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Video BEST and WORST Bento Box Meal on Japan BULLET TRAIN (Shinkansen) Tokyo to Kyoto
12:44   |   views   |   12/31/2018


  • good morning leaving Tokyo today on the
  • way to Kyoto probably my favorite city
  • of Japan just the most beautiful and
  • hitting - the Shinkansen by the way just
  • past this tree service just like on the
  • side of the road like I just wasted this
  • breaks my heart right here let's go
  • before I get on the train this is a must
  • do gotta get some bento my
  • recommendation for bento boxes is
  • basically anything with Wagyu it's gonna
  • be fantastic anything that's too pretty
  • I'm not gonna be that good yeah this
  • looks good I remember getting all this
  • sifu stuff it was just okay
  • not nearly as good as the beef ones I
  • hope this was a fish one here it looks
  • pretty interesting
  • through fish this one this one looks
  • really good I might be treating my beef
  • for this one
  • this this looks like the ultimate beef
  • meal this looks pretty amazing just got
  • for riding tequila on the Shinkansen
  • eating into at the same time
  • wow it's raining I couldn't be happier
  • right now well I love about this country
  • snacks everywhere simulators are amazing
  • they go in there and they clean
  • everything in a matter of minutes like
  • every single thing and they've wiped out
  • all the tables like everything calm
  • sweet home for next few hours right now
  • I love the Shinkansen bento experience
  • [Music]
  • that's my chair pass that's not edible
  • I just realized something about one of
  • my bento this is so amazing I never had
  • something like this before I kick this
  • effort with this beef bento box has a
  • truth and we fall on the street this
  • thing's the entire into boxing so this
  • is a automatically
  • we live in tow this is gonna be so
  • exciting
  • I needed some surf and turf so I got a
  • mission until as well
  • I got a another Minto cuz eating more
  • than water for sure and this is more
  • than impulse buying this was like a ride
  • by the cashier out and I look good so
  • I'm packing the Pinto itself it's such
  • an intimate experience for me it's like
  • I'm stressing this perfectly designed
  • box of ruins could be a little white
  • pass some chicken skewers and what looks
  • like some meatball skewers is wrong and
  • maybe fish my first beef bento this
  • should be good because this guy he looks
  • like he knows what he's doing and I can
  • barely read the kanji assess something
  • the Baloch you can house bartock it over
  • charcoal
  • oh man all this looks good thick slices
  • of beef oh I can already see that pretty
  • marveling the fat robbers eat little
  • sesame seeds couple Shawn mines and a
  • tamago this is the server of my turf
  • counselor my turf
  • just look really good instead it was
  • some award in 2016 so hungry they kept
  • up calling the last year's eyes wanna
  • say again this is so much more
  • exhilarating than opening presents real
  • right they'll have this little thin
  • plastic blanket please don't shoot if
  • she's gonna cover it till I see oh my
  • gosh I got some co-op to leaving now and
  • there's a couple of other pieces I fish
  • sweet lotus root all the EO oh this is
  • so pretty
  • this thing's gonna heat up on its head
  • and it's just gonna be magic this team
  • thing is not allowed on airplanes but
  • trays are okay
  • this is so cool instructions and
  • Japanese no idea what is the same well
  • then I lost it okay
  • chopstick sees me so thinking there's a
  • string we just hold the strength it
  • looks like that's it the magic happens
  • yeah here we go
  • [Music]
  • I'm not 100% sure with that should I
  • pull the whole thing out or not
  • look at this it's steaming you guys see
  • the steam Wow all this the greatest
  • thing I've ever seen
  • now I'm eagerly awaiting the eight
  • minutes for this to be ready thirsting
  • it's hot it's my first one of the day I
  • can't even with five more minutes to go
  • longest five minutes my life see in five
  • minutes all right all the anticipation
  • if this turns out to be a colossal
  • disappointment I might just cry oh okay
  • this is not the prettiest thing this
  • lack of a lack of a better word and
  • knock on wood looks like a train wreck
  • we came to take a picture of this okay
  • I'm gonna try to reconstruct it to what
  • it should look like maybe like like that
  • and be like a little bit like this
  • all right they really did not give me
  • much beef I mean one two three four five
  • six slices of beef but open you know
  • Kerry thing that's really just for space
  • and then a little brown beef and I guess
  • underneath is where the magic happens is
  • it's a little odd that he's out of steam
  • this is just very okay let's give it a
  • benefit that maybe it tastes good the
  • beef looks looks pretty dry honestly
  • like look at this look at this this
  • looks pretty amazing you can see the fat
  • just rivering across the slab of beef
  • look at us you can see the marbling it
  • is just a beautiful piece of beef and
  • then there's this guy here with his
  • fancy steam pocket
  • finis I mean it still might be good but
  • come on this versus that not really a
  • competition here right this is what I
  • hate about the bento I had last time
  • look at this little it's like a thin ice
  • layer of beef I mean if you want skinny
  • on this and the ones here you go fault
  • room
  • some of you guys stink like when I use
  • something that's yummy my face like
  • makes it seem like it tastes really bad
  • and what this time is just bad look up
  • that's it's hot I'll give it that
  • thank you for heating this mental lob
  • I'm pretty sure this is leather yeah
  • this use this as a jacket for short it's
  • flavorful
  • I mean I like the ground meat much
  • better because at least ask borderline
  • sharable this because you cannot shoot
  • this is for you to wear the right stage
  • so I could just came out of the cooker
  • but god that beep is horrible oh I hope
  • this is good
  • Posca
  • [Music]
  • it's my chicken is so flavorful the
  • fishball this is yummy
  • I just really yummy as applicable
  • oh really yummy
  • do you have high hopes for fish it's
  • really good
  • Neal isn't that magnificent
  • why couldn't that that thing coming up
  • to steam box would make that all nice
  • and hot
  • you're a waste of a steam box man does
  • was a great selection great selection
  • I'm popping money on this being amazing
  • just like this soil nation
  • get this winter box 10 out of 10 stars
  • 20 out of 10 stars all you ain't this
  • trust me there's so amazingly melty and
  • you see the beef us right away
  • huge smoky flavor such great quality I
  • can't believe I'm eating pencil bottom I
  • cannot believe it it's that good I'm
  • being blind you all right out like this
  • it this guy I trust from now ma get this
  • you can get that surf and turf to like
  • this little thing a soy sauce stuff it's
  • cute
  • that's more of a throwaway I don't but a
  • mousepad but with the beat I still want
  • them little bell Kyoto shrines
  • everywhere there we go
  • this is the house I'll be staying oh wow
  • look at this this is the entrance
  • slippers of course what oh my gosh
  • okay the traditional sitting area little
  • teeny love garden Chinese dryer oh my
  • goodness here
  • okay bunch of towels shower I love to
  • Japanese shower room because not only do
  • you get a tub it's a huge amount of
  • space I'm water can just splashing over
  • here as well okay what oh this is like
  • looks like a hidden kitchen look at this
  • washer Oh check it out
  • hey looks like there's a little heater
  • down there too and let's go see what's
  • upstairs
  • this is one of the bedrooms here second
  • bedroom over here
  • oh no view such a pretty apartment I
  • like to see I'm gonna see the nap and
  • then more food later so thanks guys for
  • watching see
  • [Music]
  • this is so pretty oh thank you long Gaza
  • [Music]
  • so amazing just like going down these
  • little alleyways tons of restaurants
  • bars things to eat I mean a lot of shady
  • stuff as well so made me watch up but
  • just this whole vibe it's just historic
  • modern is traditional its vibrance or at
  • the same time
  • [Music]
  • like I mentioned last time walking down
  • these historical streets almost half
  • expected an inch of the pop out of
  • nowhere and they might what I was a fun
  • day exploring Kyoto gonna be back
  • got some good dumplings tomorrow bright
  • and early gonna get some noodles on a
  • water slide
  • [Music]

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Traveling to Kyoto on Japan's high-speed bullet train the Shinkansen is one of my favorite experiences. But the journey is not complete without some food, and the must eat items are Japanese Bento boxes. And on this journey, I ate one of the best and definitely one that was the most disappointing.

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