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This House Is So Haunted They Left Everything Behind | OmarGoshTV
This House Is So Haunted They Left Everything Behind | OmarGoshTV thumb This House Is So Haunted They Left Everything Behind | OmarGoshTV thumb This House Is So Haunted They Left Everything Behind | OmarGoshTV thumb


  • Oh what is a Fame welcome to another
  • haunted adventure my name is Lamar today
  • I am with my wife Melissa and I have
  • patty for gteen paranormal we are going
  • to investigate a house that's so haunted
  • that the people that lived here before
  • left in such a hurry can't wait to share
  • this bit of history with you hope you're
  • ready for this adventure nice to
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • we are in the garage part of the house
  • right now you could see that part of the
  • garage has been no so kidding when we
  • got in here I couldn't believe how much
  • stuff was left behind I mean it looked
  • like this house had probably been
  • abandoned in the 1990s last time I was
  • here I seen a neighbor that was walking
  • her dog and I asked her some questions
  • something that I like to do whatever I'm
  • doing an investigation on a house and to
  • my surprise yes this house was haunted I
  • was just kind of taking a peek at it
  • because I was in the market of looking
  • for houses to buy now that neighbor told
  • me that a doctor used to live here I'm
  • not sure if he was an archaeologist he
  • was doing some research and went to
  • another country and I guess brought
  • something back evil to his home and it
  • affected the entire family to the point
  • where they all had to leave and they
  • ended up leaving so much stuff behind
  • now from the looks of it this has been
  • sitting behind for a long time I mean
  • I'm looking at VCRs I think I even seen
  • some old cameras from like the 1990s so
  • this has been sitting here for a really
  • really long time but one thing about
  • spirits they are eternal if there's
  • something evil in this house it's
  • probably still lurking we're gonna find
  • out let's have a look around though so
  • no cassette tapes there yeah there's the
  • VCR I was talking about seen quite a few
  • of those I don't see those very much
  • anymore look at these old clothes even
  • left the laptop behind this is such a
  • big place here they patty
  • you started doing some investigating hey
  • patty
  • they even left food behind this is crazy
  • sup guys did you see this and you what
  • is this what does that mean they
  • disappear into something here look I'm
  • in this picture here looks like it's
  • maybe in a different country or
  • something
  • here's another one I'm covering up his
  • face but I'm thinking that was the
  • doctor that used to live here maybe he
  • was doing some you know some traveling
  • and helping people out in other
  • countries that's really nice of them
  • Sodom is an archaeologist though could
  • be wrong I was just taking this there's
  • more of those crystals laying around
  • yeah
  • are those expensive
  • [Music]
  • maybe a cleansing some kind of cleansing
  • [Music]
  • I found out where the stairs are
  • I swear it here's some more pictures not
  • sure what country that is right there
  • like pictures here from a country look I
  • mean we don't even see those anymore
  • like Frank
  • yeah I was going to tell you that
  • there's a ton of them there's a whole
  • box here kind of crystals are these on
  • some of them I recognize it again the
  • entire box of like sonic rocks patties
  • in heaven right now look what I found
  • what is that that doesn't look like it
  • it's from here doesn't I don't see stuff
  • like that here do let me know in the
  • comments what you think this is from I'm
  • not sure why I was wrapped up and kind
  • of it in here
  • maybe somebody it is so they wanted to
  • come back and grab it that looks like
  • real gold to them ladies were getting a
  • little hot outside can't wait to show
  • you how beautiful the pool is there's
  • even some animals in it I'll explain I
  • think this is the master family room and
  • this must be I don't know this is
  • private family room that's the living
  • yeah I like tomatoes in this room living
  • so weird it was like super dark in here
  • and then like I heard footsteps or
  • something crawling the nightmare terror
  • of this littering by that at least
  • agonizing or on a screaming world
  • there's so much cool stuff here no I'm
  • not trying to take anything I'm just
  • really curious like what people leave
  • behind you know for I mean I've seen
  • seen it countless times when it comes to
  • like foreclosures but like that like
  • people will leave stuff behind but this
  • is a little bit different this wasn't
  • finances you know I mean a doctor lived
  • here pretty sure he had quite a bit of
  • money not saying that doctors don't have
  • financial problems this family was being
  • terrorized by something evil others
  • how pretty
  • can't look at this they even left shin
  • poo and conditioner and stuff
  • Wow they left a lot behind even toilet
  • paper not gonna lie that toilet angled
  • like that looks kind of cool
  • no way no freaking way
  • look at that I just found my new vlog
  • camera scratch that
  • here's my new vlog camera what Wow
  • I remember this camera right here I was
  • like one of the first digital cameras
  • ever with a screen painting that's so
  • cool oh no way I used to have this
  • camera this is my first digital camera
  • ever sony mavica it would use a floppy
  • disk how convenient is that why would
  • they just leave that behind what is that
  • a mobile DVD player one of a kind
  • there's so much stuff here it has to be
  • worth money teeth whitening dark out
  • alrights just tagging others outside
  • Oh
  • what are you guys doing did you guys did
  • you guys hear something I like heard a
  • noise and like I don't know there was
  • these like like a broom or something on
  • the in the corner and it fell Oh Oh what
  • kind of crystal do these they just
  • started bringing right my breath right
  • now you think oh maybe that doctor was
  • here was not a regular doctor maybe he
  • was some type of into my food who is
  • over some kind of crazy stuff you know I
  • mean he could be a witch doctor and it
  • could be a lot of things you know what
  • kind of doctor no I don't know I did
  • find something cool though yeah I can
  • trick the dog it's right over here
  • so this this was standing in the corner
  • like this
  • and I think I got it on camera like I
  • heard like a tap like a light and then
  • almost listen this one like that right
  • in front of me I'm not even kidding you
  • that's one of my childhood ears believe
  • it or not like I used to live in a
  • haunted house and I watched a mattress
  • it is on this is for real there was a
  • mattress of against of the wall like
  • this that I watched it was that amazing
  • and I watched it go like that right in
  • front of me so it was almost like it
  • knew one of my fears as a kid and it
  • didn't very same thing I mean just not a
  • mattress that's not what I wanted to
  • show you though yeah I was in here last
  • time hopefully it's still here think he
  • was like setting some kind of Judaism or
  • something like that look at fun good
  • maybe maybe he was Jewish
  • what's this
  • [Music]
  • what this blog I think what was that
  • it's right when I started messing with
  • that I thought that the room in the you
  • know well there are two brooms I thought
  • they moved again but they didn't oh you
  • think it was that the crystals the
  • crystals fell well I don't know does it
  • still sound like this
  • [Music]
  • dude that scared the crap out of me I
  • don't know maybe a rush of wind or
  • something you can already begin
  • I hear voices
  • telling you god I've heard what no maybe
  • that's one of the noises that we heard
  • today I heard somebody walking behind me
  • too earlier and you guys were outside
  • what's in there dude that door just
  • popped out hello somebody down here no
  • it looks like all insulated in there
  • there's like carpeting smells funky yeah
  • I like that look shot it smells really
  • you heard some upstairs there's a swears
  • yeah it's pretty hot
  • damn this thing is burning me I don't
  • know why those paintballs
  • oh dude look at these hand look freaking
  • choppy oh ho
  • [Music]
  • there's a panic over here oh you thought
  • it was hot in there
  • man there's so much stuff left behind
  • well I like what's matter
  • you heard whispering
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • oh nice for a paint bomb yeah look at
  • the old-school TVs with some old Air
  • Jordans over there too I don't always
  • sweat but when I do it happens in a
  • haunted house
  • it's 91 degrees Fahrenheit all right
  • that's still there which is good I've
  • never had that happen to me like I wear
  • protective you know stones and crystals
  • a lot and this was legit like it
  • happened maybe two or three times like
  • burning or rigid yeah I'm going
  • something about here the pool is so
  • humbly
  • what's up did you really
  • what broom nah are you sure
  • Missy yo I closed that door I closed
  • that door yeah what are you talking
  • about with the broom they rip the brooms
  • right there
  • [Music]
  • are you talking about that bring the had
  • to been here yeah all these rooms look
  • like so hey I wanted to show you the
  • pool area and yes there is an animal
  • living in here what kind of animal
  • alligator I'm just kidding
  • there's tadpoles oh they're growing into
  • frogs oh cool you could see them growing
  • hi guys oh look there's there's a frog
  • right here
  • a little baby oh you're so cute oh look
  • at all these tadpoles guys better hurry
  • up and grow you're so cute now I know
  • the difference between a tadpole and a
  • fish and there are fish in this pool not
  • sure how they got here but they're in
  • here look right there there's a fish
  • right there see see if I could zoom into
  • him that is not a tadpole right there
  • that is a fish way different than a
  • tadpole how the hell did a fish get in
  • this pool like I just I just want to
  • know like does that happen when you
  • don't take care of your pool like fish
  • end up just popping up in your pool like
  • I know the difference so these guys are
  • tadpoles but there are minnows in here
  • look like that's a tadpole I know that's
  • at a pole that's a tadpole like they
  • have round heads but what I just seen
  • right now was a fish ooh
  • Rose cannibalism oh it's a spiritual
  • doctor are you
  • [Music]
  • that thing is pretty stubborn too whoa
  • look at his spike please really acting
  • Oh
  • what did I say
  • a lot of it
  • that's talking a lot today
  • they even left aluminum foil behind this
  • thing's gonna cream now I walked away
  • for a little bit I was like sniffing
  • Iran and Patti said that she heard and
  • he said god I don't like that maybe God
  • is protecting this house now Lee saw
  • Harden what's the sign of a deer when I
  • was in the master bedroom I guess I
  • missed something that Melissa found whoa
  • did your offspring Jesus what the heck
  • I'm not even touching this right now
  • what is this for under what's in this
  • box what is this for well why would this
  • be in like this is a nurse but she knows
  • all it looks like four light years on
  • them like what do you think that was
  • used for here in the house like that's
  • not like a regular syringe for medicine
  • like something for a me I don't know I'm
  • not a doctor really like wondering
  • what's on those tapes really curious I
  • was screaming my Donna DS what did my
  • dad he still hasn't actually like like
  • this right hey guys happy birthday to
  • you thank you much hey what's up guys
  • welcome to another Fox an adventurer my
  • name is Omar and it's a day oh my gosh
  • is that what like the bloggers use they
  • use that maybe yeah I needs power
  • alright fam that is gonna conclude
  • today's adventure make sure to check out
  • my friend patty from gteen paranormal
  • and if you want to see more of this
  • young lady in my videos just watch my
  • videos more but because she's in a lot
  • of them and she's especially in a lot of
  • my daily vlogs do have another channel I
  • mean sometimes I might miss a day or two
  • you know when I'm uploading for this
  • channel but for the most part I do
  • upload a lot there I also got some fresh
  • merch be sure to check it out also let
  • us know if you want us to return to this
  • house I'm thinking about maybe doing it
  • overnight challenge here I did that
  • should be fun let me know in the
  • comments if you wants to come back here
  • at nighttime maybe do a lights-out
  • challenge maybe do a one of those alone
  • 30-minute challenge alone challenges are
  • no let me know here in the comments but
  • anyways I'm gonna go ahead and let you
  • go thanks for coming along if you
  • haven't already make sure to give this
  • video a like gotta go before the
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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