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Video Welcome to the Future of Healthcare
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  • welcome to the future of healthcare here
  • at Cisco we create innovative
  • technologies that help patients and
  • doctors engage on any device anywhere
  • anytime we're simplifying the way
  • doctors and other care team members work
  • together helping them be more productive
  • than ever thanks to collaboration
  • technologies local teams can share
  • information across their home facility
  • and gather expert opinions from around
  • the world from connected clinical
  • devices to digitized facilities
  • we're reimagining today's hospitals and
  • clinics opening up a world of medical
  • possibilities and those security
  • breaches and compliance issues
  • Cisco helps keep patient data and
  • devices safe and highly secure beyond
  • doctors and patients we're transforming
  • manufacturing for pharmaceuticals and
  • medical devices helping to get
  • treatments to market faster than ever
  • ready to empower healthcare innovation
  • in your organization let our team of
  • experts along with our ecosystem of
  • partners plan build and manage a
  • comprehensive digital strategy for you
  • [Music]

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Welcome to the future of healthcare. Through the power of technology, we're empowering innovation for healthcare organizations across the globe. Visit for more information.


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