Video Kate Beckinsale Swears She Looks Exactly Like Ryan Reynolds

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Oct 21, 2019


Kate Beckinsale Swears She Looks Exactly Like Ryan Reynolds
Kate Beckinsale Swears She Looks Exactly Like Ryan Reynolds thumb Kate Beckinsale Swears She Looks Exactly Like Ryan Reynolds thumb Kate Beckinsale Swears She Looks Exactly Like Ryan Reynolds thumb


  • -You look gorgeous. Welcome back to the show.
  • That is beautiful, too.
  • -I heard there was going to be lobster.
  • [ Laughter ] -I mean, that is just awesome.
  • Thank you for coming back to the show.
  • -Thanks for having me. -I had a great time with you
  • last time you were here. -Same.
  • -It was fun. But now you -
  • There's a bit of a controv-ersy.
  • -Oh, yeah.
  • Yeah. Well, my mum texted me
  • and said that in England, people think I've got a fake leg.
  • -Yes. -Um...
  • -Yeah, because -- -Because I did --
  • I did a video of myself in the gym stretching,
  • and I'm quite flexible.
  • So now there's a thought
  • that possibly I've got a rubber leg or a pretend leg --
  • which if I have, I kept it awfully quiet for decades.
  • -But, I mean -- And I don't know if you bring the leg aroun
  • for Instagram posts...
  • -I've got it on now, obviously -...to get likes.
  • But I want to show everyone this video, 'cause it is kind of --
  • Here's Kate stretching.
  • -Stretching. -Take a look at this.
  • This is --
  • ♪♪♪♪
  • Yeah, like a normal leg would have stopped
  • like a little bit back.
  • But then he does this trick. [ Audience exclaiming ]
  • Oh, my gosh!
  • Kate, I didn't know.
  • That's like something you do t like a Barbie doll or something.
  • I don't know -- -Yeah, I know.
  • -But you just are -- You're just in good shape.
  • -I just quite -- I've have always been like that.
  • I did a lot of ballet when I was a kid,
  • and now -- and now I can cause worry about fake a leg
  • That's -- That's really all I got.
  • -I-I wanted to tell you this last time you were on the show
  • I didn't get around to telling you this,
  • but you are an inspiration for me.
  • -Good Lord. -I was auditioning
  • for "Saturday Night Live" in '98,
  • and I'm a big fan of yours And you had short hair
  • at the time. -Oh, no.
  • -It was really cute. -It wasn't my choice.
  • Oh, no. -Yes.
  • -Oh, no. Yeah. -No, it's so cute.
  • That is your hair. -Oh, awful.
  • -No, I loved it. It's so cute.
  • And then I -- I got my haircut
  • I cut -- So, I auditioned for "Saturday Night Live."
  • [ Laughter ] -For real?
  • -Yeah, for real. You did a photo shoot in a magazine.
  • It was a black and white photo shoot, and I think --
  • -And you thought, "That's so me"?
  • -I just thought it was cool.
  • I liked -- I like your look, and so I stole it.
  • So you made my career.
  • -I could break you just as easily.
  • -You could break my career as well?
  • -What's so funny about tha
  • is that I was forced to have that haircut for a movie.
  • And I can take this time to apologize now
  • to my college boyfriend
  • who, I was so upset about that haircut
  • that when it was over, I punched him.
  • Isn't that awful? Just from a reflex --
  • in the shoulder, not the face.
  • -Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • -In the balls.
  • No, just in the shoulder.
  • But, yeah, so, ugh.
  • Well, I'm glad somebody got something out of it,
  • and it was you, and now we're here because of that
  • -Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So thank you very much...
  • -You're so welcome. -...for my career.
  • But then you said you thin you look like another celebrity.
  • -No, I definitely look --
  • I look exactly like Ryan Reynolds.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Like, in a shocking way.
  • Like, when sometimes I see a bus going by with a poster,
  • and I think, "Damn, I look hot Oh, wait. It's not me.
  • Also, I never did that movie Like, I've been at home."
  • -You think you look like Ryan Reynolds?
  • -Exactly like Ryan Reynolds.
  • -Here's a picture of you and Ryan.
  • I don't know if I --
  • -Do you see it?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • It's weird, right?
  • -I don't really see it.
  • -You don't see it? -I don't really see it.
  • But, I mean, it's amazing. -I've wrestled with how --
  • Obviously, he's not even, like a sort of slightly girly,
  • boy-band type. He's like a big Canadian man
  • -Yeah.
  • -And I really see myself in him.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Have you ever worked with him
  • -No. I can't be in the same room as him.
  • One of us would I think explod or something would happen.
  • But I have had, like, boyfriends be in the same room as him
  • when I wasn't there and feel really compromising
  • or feel, like, way too intimate.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -'Cause they're attracted to Ryan?
  • -No, they just feel like they've got, like, a special -
  • They sort of know things about his undercarriage
  • that they shouldn't. But they don't --
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Oh, my gosh.
  • I got to tell him that. That's just hilarious.
  • -No, I don't want to be embarrassed if I saw him.
  • -I want to talk to you about your movie "Farming,
  • which is a beautiful, amazing movie.
  • I can't almost believe that it's true,
  • all the stuff that goes -- And you're fantastic in it
  • But explain what "Farming" is about and what it is.
  • -Well, I'd never heard of it
  • and I think a lot of people hadn't.
  • So, farming in the '60s, '70s, '80s in England
  • was this phenomenon where Nigerian families
  • would sort of give their children
  • to white, working-class families
  • living sort of slightly outside of London
  • hoping they'd have a better life or whatever.
  • And very often,
  • these families had never see a black person before
  • and really were --
  • The communities were not hugely tolerant.
  • And so, it was really difficul for those kids.
  • And the writer/director, Adewale,
  • this is his actual, real story and his real life.
  • -Some scenes in there, I go, "This is -- This is crazy.
  • -You can't believe it. -I feel so bad for him.
  • -Yeah, and he's the most unbelievably educated,
  • evolved, amazing person.
  • So seeing somebody who had a start like that,
  • 'cause he ended up joining as a black young kid,
  • he ended up joining a white racist skinhead gang
  • and becoming, like, the leader of the gang
  • and beating up other people.
  • And you just think, "Where can this possibly go that's good?"
  • You know? And I think for most of them, it really didn't
  • But he's transcended that in such an amazing way.
  • So, I play his -- his foster mother called Ingrid.
  • -You're fantastic in it.
  • I want to show everyone a clip
  • Here's Kate Beckinsale in "Farming."
  • Take a look at this.
  • -Did you know he was suspended
  • Well, his suspension ended a month ago,
  • but he hasn't returned to class.
  • He's also being harassed b local hooligans and skinheads.
  • -He can handle himself.
  • -I saw them violate him, Mrs. Carpenter.
  • They took everything that boy had.
  • Now, Eni is a promising student.
  • He's done well in his tests.
  • -He can handle himself.
  • -I know what it feels like
  • to hate what you are.
  • I know that feeling, Mrs. Carpenter.
  • And if we don't do something to help him,
  • it will be a tragic waste -- -I'm warning you.
  • I can take care of me own kids
  • So piss off and find some othe charity case.
  • -Oh, come on.
  • I mean, how do you do it?
  • That's so not you. It's amazing.
  • -I know. It was really fun
  • -Kate Beckinsale, everybody!

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Kate Beckinsale clears up her fake leg rumors and explains why she can't be in the same room as Ryan Reynolds, while Jimmy confesses her '90s pixie was the inspiration for his own.

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Kate Beckinsale Swears She Looks Exactly Like Ryan Reynolds

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