Video Wake Up, Makeup - My Dream Quinceañera - Ana Ep 4

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Wake Up, Makeup - My Dream Quinceañera - Ana Ep 4
Wake Up, Makeup - My Dream Quinceañera - Ana Ep 4 thumb Wake Up, Makeup - My Dream Quinceañera - Ana Ep 4 thumb Wake Up, Makeup - My Dream Quinceañera - Ana Ep 4 thumb


  • [Music]
  • come on Kate look Karis like cold on the
  • eyes and then pink on the lips okay
  • today's the morning of my quinceanera I
  • can't believe the day has finally come
  • I had a countdown on my phone as the
  • day's kept passing by really fast
  • I'm just feeling really excited and I
  • really hope everything goes well today
  • you know so Connors like this one and
  • then this lipstick because this is too
  • dark
  • okay start so I'm gonna get my makeup
  • done first then my hair and then I'll
  • have to put my dress on and by this time
  • I've had my dress on I really hope all
  • my court is here already how do you feel
  • about today
  • anytime you nervous I'm excited
  • my friend Diana one of my dumbest for my
  • car is here
  • you think the boys are gonna be okay I
  • hope they do because you know that we
  • mess around during practice are you
  • scared my fault
  • I'm very scared like they taught me
  • everyone damienguerra see you were
  • making us stay up until it was exactly
  • 12:00 a.m. and then once it was 2:00
  • a.m. I had a prayer on snapchat that it
  • was your birthday today is also my
  • actual birthday I'm pretty excited that
  • I'll be able to be having my quinceanera
  • the exact same day as my birthday my
  • phone wouldn't stop buzzing people were
  • calling me before posting happy birthday
  • and nothing for texting me saying to me
  • love hey guys I felt special I felt
  • loved
  • I felt appreciated then my mom came in
  • 30 minutes before my mom was supposed to
  • go off to say happy birthday so right
  • now it's pretty calm because as long as
  • I'm in people home but once everyone
  • starts coming over it I'm pretty sure
  • it's gonna get loud and hacked
  • [Music]
  • and a roberto's and his fans make him
  • look fat oh my god this tub is okay he
  • always says that all right I really hope
  • they get here on time because at first I
  • told him get here by 10:30 and then
  • yesterday Chaim didn't get here by 10:00
  • for practice my core memories especially
  • the guys they show up late so I'm which
  • is really hoping they show up on time
  • today you think it's really I don't know
  • you think so
  • [Music]
  • it's not gonna answer course I'm telling
  • Wanda yeah good morning huh are you
  • getting ready okay can you call Joseph
  • right now dan and I were calling the
  • boys to see if they were up and getting
  • ready just to make sure they are on
  • track and one time oh you're awake okay
  • you're getting ready okay we call it a
  • lot of the boys and a lot of them seem
  • like they were barely waking up and then
  • others didn't answer I really hope they
  • all get here on time
  • yeah call Jennifer come off come on
  • Jennifer are you almost like ready okay
  • I just wanted to make sure bye thank you
  • are you almost ready okay I just want to
  • but
  • I like our old or more weight than the
  • guys thank you
  • everything I just got my makeup done and
  • I really like how it turned out his old
  • eyelids which I really wanted and then
  • pink lipstick I don't know he's live on
  • Instagram right now for what that's all
  • to a geotag is when you're on snapchat
  • you can like take a video or take a
  • picture and then if you're in the area
  • where you can put the jail filter and
  • it'll say an occurrence quinceanera it's
  • hitting me what sitting you we're gonna
  • be at the hall today and my dress in
  • front of a lot of people you're gonna
  • cry
  • I'm scared
  • so I have an hour left and I still need
  • to get my hair done and then get my
  • dress I'm gonna make sure everyone gets
  • here on time so chaotic
  • I can barely I will punch you
  • [Music]
  • your hair is like oh you're burning off
  • her hair I'm burning my hair
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • so we have 30 minutes left till we all
  • have to leave and none of the guys are
  • here yet which is kind of frustrating me
  • but I really hope they all get here on
  • time and really soon Anna have you heard
  • anything from any other guy tonight yeah
  • I'm calling some of them right now James
  • is getting ready okay I was like that
  • was like 42 minutes ago oh my god
  • they're trying to call the guys telling
  • them that everyone's here but none of
  • the guys are here yet that says practice
  • and it was kind of shaky but hopefully I
  • could practice a lift before we leave
  • with the dress on and everything so that
  • if it doesn't work out we can think of
  • something but I'm really hoping that
  • goes good wait someone's here
  • [Music]
  • thank you come on my main channel on is
  • my friend Roberto in seventh grade I
  • ended up having this really big crush on
  • him I turned into a major freak I would
  • send him little letters I would always
  • try to be with him his 7th grade was a
  • mess of a year for me even after all my
  • weirdness he's still stuck with me and
  • he's still like a really close friend of
  • mine some of the boys are here and I
  • feel a little less nervous and a little
  • less stressed because at least I know
  • some of them right here they're not the
  • boys I need to practice my lifts with
  • but at least I know my main chamber line
  • is here Diana Gerard everyone that's
  • here what were you watching Jenny Gio
  • James
  • funny GRU almost here
  • are you with any of the other guys okay
  • call it one la are you on your way
  • oh no not just to look are you serious
  • [Music]
  • Hospital at work with are you serious
  • [Music]
  • hey guys thanks for watching my show my
  • dream Quinta is now casting nationwide
  • if you want your Keene set featured on
  • the show send us a video telling us why
  • - Quinta at awesomeness TV calm and
  • don't forget to subscribe to
  • awesomenesstv bye

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It's Ana's Birthday and the morning of her big quinceañera!
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It's Ana's Birthday and the morning of her big quinceañera. As Ana gets dolled up and ready for her big day, she makes a wake up call to all her damas and chambelanes. Her damas are psyched and ready to go! However, the chambelanes rather sleep in. As time passes, Ana’s damas arrive with time to spare. But, Ana grows uneasy the longer she waits for her chambelanes arrival. Will any of Ana’s chambelanes arrive in time for the quince?

My Dream Quinceañera is now casting nationwide! Want your quinceañera to be featured on the show? Send a video telling us why to quince@awesomenesstv.com!

Turning 15 is a rite of passage and becomes a major event when having a Quinceañera. There's finding the dress, planning the fiesta, choosing your Court of Honor and the list goes on, especially when you are planning the Quince of your dreams!
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