Video IDK - ONCE UPON A TIME (FREESTYLE) ft. Denzel Curry (Official Music Video)

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02:28   |   Jan 03, 2019


IDK - ONCE UPON A TIME (FREESTYLE) ft. Denzel Curry (Official Music Video)
IDK - ONCE UPON A TIME (FREESTYLE) ft. Denzel Curry (Official Music Video) thumb IDK - ONCE UPON A TIME (FREESTYLE) ft. Denzel Curry (Official Music Video) thumb IDK - ONCE UPON A TIME (FREESTYLE) ft. Denzel Curry (Official Music Video) thumb


  • 2019 is my year
  • IDK>Over everything
  • Uh, when it comes to wordplay, I'm bringin' it
  • Everything I do is spine tinglin'
  • Guaranteed to keep your mind lingerin' When it comes down to me and the world
  • I'm fingerin', me against the world, leave the ocean full of pearls
  • Oyster, guarantee to get the pussy moister
  • If the earth don't wanna be saved, I disappoint her, as I constantly try
  • to evolve just like a Togepi (Ash Ketchum is daddy)
  • Keep my pockets thick as The Parkers, Professor Oglevee
  • No one's sick as me, have the common cold, catch a cold from me
  • Isn't it ironic that younger me is the older me (listen to 21 savage's i am>i was)
  • Fans demand that I rap about shit I did at seventeen
  • Might as well've cut my hair off and take some LSD
  • Disrepect 'ZEL and I might have to raise Hell
  • The only way you'll live is if you saved by the bell
  • Cause I'm teachin' niggas lessons, while they find a way to fail
  • That's the reason why I think you niggas trippin' like you fell, well
  • I flip a coin then make a wish
  • I wish these pussy niggas found a way to hop up off my dick
  • I flick my wrist then make her disappear, now that's a fuckin' trick
  • I trick a nigga off of the liquor to give me the money 'fore I fuckin' flip 'em
  • The diamonds on my neck wet, flippa
  • She wet, but her last man wasn't a good swimma
  • Sim Simma, who got the keys to my Beemer?
  • And then I check my pockets like, "Oh, it's me nigga" (Skrrt)
  • Remember to remember, matter fact, remember the fifth of November
  • Too many Scars upon my my face no Simba
  • Rappers thinkin' they the most dark but I'm dimmer
  • Most Def, and grimmer
  • Dare to witness the superficial, mean and vicious
  • I'm mad as an infant without a parent havin' interest
  • Suspicious intent, ridin around in 5% tint
  • Will push your cap back and send your soul to new dimensions
  • The ammunition only ignited my ignition
  • My ambition is only to make right decisions on my mission
  • My division is separate from my business and my bitches
  • Every sentence and line is a reflection of time
  • My times table was never good at the time I was nine
  • At seventeen I was forced in a 9-to-the-5
  • So 9 times out of the 10, I'm despising the eyes of the greedy ones
  • All around me like some fuckin' flies, get away
  • Bye-bye, NSYNC
  • Lie, lie, instinct
  • Y'all niggas some fossils tellin' me how to live my life
  • Just suck my dick and bump my shit
  • And stream my shit so I can go and count my grip
  • Reverse the slavery every time I pull out my whip
  • Then pull up on a racist race like I am the shit
  • I limp towards the cake cause I am the pimp
  • Ain't nobody fuckin' up my contracts up like Prince, uh

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