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10:15   |   views   |   05/21/2018


  • Today we're going to talk about a hell of a good story
  • I just stood up, showing you how good it is
  • My elbow hurts
  • Seven months ago
  • Oh, I want-I want to stand up
  • I'm going nuts
  • Seven months ago on twitter
  • An user made the buzz with a thread
  • Who boats at this time more than 400 tweets Yeah ! Let me give you his name
  • Adam Ellis
  • Everything started in August the 7th 2017
  • When Adam Ellis
  • I'm going to sit it's horrible
  • Published this tweet : "So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's
  • trying to kill me."
  • I'm going to record every videos of mine like this, this shot is amazing
  • At this moment, the brain of humans who had read this tweet made a looping in their skull, I'm not kidding
  • Exactly like this. Because paranormal is a fascinating thing : we believe in it or not but we all wanna believe in it a little
  • The same day he published a second tweet which says "He started appearing in dreams, but I think
  • he's crossed into the real world now."
  • It's starting so well ! In two tweets, everybody wanna know what's next ! It's amazing, this guy is amazing ! He is telling us that the first time he saw
  • this kid it was during a sleep paralysis : this kind of thing we can have at night and which is kinda stressful
  • Like nighttime terror too, it's scary, it's horrible. He was having a sleep paralysis when he saw a kid
  • sitting in a chair next to his bed. What's better than this situation to start living in hell ?
  • I don't know. He is drawing comics and publishes them on Instagaram and give us an important
  • Information on the physical aspect of this kid : A missing piece of his skull. A huge distortion on the side of his skull.
  • Thus, we culd see every details of this horrible kid's head
  • for our enjoyment ! The child was staring at him when
  • When he stood up and came closer to the bed's side. And before he reached the bed, Adam woke up, screaming.
  • And we would have done the same thing so don't judge him okay ? Nights later, Adam dreamt again.
  • He was in a library
  • And there's a girl who told him : "Hey, you met Dear David", girl to who he reponded "Who ?".
  • "He is dead and only appeared at midnight.
  • And you can only ask him two questions if those start with "Dear David" but do not dare asking him a third one
  • Or he will kill you." So yeah we know the lady in white story blablabla "White lady, White lady"
  • Remember this : every story starting with
  • "At midnight" Are fake ! They're all fake ! I made the lady in white okay ?! I was sweating in my pyjamas dude, i almost peed on myself.
  • Nothing happened ! Or maybe my impressive charism
  • Scared the lady in white, this is it. Then our dear adam is shitting on himself.
  • Because having two dreams talking about the same thing
  • Is kinda scary. It's surely happened to you when some of your nightmares are linked to each others
  • That are following themselves but not in the same night. It's really scary because we have the feeling that it's true
  • Then, Adam is telling us that weeks passed with no news of David. Well it's better when you see his face. Sorry
  • but nobody wants to see this kid again
  • When finally, David appears again in an Adam dream. in the same situation
  • this fucking David is sitting on a chair next to Adam's bed and is staring at him.
  • I know that a lot of people are making those dreams. Even me I have friends that made
  • This kind of dreams where something is above their bed staring at them. And I did too those kin of dreams
  • So nothing alarming for the moment. Then, he remembers what the library girl told him and said :
  • "Dear David how did you died ?" David answers :
  • "An accident in a shop." "What happened there ?" "Someone pushed a shelf on me."
  • Yeah i'm inventing him a voice, yeah. Adam is shitting on himself and then asks "Who pushed the shelf ?"
  • Adam are you stupid ?! The library girl told you ! 2 questions but no more ! He's stupid ! David doesn't answer. Adam realises
  • That he asked him a third question, thing he wasn't supposed to do... He woke up completly terrorised.
  • Hey ! Honestly, we wanna believe in this story its amazing !
  • So Adam has a good reflexe : he want to know if it's true. So he starts searhing on the Internet
  • He will search things about a kid who died in an accident in a shop. Then, Adam move in the apartment
  • That is just above his because it's bigger than his and there's no one so
  • He thinks "Well cool, I'm going in." 2 months passed without news from David and his missing part of skull
  • So Adam thinks that David couldn't follow him while he moved
  • While David just had to some upstairs ! It seems weird. Ah ! But it's because of his missing
  • piece of skull
  • Thus he is less smart
  • Excuse me I'm breaking the suspence but I like making jokes to cool down beacause deep inside, I'm very scared
  • I don't want to see David in me dreams tonight, really. And then ! Something weird happens ! During 4 following nights,
  • The two cats of Adam stand in front of the front door and look at it as if something was on the other side
  • He is nice, he even shares a video of this creepy situation
  • He is almost sure that David finally found him. He just needed months to go upstairs, come on David
  • make an effort. From there, no more news from Adam
  • For 48 hours, of course we continue ! Adam not having the courage to open the door- And he is right
  • I'm immediately calling the cops
  • Adam decides to take two pictures: of trough the whole in the door, the other after opening it. And after looking looking
  • At those pictures, he has the impress to see something on the first one
  • You're right Adam
  • There's some dust on it, you should clean it a bit. From there, Adam re-lock the door
  • He jumps in his bed, scared and publishes a phot of his cat which is still waiting in front of the front door
  • Aaaaaand
  • If I were him, I would be scared too. Plus, I have pets and evreybody who have cats
  • You know they have weird phases and we wonder. "Mmmm it's seeing things we don't see." Do you imagine when your cat does this ?!
  • It's horrible ! And from now, it's becoming creepy, because Adam is getting used to it and he publishes regularly
  • Pictures of his cats like this in front of his front door. And it always happens in the middle of the night
  • He publishes another video saying "Here it is as usual
  • Few minutes befor midnight like everyday." Like it's becoming normal. Things could fly
  • He would be like "Yeah it's normal it's a ghost." And it's where it's starting to be creepy : When unormal things become normal for the man
  • because he doesn't even realise the thing. So Adam try to do something desperate : he put some f*cking salt
  • All around his front door, like it would chase the evil spirits. Few days later, Adam has a great idea and download an app
  • which records when it hears noise
  • Here we are, i can't explain more. The morning he wakes up and sees that the app recorded 33 noises
  • Which means there were 33 times noises in his apartment. He tells us that most of the time
  • Are vague... Some are also cars' noise but three of them retained his attention
  • Nothing alarming, the second one
  • Ok... A small electric noise, it can happens too... With all the amount of electronical stuff we have at home it's possible
  • And another "Boom". Nothing crazy, I invite you not to download this king of app because you are going to becoma paranoid. There a lots of noises at night
  • Especially when you have pets. Don't be paranoid, it's normal dude, sometimes at home
  • Something fall and it makes noise, but it's always Natsu or my cats. The hard thing in this situation is not becoming paranoid
  • it's very important ! Adam go to a week-end to think about something else, far from David -and he is right- There he buys
  • A polaroid to take pictures to remember and when he comes home, he decides to go around the apartment with it
  • he shows us the pictures saying "Here's my front door, my beautiful yellow wall, the other side of the bed with the famous chair
  • David likes a lot." Then (at midnight) he decides to open his front door and to take a picture but the picture appears completly black !
  • Adam ! Maybe you should have turned on the light ? It doesn't take pictures in the dark, it's not your Iphone ! And then, weird thing
  • Continue : the famous electric noise we listen last time appears every night around 3am, but instead of lasting 20 seconds
  • It lasts 5 minutes now, every time. One morning, Adam wakes up with the impress that his whole apartment is shaking like a small seism
  • Adam starts feeling bad, everyone tells him : "Leave this place, stop everything, stop messing with this ." But Adam thinks :
  • "yeah but it will maybe follow me it's useless." Adam tells us that August the 22nd, he felt asleep
  • Very early, he was tired for no reason. He dreamt about David holding his arm
  • And taking him to a very old warehouse. When he woke up, he couldn't tell why he wasn't afraid of David and why David brought him there
  • While Adam had been afraid of him for days so he says : " Okay but it stays a dream
  • Everything is possible we don't care." Then he goes to shower himself and what does he see ?
  • He sees a red mark and this ! This mecanic is used in a lot of
  • Horror movies : you dream of something, there's a physic contact with it and when you wake up, there's a mark of this physical touch
  • Showing you that something happened in real life. Adam leaves soon for Japan an decides
  • To buy a camera for his home to check if weird things happens
  • There's an app that is linked to the camera and that notifies him when there's some movement at his home
  • He receives notifications telling him there's been some movement but it's just his cats that pass next to the camera
  • Those cameras are horrible ! Do not buy it ! It's better not to know ! But, there's a moment when his cats doesn't pass next to the camera
  • So he watches the video and pay attention to the chair
  • It's moving... Later, same, he receives a notification from the camera, it's a video of his cats : he watches it aaaand
  • He sees his cat jumping over an invisible thing
  • Well, you can say "Whoa" for the other things but here dude, cats really see things, I swear they see things
  • Their brain send them a signal of a thing that doesn't really exists telling them : "Oh ! Look ! There's something here !" while there's nothing
  • But the next video
  • Is creepy because it's his f*ucking cat that stands up on the sofa and which looks at emptiness. Duuuude !
  • i admit it, it's kinda rare. He comes back home and from there, things start to worsen. He hears noise
  • Coming from the other side of his f*cking front door
  • He re-takes a picture in the hole and this time he sees this ! What he thinks being an ear next to an eye
  • Urgh... Dammit dude.. A lots of things happens and Adam re-dream of David and it's exactly
  • Like the first time when he dreamt of him. He is sat on this chair in front of him, staring at him
  • He knows it's a dream but he decide to take his phone which is in the bed with him to take pictures.
  • he did this because he panicked and he thought "Here I am David's gonna kill me and I want proofs in my phone
  • So that people would know." And this time, David reaches him
  • He place his face just above his, his eyes become white and he says an ununderstandable thing
  • Then
  • He is standing up on Adam's bed. Adam wakes up in the panique but no traces of David
  • Adam after waking up go to work
  • And remember that he took the pictures this time
  • In his dream. He decides to go to see in the pellicle of his phone and then
  • God damn it ! This son of a b*tch exists
  • Friends, this is the end
  • Of Adam's story. We still don't know if it's true or not but we think it's an all made story
  • And it's not that bad because the story is really cool, for once, we do not want to break the guy because it's a fake
  • it's the opposite, we just want to tell him that it's very good, no matter if it's a fake or not, we know that he is an illustrator
  • And a cartoonist so he knows how to create stories, he used to it, here it's a big communication stroke for him
  • Well in this case it worked, it made a giant buzz and I find this really well managed adding the fact that I'm debriefing you
  • After it happens but when you follow the story on live its amazing. Well here we are I just wantes to tell you this smal story. Don't forget to like
  • the video if you liked it and maybe, if there is more stories like this one day, creepy like that
  • And who fells on the net I'll make you a video but on live, while it's happening
  • I hope that you will pass a very good night and if you watched this before sleeping
  • Good luck : push every chairs that are next to your bed, put it in your little brother's or little sister's room
  • See you next time, thanks for watching this video and big kisses

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