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Video Avengers Infinity War Deleted Scene - Iron Man Avengers 4 Foreshadowing Explained
08:56   |   1M+ views   |   10/16/2018 at 18:49


  • you know I lucked out
  • honey no you told no I'm not lost me
  • look you know how you're having a dream
  • dream you got a pea yeah okay and then
  • you're like oh my god
  • there's no bathrooms what I'm gonna do
  • Oh Saints watching oh wait and in real
  • life you actually have to pee yes yeah
  • okay everybody has that right that's the
  • point I'm trying to make I proposed that
  • last night I dreamt I get a kid so real
  • we named him after your eccentric uncle
  • Oh what was his name Morgan Morgan so
  • you woke up in naturally we were
  • expecting yes
  • now please maybe we don't even have a
  • wedding date yet you set argost 27th
  • that's the decoy date because this media
  • circus that's going on is driving me
  • crazy okay this is me on edge I'm sorry
  • because I'm trying to keep all the
  • pictures out of the paper and off the
  • internet so your weddings not ruined no
  • one's working harder than remember that
  • kid from TMZ that you had me trade paint
  • with on the FDR Drive well I got a case
  • against me now that's my fault yeah it's
  • your fault Lou doesn't a plus I'm half
  • like the godfathers really funny now you
  • gotta go to court that's why when you
  • get out of the car and just distress
  • Burt I see you Burt Burt you son of a
  • bitch
  • tell me a break come here man we gotta
  • get him a girlfriend you know anyone
  • anyone everybody it's Charlie we got a
  • whole bunch of infinity war to talk
  • about probably one of the most important
  • scenes in the entire movie because of
  • how it charts the timeline it gives you
  • a beginning a middle and an end point
  • for Iron Man's character so we got to
  • break it down if you're brand new to the
  • channel be sure to subscribe to get all
  • the videos there's a new brand of that
  • infinity war blu-ray giveaway - all you
  • have to do to enter is be a subscriber
  • and leave a comment on the video the
  • important thing about this is that it
  • foreshadows what the end of Iron Man's
  • arc is going to be because I think
  • everybody is really sad that things are
  • ending it's gonna be this bookend for
  • all these phase 1 Avengers even though
  • some will continue into phase 4 not
  • everybody is gonna die but in contrast
  • to the really downer infinity war ending
  • leaving all the heroes broken we could
  • talk all day about that it sounds like
  • Avengers for the tone is gonna be wildly
  • different and I think it will have a
  • much more hope
  • ending that will get you really excited
  • about what's going to be happening next
  • like there will be a couple people that
  • definitely stay dead and it'll be a huge
  • bummer but for the most part things will
  • end in a very positive way Josh Brolin
  • has been going on and on about how he's
  • been thinking about these two Avengers
  • films as this grand Shakespeare play
  • most of Shakespeare's comedies end in
  • weddings which is why I think it's so
  • important that this scene happens at the
  • beginning and obviously a lot of these
  • films have been framed around Iron Man's
  • character he's been the base of the
  • pyramid the backbone that they've built
  • the last 10 years of Marvel on so his
  • arc is one of the more important ones
  • for foreshadowing how things are going
  • to end so what do they say during this
  • that they did not say during the scene
  • that made it into the movie
  • Tony mistakenly thinks that they've
  • scheduled their wedding for August 22nd
  • after the movie has aired in theaters it
  • gets a little bit meta too because it's
  • sort of like them ending in a real world
  • way too like after next summer the
  • Avengers will be moving into the new
  • phase of their lives and the old phase
  • one Avengers will be going out to
  • pasture but within the world of the
  • movie it was gonna be happening a couple
  • months after they have this conversation
  • so think of everything during infinity
  • war is the prime timeline everything is
  • left at the end everyone's lost they're
  • broken but Doctor Strange has this big
  • plan we all know they're gonna try and
  • fix everything during Avengers 4
  • possibly resetting things and creating a
  • new timeline just remember that we'll
  • come back to that
  • so Pepper is saying that no no that's
  • the decoy date to mislead the paparazzi
  • also a bit of a meta term for the fans
  • like trying to figure out the plot of
  • Avengers 4 no we're throwing out decoy
  • information to throw people off
  • Tony responds by saying they need to get
  • married before that peppers like no no
  • we need to get married after that date
  • and then happy is like just elope just
  • go do it go do it right now
  • remember in the actual version of the
  • scene that we saw in theaters she says
  • you should have shirts in your closet
  • not suits of armor
  • so he's metaphorically hanging up his
  • arc reactor thinking about having a
  • child with her becoming more domestic
  • passing off the day-to-day of saving the
  • world to the new guys like spider-man
  • and Black Panther so you think about
  • this they're very openly foreshadowing
  • how they're going to end the movie
  • probably on the wedding of Tony in
  • Pepper like in the way that they
  • foreshadow those people coming back and
  • the way the soulstone works how it
  • preserves life after death because they
  • turn all these people to ash but Black
  • Panther and spider-man among
  • are definitely getting sequels
  • spider-man gonna be happening right
  • after Avengers for next year so they're
  • very open about the way they foreshadow
  • plot twists which is what they're doing
  • in this conversation here is their
  • foreshadowing the end of Iron Man's arc
  • specifically but because his arc is so
  • important to the entirety of all this it
  • also serves as the big celebratory event
  • in the reason for them all to be
  • on-screen together like Sebastian Stan
  • says that he had a scene with every
  • Marvel character ever on screen at the
  • same time you would do that at a wedding
  • so you know people expecting a doubt or
  • ending like what if they're at a funeral
  • like Captain America's funeral that
  • would be another reason for all the
  • characters to be on-screen together
  • but remember infinity war was the downer
  • ending Avengers 4 will probably be a
  • much more hopeful ending but here's the
  • thing in the prime timeline remember
  • we're still at the end of infinity war
  • right now the Russos revealed that Iron
  • Man was permanently damaged emotionally
  • by spider-man's death and physically
  • from his battle with Thanos and unable
  • to move forward given the fact that his
  • whole thing is that he's the Futurist
  • who builds himself new armor upgrades on
  • the fly every year and in Avengers 4 in
  • this promo art he's wearing the exact
  • same suit of armor and this looks like
  • is happening towards the end of the film
  • because Captain Marvel's teamed up with
  • them like this is their final battle
  • with Thanos is implied that there's a
  • big time jump so if he's wearing the
  • same suit of armor that means that he's
  • probably stuck in a rut meaning that
  • when he came back to Planet Earth it was
  • a little bit like after the first
  • Avengers film remember how crazy he went
  • they didn't deal with it till Iron Man 3
  • so safe to say that after he came back
  • he and pepper probably never went
  • through with the wedding things move
  • forward but the whole idea things are
  • more hopeful in Avengers they learn to
  • be true heroes they fixed the universe
  • and reality there's also some implied a
  • time-travel because using spider-man as
  • a benchmark spider-man's movies moved
  • one year at a time we know Scott Lang is
  • going to be time traveling a little bit
  • because of the time vortices inside the
  • quantum realm implying that there's at
  • least a couple years between the end of
  • infinity war in the beginning of
  • Avengers 4 so they fix everything by the
  • end of Avengers 4 it implies that
  • they're creating an alternate timeline
  • or an alternate reality where things
  • turn out really awesome for them because
  • they made all the right moves and they
  • fixed everything so beginning to end
  • infinity war in a
  • vengers for only actually take place
  • over the course of a couple weeks even
  • though like all the Avengers that fix
  • everything will probably remember
  • everything that happened like Iron Man
  • will probably remember all the things
  • that happened after he saw spider-man
  • die spider-man will remember dying
  • Doctor Strange will remember everything
  • they'll have lived several years even
  • though as we view it from beginning to
  • end in Avengers for only a couple of
  • weeks we'll have gone by they can have
  • their wedding that will satisfy Iron
  • Man's request to move the wedding up
  • great we need to do it now we need to do
  • it quickly and it will also satisfy
  • peppers comment we needed to do it after
  • the date because even though she might
  • not recognize that all that time has
  • passed
  • Iron Man we'll know it'll would have
  • been several years inside his head so
  • everything is just pointing towards them
  • being relatively honest when they're
  • foreshadowing this potential wedding
  • because remember how they set that up
  • during spider-man homecoming what am I
  • going to tell you something how about
  • how you still got that ring to it I
  • think eight are you kidding
  • I mean carrying this since 2008 like I
  • just thought that it was meant to be
  • this funny joke but no no no turns out
  • they mean to pay that off it goes all
  • the way back to the Iron Man films like
  • he was getting ready to propose
  • got a little sidetracked with all the
  • stuff he was doing with the Avengers but
  • finally he's paying that off it just
  • feels like the Russos mean to pay off
  • this wedding and that would be like the
  • big event to end it on but let me know
  • in the comments how do you think they'd
  • end Avengers 4 that makes you happy
  • about what happened and excited for
  • what's coming up next what will happen
  • is is there's a whole bunch of other
  • stuff to get through the Deadpool
  • blu-ray is dropping really soon too so
  • I'm sure there'll be some bonus features
  • for that I'll do videos whenever it does
  • leave all your requests in the comments
  • below where you wait for everything
  • click here to re-watch that venom
  • trailer a billion more times and click
  • here for that other infinity ward's
  • deleted scene thank you so much for
  • watching everybody stay awesome I'll see
  • you guys tonight
  • [Music]

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