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Video How to pour a Concrete Driveway Addition For Beginners DIY
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  • hi this is David Odell with a dell
  • complete concrete what we're gonna do
  • here today is add on to this driveway
  • the existing driveway is pretty standard
  • it's about eight feet wide in other
  • words you can't exit the vehicle on
  • either side and then get out on concrete
  • so adding concrete to something like
  • this is real popular so you can get out
  • of the vehicle on concrete and walk into
  • the front door we're gonna add an
  • additional eight feet here so our total
  • now is gonna be 16 feet not quite big
  • enough for two cars to exit on both
  • sides under concrete but you can
  • definitely get out of one side or the
  • other depending how you park it in this
  • particular add-on the person I'm working
  • for here was a retired inspector for the
  • city of La I believe it was and he's
  • calling out he designed his own specs on
  • this one he's calling out for a six inch
  • deep concrete with he's going with a 30
  • to 50 psi straight cement and also he's
  • gonna go with wire mesh typically I
  • don't really put wire mesh and stuff you
  • go with rebar but he likes the wire mesh
  • and then also we're not gonna dowel into
  • the existing driveway we're just gonna
  • go six inches deep this is this a little
  • different design than what I usually do
  • but I have done these and normally where
  • you do this particular scenario but
  • without the wire would be probably an
  • apron approach which is public works
  • area you go six inches and then you go
  • the big rock and you go 225 or you go
  • thirty two fifty one of the others
  • some cities it's each one specs a
  • different psi I have no idea why
  • soil conditions most likely very City
  • City a little bit here and there
  • so we had this all dug out and about and
  • informed we had it all set up and ready
  • to pouring it out for hours just the
  • three of us
  • the existing driveway was sloping to the
  • street pretty good so we're gonna
  • slightly slope this addition towards the
  • existing driveway and then the water
  • should run out the approach the reason
  • we're stopping the concrete at this
  • point it's because we on this point is
  • Public Works in other words I would go
  • pour out there we probably have to get a
  • permit and then it may or may not be
  • then they may not let us do it so we're
  • gonna stop the concrete there and then
  • in the future they're gonna do some work
  • over there they can without it
  • disrupting the concrete
  • this particular dirt was pretty hard you
  • can see we're using the electric
  • jackhammer in here with a clay Spade on
  • it and that breaks it up pretty nicely
  • we're taking this dirt out and chunks
  • kind of breaking breaking kind of like
  • concrete would break nice pieces you
  • could actually pick up by hand and throw
  • them in the wheelbarrow
  • so we have our line stakes out and our
  • eight feet off of the concrete on either
  • end and you're set to the inside of the
  • farm that way when my lines pulled it
  • doesn't interfere with the stakes and
  • also my 2x4 can run past the line stakes
  • without interrupting those as well
  • you can see some pretty good-sized dirt
  • clods in there that didn't quite break
  • up during the removal so what we'll do
  • is we'll run a plate compactor over
  • everything it'll smash all those dirt
  • clods into the ground and be a nice flat
  • surface
  • there's the plate compactor there in the
  • background here's the wire mesh we're
  • gonna be using it there's six inch
  • squares and they're ten gauge wire when
  • you roll these wire mesh rolls out it's
  • crucial that you do it with two people
  • because if you don't have someone
  • holding the other end down it could
  • spring up and roll up on you and prong
  • you the prongs could jab you because
  • they roll up pretty quickly
  • then we got a good six inches I'm six
  • and a half inches right around that
  • neighborhood of depth and the compactor
  • is dropping it probably another half
  • inch with that
  • so we got eight feet wide in this wire
  • mesh is five feet so we're gonna have a
  • nice overlap in the middle with this
  • wire also this retired inspector wanted
  • Dobies so we put some Dobies in there we
  • got we got the big Dobies because it
  • didn't matter in this case because we're
  • six inches deep so I knew we had the
  • space
  • and the first thing I noticed the
  • retarded inspector did he check the
  • ticket on the concrete truck which is a
  • good sign that he's done that before a
  • few times we wanted to make sure that
  • the mix design was right the batch time
  • was right the different batch plant how
  • long it was load things of that nature
  • make sure you had the right psi he was
  • shocked when he did look at the ticket
  • though because I beefed it up to 45 so
  • he went wow this is a this is unusual so
  • I had no more complaints and no more
  • worries and no more inspections at that
  • point whence I beefed it to 45 from the
  • 30 to 50 it requested
  • well here's your jointer I already went
  • through that with my cutter tool that
  • goes down about two and a half inches
  • which is definitely deep enough for a
  • 6-inch slab course because you really
  • only need to go 25% depth and that what
  • that cutter does is it breaks the
  • aggregate it separates the aggregate
  • from one another so they're not
  • overlapping anymore then we follow it up
  • with just a 3/4 deep half-inch radius
  • you could potentially just trowel over
  • these joints after you run that two and
  • a half er and it'll still crack on that
  • straight line because the aggregate is
  • separated at that point and that's what
  • you call a weakened plane joint you can
  • do those inverted as well in other words
  • from the underneath but that's a whole
  • different story
  • a lot of people do those inverted
  • weekend playing joints underneath by
  • accident and that could be dependent
  • upon a grade or other obstructions
  • underneath
  • so what we've done is we've both floated
  • with the magnesium three and a half
  • footer we hit it with big blue we hit it
  • with the funny trowel walking edged it
  • may be a little hand touch-ups here and
  • there and then we brimmed it with 50%
  • horsehair fifty percent nylon broom
  • that's what it's looks like when you're
  • done magnificent
  • our cleaning up the excess dirt on the
  • driveway so in nineteen ninety-four
  • caddy I believe that was the convertible
  • here's the nice looking joint broke it
  • up real nice and evenly we're on a cold
  • joint we're not dialed in to the other
  • driveway so I didn't really have to
  • match up
  • thank you for watching the video if you
  • liked it subscribe if you want to get
  • the latest and greatest as I roll them
  • out hit the bell next to the subscribe
  • button you'll get updates as I upload
  • thank you have a nice day

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In this video we take you from start to finish on a Great beginner Concrete Driveway Addition we show you all the steps and processes we go through to get a beautiful finished driveway. We hope this helps you with your next project and if it does please give us a LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, or COMMENT if there are any questions we love helping others with this kind of work and talking about it thank you for watching!

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