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Video How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle & Lose Weight!!
12:19   |   views   |   01/09/2015


  • was one of your new year's resolutions
  • to work out and eat better well you're
  • not alone because so many people really
  • start to think about fitness weight loss
  • and overall health at this time of the
  • year and I'm here to help so I'm going
  • to show you some key elements to
  • jumpstart your healthy lifestyle so
  • let's get right into it don't follow
  • short-lived crash diets make a long-term
  • lifestyle change your results won't be
  • immediate but therefore they will be
  • longer lasting sense smaller more easily
  • attainable goals for yourself instead of
  • one really hard one and make your
  • changes slowly and gradually instead of
  • quick and drastic
  • it goes without saying that the most
  • important step toward a healthy
  • lifestyle is a healthy diet so cutting
  • out fast-food and other processed and
  • made in a factory type of foods and
  • replacing them with whole foods is
  • definitely the way to go you don't have
  • to be a vegetarian or a vegan or
  • anything like that but making fruits and
  • vegetables the largest food group in
  • your diet is the first step I try to buy
  • the majority of my produce seasonally
  • and locally which is not only good for
  • the environment but it often means lower
  • prices and I mean everyone loves that
  • right dark green leafy and red
  • vegetables are often the most nutrient
  • dense ones so I always try to eat a lot
  • of greens and Red's if you find it
  • expensive to buy a lot of fruits and
  • vegetables there's a few things that you
  • can do so you can stock up at a local
  • farmers market or even a farm where you
  • can pick your own buy seasonal produce
  • that's on sale and consume it right away
  • or you can even try growing it yourself
  • I know it sounds crazy but this year
  • actually planted my very own organic
  • kale it was so simple and it tastes
  • amazing we can pick your own fruit and
  • veg when they're perfectly ripe if
  • you're on those people who doesn't like
  • vegetables
  • I would suggest buying some good
  • cookbooks that will help you prepare
  • them in a really tasty way so I really
  • love vegetarian cookbooks for this or
  • even ones focusing solely on vegetables
  • remember your taste buds take a while to
  • get used to new foods so if you eat a
  • lot of yummy vegetable and fruit dishes
  • your body will actually begin to crave
  • these things trust me on this one I
  • really love my vegetable cookbooks for
  • finding new cooking inspirations because
  • they offer me so much variety and
  • different ways to prepare my food and
  • you can also combine them with other
  • good for you foods like whole grains
  • dairies and lean proteins
  • an easy way to get started is with fresh
  • fruit smoothies now if you're not used
  • to eating lots of fruit in one sitting
  • try making a yummy smoothie instead now
  • unless you're juicing your own fruits
  • fruit juice from concentrate is actually
  • extremely processed and full of empty
  • sugar calories so making a smoothie
  • instead will leave you feeling full and
  • you'll also get lots of healthy fibers
  • and water into you you can also add a
  • scoop of protein powder for extra boost
  • and this is also a great post-workout
  • meal and yes I did say meal because
  • eating this many fruit in one sitting is
  • like a small meal super yummy so skip
  • the ready-made juices and sodas and
  • either juice your own fruit and veg or
  • you can buy a blender to make smoothies
  • anytime you want at home without all the
  • extra sugar and additives now snacking
  • is fine but try to limit the amount of
  • calorie dense and processed snacks that
  • you eat instead why not try a veggie
  • snack now I personally love cherry
  • tomatoes and snap or snow peas as a
  • quick and healthy snack they have that
  • amazing crunch that we all love from
  • chips and popcorn but you can eat as
  • much as you want because they're so low
  • in calories I know in the beginning you
  • might find it weird to snack on
  • vegetables when you're watching a movie
  • in it of chocolate or chips but these
  • are exactly the moments when many people
  • tend to overeat on really calorie dense
  • junk food it's just the repetition of
  • eating coupled with the monotony of
  • watching TV this often means that you'll
  • eat way more than the recommended
  • serving size
  • so by snacking on veg you can literally
  • eat as much as you want without any
  • setbacks is actually good for you
  • because you're packing in some more
  • vitamins and nutrients your body can
  • actually use and same goes with fruit if
  • you have a sweet craving try to tide it
  • over with a sweet banana some
  • strawberries a mango just whatever you
  • like fruits do contain sugars but don't
  • worry too much about that because I can
  • guarantee you that we don't have an
  • obesity problem in this world from
  • people eating too many apples every day
  • plus four it contains a lot of fibers
  • vitamins and nutrients that give us
  • lasting energy throughout the day
  • okay let's talk about water did you know
  • that 60% of our body weight as water and
  • every system in our body depends on it
  • water flushes out toxins from vital
  • organs and carries nutrients to your
  • cells a lack of water can lead to
  • dehydration which can drain your energy
  • and make you feel super tired it's
  • recommended that women drink at least 2
  • liters of water a day and men about 3
  • want to know an easy trick start off
  • with a big drink of water right when you
  • wake up often your body is naturally
  • thirsty right in the morning so is that
  • I'm starting off with coffee just chug
  • some water I like to keep a big bottle
  • right by my bedside for this purpose and
  • you can of course have a coffee or tea
  • after but this way you're already
  • starting the day off on the right foot
  • I'd say about 80% of my daily beverage
  • intake is plain water but how can you
  • make it more interesting well I really
  • like sparkling water just because it has
  • that same refreshing feel as a soda
  • but of course good old tap water will do
  • just fine so just make sure it's super
  • cold and you can also use a water filter
  • if it has a funny taste where you live
  • you can also infuse your water with some
  • lemon slices some berries or a mints
  • break to add a bit of natural flavor
  • another alternative is a non caffeinated
  • unsweetened herbal tea that you can
  • drink either hot or cold there's so many
  • yummy fruit or herbal teas out there so
  • try making a big pot of in the morning
  • and then drinking it cold throughout the
  • day I always like to have a big bottle
  • of water next to me while I'm working
  • and sip on it throughout the day
  • sometimes you just kind of forget to
  • drink and your body's actually getting
  • dehydrated and you don't notice so just
  • have that waterfall always in front of
  • you just to remind yourself and since I
  • started doing this I've noticed that I
  • automatically drink so much more water
  • than before if you don't have a regular
  • exercise routine I know this task can
  • seem the most daunting and even
  • terrifying trust me I've been there
  • I was the biggest couch potato who was
  • out of breath after running for like two
  • minutes so here's a tip start off really
  • slow and start doing something that you
  • just love to do so for total beginners I
  • would suggest by maybe going on it twice
  • a minute fast walk twice a week and just
  • build it up from there you don't need to
  • start off like going crazy with it you
  • should try to work up to doing some kind
  • of physical exercise about three times a
  • week also think about if you're a solo
  • exerciser or if you prefer to do it in a
  • group in that case why not join a
  • Pilates or yoga or dance class or maybe
  • go on a hike with a friend or anything
  • like that and if you're motivated to do
  • things on your own running biking
  • swimming or weightlifting or all great
  • solo activities you don't really need a
  • gym membership to get fit because
  • there's plenty of things to do outside
  • and I honestly feel like being outside
  • is so good for you on so many other
  • levels as well and working out outdoors
  • always helps to clear my mind I get so
  • many creative ideas while I'm on a run
  • and when I get home I just feel so
  • refreshed and full of energy
  • also fitness DVDs are a really great
  • alternative if you feel uncomfortable
  • exercising in public and it's also a
  • really cost effective way to get started
  • you could also think about getting a
  • home exercise machine but make sure you
  • do put it in a central place like maybe
  • in front of the TV or something
  • so that you'll actually be motivated to
  • use it you just need to find something
  • that interests you and keep going with
  • it also try a variety of sports because
  • doing the exact same work out all the
  • time is it's not very effective for the
  • body and also you'll just get bored of
  • it really fast and I know the beginning
  • is super tough I've been there but just
  • keep going with it and you'll notice
  • huge improvements in your overall health
  • and fitness it's really really worth it
  • and it will get easier I promise if
  • you're feeling overwhelmed making a
  • monthly workout schedule can really help
  • to get you focused plan in what type of
  • exercise you're going to do on which
  • days and try to stick to your schedule
  • as best as you can you can also add some
  • variety into your workouts you're not
  • being too repetitive and if you lift
  • weights try to alternate which parts of
  • the body you work out making a schedule
  • like this really helped me when I
  • started on this lifestyle because I
  • never had to think about what I had to
  • do I just looked at my sheet and I was
  • set to go also think about adding an
  • active rest date where instead of just
  • sitting around at home all day
  • maybe you'll go for a
  • zyy 20-minute walk or maybe just biked
  • to work that day so once you've got your
  • monthly schedule done place it in a
  • really central part of your home where
  • you'll see it every day and you can
  • mentally prepare yourself for the next
  • workout
  • I know this kind of sounds silly but
  • knowing that tomorrow you have a workout
  • schedule already helps to get you
  • motivated so I like to hang my right in
  • the kitchen cross off your workouts as
  • you do them not only is it so incredibly
  • satisfying but you can track how you did
  • it at the end of the month and if you
  • need to make any changes
  • I also found Fitness journaling
  • extremely helpful to keep motivated and
  • on track so a good way to start is by
  • setting small attainable weekly goals
  • for yourself and seeing how you do at
  • the end of the week you could also think
  • about starting your own fitness blog so
  • that you can share your journey with
  • other people or maybe start an Instagram
  • stream dedicated to your healthy meals
  • keeping track of your successes and your
  • setbacks in some way it's really helpful
  • to keep on this path because you can see
  • how you're doing and what issues you may
  • still have to work on another idea find
  • a workout buddy I know this can be a
  • little bit tricky to find someone who's
  • at the same fits level that you are and
  • available at the same time but working
  • out with a gym buddy or your boyfriend
  • or your girlfriend is a really good way
  • to motivate each other and you can even
  • make new friends
  • now this might sound counterintuitive
  • but plan and rest days especially if
  • you're exercising regularly give your
  • mind and body time to recover muscle
  • soreness is often a natural consequence
  • of the fitness lifestyle especially if
  • you do any kind of weight lifting so
  • don't worry too much about that just
  • listen to your body if you're really
  • sore and exhausted after a tough workout
  • just relax and pat yourself in the back
  • for a job well done really take the time
  • to recharge mentally and physically for
  • the next day lastly make sure you get
  • enough sleep try going to bed 1 hour
  • earlier tomorrow and just see how you
  • feel the next day try to aim for about 8
  • hours of sleep every night so your body
  • can recharge its batteries believe it or
  • not sleeping is a really important part
  • of staying fit so I wish you all very
  • sweet dreams if you enjoyed this video
  • please remember to give it a thumbs up
  • this took a lot of time and effort to
  • put together I filmed everything myself
  • from start to finish so it was a lot of
  • work and I would love to see your thumbs
  • up I will be doing some more fitness and
  • health related videos because I know
  • that people have that on their New
  • Year's resolution is to like get fit and
  • maybe lose some weight and I think the
  • key is really not just to make it a New
  • Year's resolution that you're going to
  • quit in a month or something but to
  • really make it a lasting lifestyle
  • change so I hope that this video kind of
  • got you inspired to go along the right
  • track and also let me know in the
  • comments what other videos you want to
  • see I'll probably be doing some meal
  • planning or some meal ideas videos for
  • you so you can get some good recipe
  • ideas for you know healthy cooking but
  • if you have any other suggestions of
  • what kind of fitness or health videos
  • you would like to see I'm totally open
  • to your ideas and suggestions so make
  • sure to go and post those in the
  • comments and thanks so much for watching
  • guys and I will see you later bye

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