Video What Happens If You Burn Money

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What Happens If You Burn Money
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  • for this demonstration we're gonna need
  • a little bit of water rubbing alcohol on
  • our money a little dash of salt just to
  • add some color to our flame a lighter
  • and some tongs let's get started we'll
  • begin by measuring out our alcohol now
  • we're using 70% proof alcohol so we're
  • going to measure 50 milliliters add that
  • to your dish or container now since
  • we're using a 70 proof alcohol we're
  • just gonna add a little bit of water not
  • that much maybe 25 milliliters next we
  • get our money I'll just put it in there
  • and give it a nice good soak until it's
  • fully saturated well it's looking we're
  • just gonna add a little touch of salt
  • just so that we could see the flames
  • when we burn the money our money is
  • nicely saturated let's just drain off
  • the excess water and see what happens
  • okay we've moved to an area away from
  • the alcohol solution kids don't try this
  • at home unless you are supervised by an
  • adult let's check this out let's try it
  • again
  • awesome let's try it with a twenty see
  • what happens here goes
  • very very cool in our bill cool to the
  • touch and it is unharmed if you like
  • this demonstration please give me a
  • thumbs up subscribe for future videos
  • and we'll see you next time

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What happens if you burn money? I don't actually burn money in this video, but this is a neat demonstration. I try burning a dollar bill, and a twenty dollar bill.

Disclaimer: Rubbing alcohol is highly flammable. Use caution. Kids, don't try this without adult supervision.

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