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Video Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!
05:04   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • [Music]
  • notes up Kasim could be HD here still in
  • Las Vegas and I've seen a lot of
  • self-driving tech so far here at CES
  • like if you walk through any of the
  • halls with cars in them
  • there's tons of like open room concepts
  • and things like that
  • but they feel kind of useless you know
  • like as long as they're still in a
  • concept phase they don't really feel
  • really yet the idea is we're building
  • the interiors of these cars now for this
  • autonomous future where you don't have
  • to be sitting at the wheel so you can
  • turn around face your friends you kind
  • of feel like you're in a moving room
  • lots of glass it's very different and
  • I've seen a lot of that all over the
  • show floor really far out stuff crazy
  • shapes huge chunks of glass and stuff
  • built for autonomy actually BMW I think
  • had a sort of a happy medium they showed
  • me what they called the eye next which
  • is sort of a really futuristic vision of
  • a next-gen car but not too far in the
  • future so it has these wide open spaces
  • and touch sensitive fabrics and surfaces
  • for gestures but it still sort of seems
  • like a normal car but still without the
  • actual self-driving tech in action it's
  • just kind of half the story so then I
  • got an email from a company called
  • Yandex
  • you may know them as a Russian tech
  • company and they said hey come check out
  • our autonomous car at CES I'm kind of
  • thinking okay well I've I've seen a lot
  • of autonomous concepts and things like
  • that how could this be much different
  • but then they said listen we have a
  • fully autonomous driverless car hitting
  • the streets of Las Vegas with all the
  • other regular cars right now you can go
  • for a ride you in so I am super in let's
  • do it
  • [Music]
  • so the car itself is a retrofitted Prius
  • on top is radar lidar and camera array
  • for the car to map out its surroundings
  • I think that's Owen who's used the auto
  • pilot from a Tesla it helps me to not be
  • as nervous in the backseat but it's
  • still crazy not having anyone in the
  • driver's seat at all as the car
  • navigates the streets there's a safety
  • engineer in the passenger seat which had
  • a kill switch next to him for if
  • anything happened to go wrong or it
  • needed to be interrupted but we did
  • about a 15-minute loop around real
  • streets real drivers real people and
  • everything went smoothly and it was kind
  • of still trippy the whole time this this
  • really feels like the future I got to
  • say it might not be this crazy soft
  • driving interior that everyone else is
  • talking about but this tech part is cool
  • to me the details are that this is a
  • small area in Las Vegas that was already
  • mapped by this company so it was a
  • predetermined route and the car knew
  • where it was gonna go but everything
  • else road conditions the other cars
  • the pedestrians the traffic lights that
  • turns speed changes all of that was
  • decisions made by the car but all that
  • makes sense for a taxi I mean you map
  • the town or city you want to be in you
  • have predetermined routes for pick-up
  • and drop-off and then the taxis are
  • driverless and they just go from there
  • and the even cooler nerdier part is
  • these iPad pros you're seeing that's a
  • visualization of what the sensors on top
  • of the car
  • are seeing in real time so the radar
  • lidar and cameras are all combining to
  • identify what is other cars on the road
  • what's pedestrians what is a stationary
  • object and seeing things up to 250
  • meters away in every direction
  • so things six seven cars away we're on
  • the iPad that I couldn't even see in
  • real life out the windows so there are
  • some red paths and when we start driving
  • you're gonna see some green paths and
  • basically what I'm seeing here is it's
  • evaluating what's currently happening on
  • the road and what's about to happen
  • red paths
  • green paths good and it takes the green
  • path and has a predetermined destination
  • we're on a left turning lane so you can
  • see way up ahead where it wants to go
  • and it's just gonna follow where I can
  • based on the cars around us you can't
  • really merge right now so those paths
  • are red it has a green path and it has a
  • bunch of other possible paths to take if
  • it wants to switch it up but right now
  • it's all green and the best part is the
  • reaction from other people on the road
  • was pretty great there's people pulling
  • out their phones to record the
  • driverless car people kind of stare a
  • little bit at stoplights when they
  • realize what's going on and apparently
  • Las Vegas cops think it's pretty funny
  • too but overall the 15 minutes we've
  • spent in this car were a lot of fun I
  • learned a lot just looking at these
  • iPads and what they were seeing as the
  • car drove around and this gave me a sort
  • of an optimism for the future of
  • self-driving tech so that's pretty much
  • it figured I would share my experience
  • would you let yourself get driven in a
  • driverless taxi like this maybe share
  • this video with other people you think
  • would be interested and I'll leave some
  • links below with some more information
  • so you can look it up if you want to see
  • that too either way thanks for watching
  • see you guys next one peace

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From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas
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