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Video Squad Wars Bonus - Try Guys Try Hosting
11:13   |   today at 12:53


  • ♪♪
  • Hi, were "The Try Guys."
  • The last two years, we've been making videos together
  • all about trying stuff.
  • Try Guys for life.
  • Like, enduring labor pains.
  • Drag performances.
  • Getting our asses kicked.
  • I got my ass kicked.
  • I hate this. I hate this.
  • Ooh.
  • And also, we get naked a lot.
  • Sorry, mom.
  • Along the way, we become best friends,
  • and well, kind of like the ultimate squad.
  • Best friends.
  • So we got together with YouTube Red
  • to make the show "Squad Wars."
  • Each week, incredible squads
  • will compete head to head
  • in spectacular challenges
  • unlike anything they've ever done before.
  • And each episode will feature
  • a different guest judge.
  • Lance Bass. Lance Bass, baby.
  • Lance Bass.
  • - But that's not all. - Because we don't want
  • our squads to go at it alone,
  • each week, two of us will be joining in
  • on the fun
  • and teaming up with the squads.
  • The winner of the episode will receive
  • the ultimate trophy in reality competition,
  • the Tryphy.
  • It's so beautiful.
  • And in the end, we'll pick
  • our favorite squad to come back
  • and battle us,
  • The Try Guys, at one last
  • ultimate challenge.
  • Talent on set.
  • I'm excited, but I'm also a little intimidated.
  • We normally do everything ourselves.
  • We're shooting, we're writing,
  • we're directing, we're editing.
  • And now, there's like a 40-person crew here.
  • I host a lot of videos at Buzzfeed
  • but I don't know how to host,
  • like, a big show.
  • Like a real show.
  • I'm not used to having lines.
  • I'm just used to kind of like rambling
  • adorably.
  • As The Try Guys, we always have an expert who,
  • you know, teaches us how to do stuff.
  • So for hosting, we got to find an expert.
  • There's only one man who could help us.
  • Host of Americas Got Talent, Deal or No Deal,
  • and countless other reality TV shows.
  • It's Howie Mandel, Americas sweetheart.
  • Let's talk to Howie.
  • Thank you for having us.
  • I want you to get everything
  • you need out of this.
  • - We need all the help. - Yeah.
  • I am a master of what I do.
  • - Obviously. - And think of me
  • as your pamphlet to information.
  • We're just gonna open you up.
  • There you go.
  • Just get inside that.
  • I am now opening this up
  • to questions.
  • Which side do you think is my good side?
  • Is someone gonna make my face look better?
  • - Where do I put my hand? - Do I have to be bald?
  • - I really like my hair. - Is there a secret society of hosts?
  • Do you think the guys are gonna kick me out of the group?
  • Can I just have Keith say everything for me?
  • Can I say everything for Eugene?
  • That would be really helpful.
  • Here's the key. Interviewing.
  • You gotta get to know your guests.
  • Would you like to talk to me?
  • Oh, you're good? All right.
  • That's a pretty normal
  • interaction with a lady.
  • Excuse me, sir. How's it going?
  • Why doesn't anyone wanna talk to me?
  • I am super charming.
  • You wanna talk about your package?
  • Eugene. Eugene just sucks at talking to people.
  • Do you know anyone who's died recently?
  • I don't know if that's a good angle.
  • How do you probe that brain?
  • Empathy.
  • Feigned empathy.
  • Oh.
  • - Oh. - Oh.
  • - Look at you. - Oh.
  • - Bye. Thank you. - Bye.
  • Love you.
  • I don't know what to say.
  • Do you have any juicy secrets?
  • I have a weird fear of the spin cycle, yeah.
  • A fear of washing machines?
  • What did you buy?
  • Got a lot of frozen stuff.
  • Does that mean you're single?
  • My mom has a video of me falling asleep
  • on the toilet taking a ****.
  • - That's ****** up, huh? - Oh, I mean like, oh.
  • I'm sorry about that poop in the--
  • - I was only kidding. - in the toilet story.
  • So I'm married.
  • Are you in a relationship?
  • Not anymore.
  • What happened?
  • He had other kids.
  • - Oh, my God. - Yeah.
  • And that's basically what a host does.
  • Every host has a signature look,
  • - a style. - Right.
  • How do we decide what to look like?
  • You know, the style comes from within.
  • It's kind of like poo.
  • - Poo. - Comes from within.
  • - Gotta find our poo. - Find your poo.
  • I'm kind of hearing that we could just wear
  • like anything?
  • Anything.
  • Oh, my goodness. Look at these fun clothes.
  • Let's get beautiful.
  • - Uh-oh. - Oh. Damn.
  • Why do you have Thor's hammer?
  • Did you think this is a bachelorette party?
  • Looks like that squad just got hammered.
  • (imitates jackhammer)
  • Don't be a dummy, watch Squad Wars.
  • Who are you calling a dummy?
  • Why do you need a tiny dummy
  • when you got Zach?
  • Who are you calling a dummy?
  • Pretty disturbing.
  • Do you think we're gonna make Howie proud?
  • I don't see how we couldn't.
  • Howie couldn't?
  • - Hey. - Howie couldn't.
  • Hey...
  • Yeehaw.
  • Quit horsing around, fellas,
  • because this is Squad Wars.
  • - Don't stroke it. - Don't stroke.
  • Don't stroke it.
  • Hey all you cool cats,
  • you're watching Squad Wars,
  • - no? - Why cool cat?
  • What does that have to do with your look?
  • Because I'm like a cool cat guy.
  • All right. You know what? Fine. Fine.
  • - Zach, don't be mad. - Don't be upset.
  • Don't be upset.
  • Scrub Wars.
  • Oh, that's not the show.
  • Wuad Sqars.
  • Wieners out.
  • Please leave. Get out.
  • Next up on Squad Wars, we'll have winners
  • and we'll have fluters.
  • What?
  • What's that? What's that?
  • What accent is that?
  • Go drink your juice.
  • - Yes. - Yes.
  • You have never looked more beautiful.
  • Welcome to Squad Wars.
  • Am I the only one who thinks he's just trying
  • to outdo me?
  • Oh.
  • Oh, I didn't expect that.
  • I'm a beautiful butterfly
  • in outer space.
  • Oh, there it is. Okay.
  • Sure.
  • Don't fly away.
  • It's Squad Wars.
  • I don't think this is working.
  • We need to look more like real hosts.
  • I dressed like Conan O'Brian.
  • I look awesome.
  • Really good show tonight.
  • Ned Fulmer is here.
  • Thirty-nine days,
  • eighteen squads,
  • one survivor.
  • Each episode. One survivor
  • - each episode. - Yeah, yeah, that's it.
  • Squad Wars (indistinct)
  • - What is this? What is this? - Are you supposed to be...
  • I'm Iron Chef-- I'm the Iron Chef guy, yeah.
  • - Oh, the Iron Chef guy. - The secret ingredient
  • is people.
  • Okay, okay, okay.
  • Points are tripled in this round.
  • Top six answers on the board.
  • And survey says, it's Squad Wars.
  • - Is this... - Are you seriously
  • - is this a Dr.Phil? - That's a really
  • - bad Doctor Phil. - No, guys,
  • hardest working man in showbiz, Steve Harvey. Obviously.
  • - I don't think you shouldn't be doing that.
  • - I don't think that's okay. - What...
  • You whitewashed Steve Harvey.
  • - Yeah. - No.
  • Yeah.
  • - No--well... - Yeah.
  • Hosts have this magical ability
  • to make whatever action
  • is happening on screen super fascinating.
  • - How do you do that? - Inflection.
  • - In this round... - Whoa.
  • ...we are going
  • to stand still.
  • You see what I did? And then people
  • at home are going, "Oh, my God,
  • they're gonna stand still."
  • It doesn't matter what you say,
  • it's inflection.
  • Let's try that.
  • Welcome to another beautiful day
  • at grocery store.
  • We are gonna throw to Keith
  • in the soup aisle.
  • Keith, how is it going?
  • Were gonna check the action
  • as it's happening.
  • Cellophane is no match
  • for these wrists of fury.
  • Zach has now rejoined his people
  • and is in the deli.
  • Is that racist?
  • - Yes, it was. - Sorry.
  • He has the oven gold turkey in his hands.
  • Preparing it for that scary slicing machine
  • that you always think
  • is gonna chop off someone's fingers.
  • She's looking back, giggling.
  • Her heart has been softened
  • by this moment at the grocery store.
  • What warmth.
  • I found a quarter.
  • I think I know just the place
  • to spend it.
  • This sort of motion between the two of us
  • is quite suggestive
  • but that's just the kind of fun
  • you can have at a grocery store.
  • We're having a time.
  • Back to you guys at the desk.
  • Breaking news.
  • We are dealing with a top level
  • grocery shopper.
  • She is one to watch.
  • And her flip flops
  • look very comfortable.
  • It looks like she's on her way
  • to returning the cart properly.
  • She is incredible looking and...
  • Ready both for Pilates and for a rodeo.
  • She's going. It looks like she's gonna return the...
  • - She's gonna (indistinct) - It's in. It's in.
  • - Oh, my God. - Oh, my goodness.
  • - Never in my 20 years... - What just happened?
  • You just--you hope for a moment like this.
  • We are currently getting kicked out
  • of the supermarket.
  • Will we get arrested?
  • We'll find out...
  • Right after this.
  • So we see you countless times on TV,
  • telling someone they lost.
  • How do we break the bad news
  • in a way where they don't feel bad afterwards?
  • Candy coat.
  • You know?
  • Candy coat it.
  • ♪♪
  • We are going to emulate the bachelor,
  • and tell a bunch of beautiful,
  • nice women that they suck.
  • Keith is very indecisive.
  • Stacy K., take a step back.
  • Stacy R., two steps back.
  • And now one step forward.
  • Zach is too weak to give bad news.
  • - I'm America's sweetheart. - Well--right.
  • - No, no, I get it. No, I... - Do you understand?
  • - Sugar coat, sugar coat. - Sugar coat it.
  • I got this. Guys, I got this.
  • Ned is terrible at giving bad news.
  • Here, take this.
  • Don't ask any questions.
  • Go, run, run, go back.
  • No. Don't worry about it.
  • No, were keeping Jordana this episode.
  • - No, she is not. - I have decided.
  • Finally, Eugene gets a chance to shine
  • because he has no feelings.
  • Now, he has something to teach the other Try Guys.
  • Who here is not white?
  • We are all gone by midway through the season.
  • We're just here for the quota, guys, right?
  • You all lost. You're are leaving.
  • Wait, no, actually--no, everyone...
  • - No, everyone, just go. - No, no, no.
  • Don't need a rose. Just go, go, go, go, go.
  • - You're all good. - You already got a rose.
  • (indistinct chatter)
  • You're all staying. Yes, everyone...
  • We are all stronger,
  • more powerful women
  • walking away from this show. Everyone's winning.
  • Come back again tomorrow.
  • We'll be here.
  • My favorite thing about competition shows
  • is when people walk off-screen.
  • They just huddle over on the side.
  • Do you wanna go pretend were off--
  • - we are leaving. - Yeah, let's all go.
  • Hello.
  • Reality show magic.
  • This is how they do. This is how they do.
  • On our show, we are not gonna coral women in the corners.
  • Oh, wait, this is our show.
  • - I think we got it. - I hosted you.
  • - Yes. - You hosted the **** out of us.
  • You've been hosted.
  • I think you've, uh,
  • got enough information from me.
  • Yeah, I think we can get out of your office.
  • I feel like that's what you want.
  • - I do. - We'll go. We'll just go.
  • Turns out hosting is a lot harder than I thought.
  • It's intimidating, but I realized,
  • we've been preparing for this all along.
  • I think at the end of the day, what's most important,
  • just for us to be true to ourselves.
  • All of us have about 25%
  • of what it takes to be a host.
  • So together, we make the perfect host.
  • Action.
  • I--I'm...
  • I feel like Zach says the first one.
  • I'm Zach.
  • - I'm Zach. - I'm Ned.
  • - I'm Eugene. - Keith, too.
  • - I'm Zach. - I'm Ned.
  • - I'm Eugene. - And I'm Keith.
  • And we're... "The Try Guys."
  • We've got our very own show
  • coming to YouTube Red this January.
  • This is... "Squad Wars."
  • Yeah.
  • Whoo.
  • Hit the buttons.
  • Hit the buttons.
  • Hit the buttons.
  • Hit the buttons.
  • - You got a camera there? - Look at that...
  • Oh, baby, yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah, baby.
  • This season on Squad Wars,
  • pew, pew, pew, pew.
  • Fire in the hole.
  • (indistinct chatter)
  • We're about to blow your mind.
  • He is falling off of me.
  • That looks dangerous.
  • It's super dangerous.
  • Really? No!
  • Do it live.
  • **** it.
  • I definitely just split my pants open.
  • Ooh.
  • Whoo.
  • Oh.
  • Try Guys for life.
  • ♪♪

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The Try Guys learn the secrets of hosting from Howie Mandel for their upcoming reality competition show: Squad Wars!

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