life encounter obsessive compulsive cleaners.

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