Video If Nintendo’s Smash Bros Fought For Real

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If Nintendo’s Smash Bros Fought For Real
If Nintendo’s Smash Bros Fought For Real thumb If Nintendo’s Smash Bros Fought For Real thumb If Nintendo’s Smash Bros Fought For Real thumb


  • ("Silicon Death" by Warner/Chappell Production Music)
  • - You're not going to give me just a few coins
  • after everything I've done for you?
  • - What happened to the coins I already gave you?
  • - That ghost hunting business was a sound investment.
  • Mario, where are you going?
  • - Ugh, you just sit there and you sit there
  • and never say anything!
  • I carry on every conversation!
  • Oh my God!
  • - Ow, ow, ow, ow, my neck!
  • Yoshi, you're going to pay for this!
  • - What? How is this my fault?
  • - You're throwing bananas!
  • (both bickering)
  • - [Voiceover] Don't work so hard.
  • You're just like your mother.
  • - What would you know, dad?
  • You're never home.
  • - [Voiceover] Where do you think
  • that money in your ATM comes from?
  • - Those are my battle winnings, dad!
  • - Oh sure, I guess you know everything about everything.
  • - I didn't say that!
  • I was just saying that Link always wears
  • that same stupid outfit everyday.
  • - He looks cute.
  • - All he does is talk to that weirdo Tingle.
  • - Tingle's a nice elf. - And is he
  • still playing the ocarina?
  • - He uses it to solve his puzzles!
  • - Are you listening to yourself?
  • - [Voiceover] Maybe Space Pirates wouldn't keep
  • taking over Zebes if anyone besides me carried a Zero Laser.
  • - [Voiceover] Wow, that's a really ignorant thing to say.
  • More weapons only lead to more boss battles.
  • - [Voiceover] Maybe in Dreamland,
  • but try living in the real world.
  • - [Voiceover] At Samus, you should really read this article.
  • - [Voiceover] What happened on Planet Zebes is a hoax.
  • Your government is lying to you.
  • - Pika, Pika, Pika!
  • (Donkey Kong shouting)
  • Pika, Pika, Pika!
  • (Donkey Kong shouting)
  • Pikachu!
  • (Donkey Kong shouting)
  • Pika?
  • (video game chime)
  • ("Silicon Death" by Warner/Chappell Production Music)
  • - Please, Mario why can't you just teach me to type?
  • I want to write letters!
  • - We gotta race.
  • - Mario?
  • - We gotta, I gotta race.

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Mario and Luigi in their greatest battle yet - sibling rivalry.

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Silicon Death
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Mario - Chris Reinacher
Luigi - Keith Habersberger
Zelda - Amy Vorpahl
Link - Andrew Ilnyckj
Yoshi - Jeff Rubin
Ness - Zach Kornfeld
Princess - Alison Raskin
Samus - Gaby Dunn
Kirby - Abe Greenwald
Bowser - Henry Goldman
Snake - Kevin McShane
Pikachu - Justin Tan
Donkey Kong - Nick Ross


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