Video Sekiro Full Gameplay (0 Deaths Run)

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Sekiro Full Gameplay (0 Deaths Run)
Sekiro Full Gameplay (0 Deaths Run) thumb Sekiro Full Gameplay (0 Deaths Run) thumb Sekiro Full Gameplay (0 Deaths Run) thumb


  • C R Y B A B I E S
  • Everyone is a bunch of CRYBABIES
  • Oh
  • Sekiro, its so difficult.
  • It's just like Dark Souls, But much HARDER
  • Its like BloodBorne but much harder
  • B A B I E S
  • Pathetic children
  • Pathetic beta males who don't know how to play video games
  • If you don't even know how to use your fingers then don't even bother playing video games. >:)
  • I've been seeing this my entire life, ok?
  • For those of you who are new to this channel, my name is PewDiePie and I'm a Professional Gamer
  • I have never died in a video game EVER
  • I bet no one who has played this game knew u could pick that letter up
  • So feel free to keep watching, cause we gonna find literally all the INS and OUTS
  • See, I know how to jump
  • in, near jump wall?
  • look at that. I figured out already-
  • How you wall jump
  • I bet no one, E V E R, figured out how to wall jump
  • ...so far.
  • I'm doing extremely well
  • Can we add a death counter up in the corner?
  • deaths: Z E R O
  • wall hug
  • okay
  • Look at that.
  • See I don't even need these patronising instructions
  • Because I KNOW
  • You see those scratches on the wall, that implies they put that there as a hint
  • Even if there was no scratches I wouldn't even need it
  • Okay?
  • Stealth. What do you think I don't know about stealth
  • I'm the stealthiest man alive
  • Oh god
  • I'm the stealthiest person on the gosh damn planet
  • No one has ever seen me, That's how stealthy I am
  • nO oNe'S eVeR dOnE tHiS
  • You see this?
  • You hang from the ledge
  • because there are scratches at the bottom
  • Game developers put that in there.
  • So good at games (epic gamer, eh?)
  • I'm so gosh damn good at games.
  • Ye-uh!
  • Ye-uh!
  • ZERO DEATHS! Ye-uh!
  • Look at that, look at these movess
  • Look at these goddamn moves
  • So good at games! (still zero deaths)
  • Games is for children! (then you're a child, too?)
  • I'm playing just to prove a point. (oh)
  • Games is for crybabies
  • To think that- (?)
  • Real life is too scary for them
  • alright gimme the balls X2
  • just gimme the balls
  • I ain't got time
  • Quick items.
  • Healing gourd.
  • Alright let's do the 'healing gourd'. EPIC
  • (in Japanese) shinobi shinderu
  • *warcry of the stealthiest man alive*
  • Alright, alright, alright, watch this
  • *watch him does epic style*
  • watch this gamers
  • aTtAcK
  • WOW!
  • (bird call x2?)
  • Charging-
  • F*ck
  • It's fine, what that died?
  • That's it? That's all there's-
  • Oh, I didn't die
  • Shinobi...
  • G A M E R !!!
  • Epic! Zero deaths everyone.
  • Zero deaths, let's have some juice.
  • My god, this game is easy
  • Oh god.
  • Deflection.
  • Oh okay, easy.
  • (sword fight noises)
  • Come on, come on guy.
  • (more sword fight noises. how are you all today?)
  • Don't think so buddy
  • (epic gamer felix moment)
  • Zero deaths
  • ...
  • I'm actually really low on health, I actually need- need some health.
  • Watch this, watch this gamer
  • E P I C stealth attack, coming right up
  • lahlhlha you shut up when im talkin to you, you shut your mouth
  • Real ninjas, travel on the rooftops
  • Hiya!
  • Barely made a sound
  • Real shinobis...
  • ...they move in the darkness
  • The darkness embraces th- (crash)
  • (NICE ONE)
  • F*ck, they put that there on purpose
  • They put that there on purpose!
  • Aw shoot... Gamers, this could be it.
  • BYE
  • Bye, gamers!
  • Bye gamers!
  • Zero deaths!
  • (sword fight noises)
  • Dozo!
  • (more sword fight noises)
  • Anotha one!
  • What is he doing? *chuckle*
  • What is he doing?
  • hahahahahahahha
  • death count : 1
  • death count : 2
  • death count : 3
  • death count : 4
  • death count : yep
  • Honestly this game is a lot easier than Dark Souls and BloodBorne so far.
  • I mean that genuinely (yea you do❤)
  • Look how epic I am
  • death count : 5
  • Pewdiepie Knee Slicing Champion since 2018
  • death count : 6
  • death count : 7
  • death count : 8
  • What is that move called?
  • (goes into silent gamer mode)
  • NOpe
  • Don't like this guy :(
  • Here have some ash.
  • ”危“ is danger in chinese. *captain flies away*
  • how you like that little orge
  • (In Japanese) Oni
  • i know Japanese (OAO)
  • OOh you try to kick me now
  • oh gawd he changed his style
  • death count : 9
  • Are you kidding me :(
  • should we pretend we saw that or not 🤔
  • *contemplates life decisions*
  • well 0 deaths it is 👏 👏 👏
  • alright let's go for the 🍆 punches
  • Ooh you scared >:D
  • that did not even hit me QAQ
  • who kicks more than once D:<
  • (very focused papa poods)
  • *absolute shocked poods*
  • *flashbacks at 16.09*
  • (Honestly this game is a lot easier than Darksouls and BloodBorne so far)
  • Oooh zig zag
  • You got the zig zag.
  • How did that hit me
  • Noooowwhh D:
  • Oh he fell down(out) (No he didn't)
  • Are you kidding me.
  • I'm getting so gamered out.
  • Death count: Why can't we be friends~ why can't we be friends~
  • are you kidding me.
  • are you kidding me right now.
  • death count: It's over 9000!!!! (anime just for you poods)
  • Alright , first time I do this 🤔
  • Oh god it's an ogre.
  • I'd better start doing a lot of damage.
  • while he's still contain
  • oh god , no one's ever thought of that (indeed.)
  • Oh the red stuff that probably means he's about to attack. (wowies)
  • Physics breaking ogres (wat?)
  • *silence

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