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Video Top 10 Hilarious Running Gags in Movies
12:50   |   today at 08:08


  • some jokes only get better and better as
  • the run time goes on welcome to
  • and today we're counting
  • down our picks for the top ten hilarious
  • running gags in movies Hoffman yeah call
  • the Patent Office copyright the name
  • Green Goblin I want a corner every time
  • somebody says for this list we are
  • considering running gags and jokes in
  • movies as those that are referenced or
  • used three or more times either in an
  • individual movie or across a film series
  • we arrive in four vehicles I think we
  • should split it up in four quarters
  • anything less is only a callback and as
  • always the funnier the better or
  • something no super young were you help
  • forward number ten the ice fishing story
  • American hustle Lisa go ice fishing
  • every november louis c.k is probably
  • best recognized for his storage
  • stand-ups but this is one little story
  • that is completely blown out of the
  • water by Bradley Cooper's character in
  • this crime comedy-drama ice fishing
  • that's all anybody that's what we live
  • for it beginning is a simple pep talk
  • cooper takes the reins more than once to
  • try to guess the obvious ending but the
  • twist is he will never find out
  • one year my brother says let's go in
  • October he wants to go ice fishing in
  • October my dad says no the ice is too
  • thin throughout the film his boredom
  • about the story turns into mild interest
  • that ultimately leads to raging
  • obsession but what is by far the cherry
  • on the top of this hilarious gag is the
  • subtle annoyed look that louis c.k gets
  • whenever he's interrupted my brother
  • says I loved my brother he's I
  • understand what you say your brother
  • went on the ice the ice was too thin he
  • fell through the ice we're in the water
  • cuz he was too eager and you're saying
  • I'm too eager that's are you saying no
  • that's not what I'm saying poor guy he
  • usually deals with hecklers better than
  • this way to tell me arrested ice fishing
  • story where was I he finally woke you up
  • as a blizzard was leaking over come on
  • come on
  • number nine splitting the money it's a
  • mad mad mad
  • mad world we arrived in four vehicles I
  • think we should split it up in four
  • quarters greed is a powerful tool in the
  • comedy genre especially when it's paired
  • with miscommunication now we give shares
  • to everybody and for everything now
  • there were eight there are eight of us
  • now that's eight years for that then
  • there were four vehicles after
  • discovering 350,000 dollars is up for
  • grabs in the Santa Rosita State Park a
  • group of people makes a pact to hunt
  • down the prize I got one share for being
  • one person one share for going down the
  • hill one share for the truck and one
  • share for being a person in the truck if
  • only they could just come to an
  • agreement on which way they're splitting
  • the goods they want an every man for
  • himself
  • the bickering and blindsiding are felt
  • across all cuts of the film including
  • the 210 minute original cut we all know
  • that we're all here and we all know that
  • even if somebody finds the money
  • nobody's gonna get away with it unless
  • everybody gets a share so why don't we
  • all get sensible and get this thing
  • wrong and I and while the epic comedy is
  • filled with many gags this one about
  • splitting the money is the longest
  • running across the film it's the only
  • way to do it
  • everybody number eight they look to old
  • the Jump Street franchise you are here
  • simply because you look young in a movie
  • about police detectives going undercover
  • as younger students this is the joke
  • that has the most ground to stand on
  • across both 21 and 22 Jump Street Jonah
  • Hill and Channing Tatum are constantly
  • at the mercy of their age looking just a
  • little bit older than they should for
  • their assignments we held back or
  • something no you super young were you
  • helped forward their actions are so
  • ridiculous that they can't be anything
  • but immature and yet nobody can get past
  • the slight wrinkles on their faces or
  • their amazingly outdated references okay
  • it looks like
  • eighth-grader he's gonna be fine
  • needless to say pointing out their aging
  • failures never gets old
  • I'm just saying it's like all fun and
  • games and then you wake up in bed next
  • to a 40 year old freshman 19 to 7 you'll
  • shoot your eye out a Christmas story I
  • want an official Red Ryder Cup an action
  • to enjoins well Erin no cheater aya
  • we've all been denied a toy at some
  • point in our lives but you wouldn't
  • expect everyone you meet to have the
  • exact same reason why you shouldn't have
  • it there could be no other explanation
  • [Applause]
  • after locking eyes with the perfect
  • Christmas gift
  • Ralphie makes it his holiday mission to
  • find any way of making his wish come
  • true oh no
  • you shoot your eye out yet his parents
  • his teacher and even Santa Claus refuse
  • him the air rifle for the same reason
  • [Music]
  • you're out kid the hilarity of this
  • running gag comes from the impossibility
  • of so many people having the exact same
  • worded opinion and we can't help but
  • love it too number six TLC references
  • the other guys see some waterfalls now
  • you seen you don't want no scrubs
  • references like a tick who remembers
  • this 90s girl group well Michael Keaton
  • certainly does even if he doesn't know
  • it all right well you do us proud cuz I
  • don't want no scrubs really no you're
  • not aware that's a TLC song I have no
  • idea what you're talking about in this
  • action comedy the police captain who
  • ain't too proud to beg is completely
  • oblivious to the songs he's referencing
  • much to the delight of Will Ferrell and
  • Mark Wahlberg my ain't too proud too big
  • no matter how many times it's pointed
  • out to Kiki the truth of his fumbling
  • never seems to creep up on him doesn't
  • even matter each time we find ourselves
  • laughing out eight waterfalls worth of
  • Tears watching it all unfold
  • Justin's real quiet you get creeped it's
  • great come on
  • you don't say creep creep unless you're
  • quoting TLC number five Vietnam The Big
  • Lebowski I did not watch my buddies die
  • facedown in the buck Vietnam man the
  • backstory of Walter Sobchak is varied
  • and often spoken about by the man
  • himself but it's his ventures in Vietnam
  • that are the most referenced in this
  • crime comedy look Larry have you ever
  • heard of Vietnam
  • you're airing the world Ohain son we
  • know that this is your homework from
  • interrogations to bowling he manages to
  • compare almost every event to his days
  • in Nam no matter how ridiculous it
  • sounds okay this is not Nam this is
  • bowling there are rules even going so
  • far as to completely go off track in his
  • eulogy for one of his teammates a case
  • on the lawn doc and Hill 364 these young
  • men gave their lives despite his talk of
  • the vicious war Walter also says that he
  • once dabbled in pacifism but just not in
  • Vietnam you know dude I myself dabbled
  • in past at one point number four cookies
  • conquests best-in-show that is correct
  • sir
  • it's usually an unwritten rule in
  • relationships to never mention how many
  • partners have come before she was very
  • popular back then she had dozens of
  • boyfriends hundreds hundreds sadly for
  • Gerry Fleck
  • his wife's previous lovers all make
  • themselves known
  • you know I abandoned a lot of waitresses
  • in my debut in this improvisational
  • comedy we follow a mismatched
  • middle-class couple on the move from
  • Florida and on their journey the
  • stunningly attractive cookie Fleck ends
  • up reuniting with many many many former
  • conquests from her youth cookie
  • googleman yeah this is this ring a bell
  • I'm not wearing underwear
  • Jerry's dismay and polite rage are just
  • as funny to watch as they are sorrowful
  • but at least he takes it all fairly well
  • that is the one and only time I've ever
  • done it on a roller coaster
  • number three inconceivable The Princess
  • Bride as I told you it would be
  • absolutely totally and in all other ways
  • inconceivable according to
  • the definition of
  • inconceivable is something unimaginable
  • or unthinkable but if you ignore that
  • then the word can make for one heck of a
  • running gag and there's gaming of us
  • inconceivable that's exactly what
  • happens in this romantic comedy fantasy
  • despite having no frame of reference for
  • what the word means but Seany has an
  • insatiable habit for describing every
  • situation as inconceivable
  • or confusing its definition with
  • impossible it doesn't matter what
  • terrible endeavor our heroes are in
  • because well everything is inconceivable
  • inconceivable number two it was all a
  • dream the Back to the Future franchise
  • jagran yourself it's all a dream just
  • very intense dream the teenage time
  • traveler of this comedic sci-fi series
  • never had the best time with fourth
  • dimensional thinking or even
  • distinguishing between dreams and
  • reality every time Marty McFly is
  • knocked out he awakens in a bed
  • convinced the events leading up to this
  • were nothing but his imagination running
  • wild waking up next to your
  • great-great-grandmother isn't as crazy
  • as it sounds especially considering that
  • you've already changed history multiple
  • times horrible nightmare down three
  • hours in a western dreaming about
  • getting stuck in 1955 is certainly
  • better than constantly having manure
  • report on to you right Biff before we
  • unveil our number one pick here are a
  • few honorable mentions I don't know I
  • have a bad feeling about this yeah
  • I don't know what I'm doing here let me
  • see that hand yeah I thought I
  • recognized that man yeah the way we see
  • it's all for the greater good the
  • greater good
  • well fascist maybe but the laws the law
  • I don't have to go number one
  • Stan Lee cameos various son dad cameos
  • are nothing new to the world of
  • filmmaking but the creator of many
  • beloved Marvel characters never fails to
  • make an impression in every single film
  • adaptation he's appeared in imitation
  • sir should be on that Stan Lee from the
  • trial of the Incredible Hulk TV movie in
  • 1989 to big hero 6 in 2014 and beyond
  • Stan Lee has made so many cameo
  • appearances that watch mojos even got a
  • top-10 list of them
  • I wear them front I wear them back I go
  • inside-out then I go front and back and
  • it's a testament to the over 90 year old
  • creator of Marvel Comics that watching
  • out for him has grown from being a sweet
  • tribute to something that's anticipated
  • worldwide at least by comic book fans
  • and we reckon it's alright Lee deserved
  • great
  • do you agree with our list just gotta be
  • a dream
  • which funny movie running gags are your
  • favorite inconceivable for more
  • hilarious top 10s published every day be
  • sure to subscribe to
  • [Music]

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1 Katy Perry

365 flac

Katy Perry. 2019. Writer: Zedd;Katy Perry;Caroline Ailin;Corey Sanders;Daniel Davidsen;Cutfather;Peter Wallevik.
2 Ariana Grande

7 Rings flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Ariana Grande;Richard Rodgers;TBHits;Njomza;Michael "Mikey" Foster;Kaydence;Tayla Parx;Scootie;Oscar Hammerstein II;Victoria Monét.
3 Alec Benjamin

Let Me Down Slowly flac

Alec Benjamin. 2019. Writer: Alec Benjamin;Sir Nolan;Michael Pollack.

Happy flac

DEAMN. 2019.
5 Bruno Mars

Please Me flac

Bruno Mars. 2019. Writer: J. White Did It;DJ White Shadow;Philip Lawrence;Bruno Mars;Cardi B.
6 5 Seconds Of Summer

Who Do You Love flac

5 Seconds Of Summer. 2019. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Talay Riley;Oak;Sean Douglas;Luke Hemmings;Calum Hood;Ashton Irwin;Michael Clifford;Trevorious;Zaire Koalo.
7 Avril Lavigne

Dumb Blonde flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Mitch Allan;Bonnie McKee;Nicki Minaj;Avril Lavigne.
8 Brooks

Better When You're Gone flac

Brooks. 2019. Writer: David Guetta;Emma Lov Block;Ido Zmishlany;Jackson Foote;Jeremy Dussolliet;Brooks.
9 Ariana Grande

Imagine flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: JProof;Priscilla Renea;Happy Perez;Andrew "Pop" Wansel;Ariana Grande.
10 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Selfish flac

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. 2019. Writer: Victor Thell;Michael Thivaios;Maria Smith;Jeff Porcaro;Dimitri Thivaios;David Paich;Dan Book;Will Grands;ANGEMI.
11 Ariana Grande

Thank U, Next flac

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12 Avril Lavigne

Birdie flac

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13 Ariana Grande

Fake Smile flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Joseph Frierson;Mary Frierson;Fred Ball;Happy Perez;Andrew "Pop" Wansel;Wendy Rene;Kennedi Lykken;Priscilla Renea;Justin Tranter;Ariana Grande.
14 Halsey

11 Minutes flac

Halsey. 2019. Writer: Matt Schwartz;Halsey;Dominic Harrison;Brynley Plumb.
15 Avril Lavigne

Warrior flac

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16 Ariana Grande

Ghostin flac

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17 Ariana Grande

Bad Idea flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Savan Kotecha;ILYA;Max Martin;Ariana Grande.

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