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Video Hanoi Vlog #12: The Best Beef Pho in Hanoi
04:29   |   3K+ views   |   today at 02:25


  • it was substitute honest currently at 5
  • 10 Lee 42 and it's apparently the best
  • part on tannoy so if you look around you
  • can see all these people enjoying their
  • meals and I'm currently here with Cindy
  • AK c'mon which is our Vietnamese name
  • and our new friends ha set the camera
  • yeah all right one so Cindy ysis place
  • famous yeah why is this place famous why
  • is this place famous very good yeah now
  • the lawn ha let me go to the new boy so
  • the flavor of the foie is it's actually
  • really good the broth who the father is
  • really good so i'm kinda I'm kind of a
  • buzz snob so I'm gonna try out the
  • brought this yacht is sour der the fall
  • yet which means special it actually only
  • refers to food as special I once it had
  • a family gathering with Cindy's family
  • that called Cindy yet which ethics
  • absolutely no sense because it's only
  • for our food so let me try it first a
  • bra oh yeah look at all these nice green
  • scallions the fresh the mean nice
  • medium-rare let's taste the soup
  • mmm just really good it's very light and
  • refreshing but has a nice thick porosity
  • taste and now slightest me too and I'm
  • so bad because I don't need a lot of
  • noodles cuz i try to stick to a low carb
  • guy but let's see how the noodles are
  • probably the best feed I've had here in
  • Hanoi it's soft and tender slightly rare
  • chewy but not in a bad way and it's just
  • really refreshing nourishing oh I also
  • forgot you're supposed to put in these
  • things so that's on the line so you take
  • a lime leaves it all in here what else
  • do I mean Oh pickled garlic I never used
  • too much room so much in the vinegar
  • they're dumb Riley make a power well
  • I'll just use the pickled garlic been
  • there and wash I put in I'll try some
  • spicy what kind of spice uses so put in
  • there and then mix it all up let's see
  • how this tastes a bra so adds a nice
  • little red color to it
  • hmm that's a nice cool sweet spicy adds
  • a nice kick to it and my favorite is
  • having hot far on hot days it's actually
  • pretty cool today but today I'm going to
  • hang out what would have we're going to
  • shoot a low street photography I
  • included a link to his work is probably
  • the best photographer here in a way
  • shoots great color Street photographs
  • and we'll chat with him some more soon
  • so until next time I hope hope you guys
  • were here with us and see you guys next
  • time oh wait there's more so we're
  • actually going to interview our friend
  • and see how northern Vietnam the fun
  • Hanoi is different from fun Saigon so
  • how is the fun in Saigon different from
  • the ball and Hanoi English badly Rafi
  • like to stop something in Saigon yep
  • actually the bit is better the beep is
  • better and there's too many you know I
  • say saying I'm nothing
  • saigon you have the handsome bottom
  • black bottles in the red bottle yeah to
  • make it oh you know sweaty and one
  • magnets patio oh wait be more eating my
  • coffee yeah do you like popcorn Saigon
  • better the fun Hanoi better I feel I can
  • check on mom but maybe peers you know
  • very good okay okay yeah well I'm loving
  • the view too oh yeah love it okay see
  • you guys next time

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See my friend Chu Viet Ha's color street photography here:

Today we meet up some friends and have the best Beef Pho in Hanoi at Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su. It is probably the best Pho I had in all of Hanoi, and I am especially impressed with the sweetness of the soup, and the quality of the beef (nice and fatty, and juicy). Also at the end, we chat a little bit about the difference between Pho in the North (Hanoi) vs Pho in the South (Saigon).

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su
10 Lý Quốc Sư, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam


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