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Video Southwest Outdoors Report #34 Lake Proctor, Texas Crappie Fishing - 2013
23:19   |   views   |   11/09/2013


  • it's time now for your weekly fishing
  • reports and real-time outdoor news this
  • is the Southwest outdoors report hello
  • everyone and welcome to fall fall is
  • when the air temperature begins to cool
  • around our region especially at
  • nighttime and that sends the water
  • surface temperatures and our lakes
  • reservoirs and rivers falling when those
  • temperatures begin to drop like they are
  • right now one very important thing
  • happens the crappie fishing gets a lot
  • better the crappie begin to move they go
  • into a transition period and they begin
  • to feed and become easy to catch now to
  • help us demonstrate three great
  • techniques to catch these crappie we are
  • going to be fishing on Procter Lake
  • today that's a little lake in Northwest
  • Texas but actually where we're fishing
  • and what we catch in the next half hour
  • it really doesn't matter because I can
  • make you this guarantee if you will
  • learn and master the three crappie
  • fishing techniques that we'll reveal in
  • the next half hour you are going to have
  • a great chance to put a good mess of
  • crappie in your live well your fish
  • basket and on your fillet knife over the
  • next six to eight weeks while we're out
  • doing this today we're going to be
  • taking you around your region for your
  • very latest local fishing reports from
  • your favorite bodies of water with our
  • team of reporters from Texas Louisiana
  • and Oklahoma both freshwater and
  • saltwater so let's get the Nitro zi8
  • launched get this thing going and get
  • the party started
  • back at the FSN studios here's your
  • weekend planner
  • the saloon our tables are indicating
  • mixed conditions at the lake this
  • weekend the best gamefish activities
  • should be taking place on Sunday with
  • peak times starting about 4:30 a.m. and
  • 5:00 p.m.
  • look for the Sun to rise at 6:52 with
  • son spent happening at 5:30 and evenings
  • will include a waning moon 56%
  • illuminated we'll be right back with all
  • of the current fishing reports from
  • around the southwest and I'll have this
  • week's water burger ask the pro question
  • the Southwest outdoors report is brought
  • you by Exide AG and marine batteries
  • starts like new stays like new longer by
  • Jeanne LaRue and Bobby garland lures
  • with our baits a good day of fishing is
  • in the bag by motor guy trolling motors
  • engineered for anglers and by nitro
  • performance bass boats pure performance
  • back in lift it there he is right there
  • right where he's supposed to be sitting
  • out there off that ledge hope it's a
  • crappie oh it is good one big crappie
  • and he jumped off we've made it out here
  • today we've lost our first crappie but
  • that was a big slab right there let me
  • set the stage for you on this really
  • three-pronged technique on catching
  • these cooler weather cooler water
  • crappie
  • the first and the most critical
  • component is that these fish for the
  • most part all around our region have
  • moved out of the trees and brush where
  • they've been all summer long in the hot
  • weather they fanned out scattered out
  • and they've moved off of drop-off ledges
  • and I want to show you the perfect spot
  • any place you've got Rock riprap that
  • comes out and then drops off right on
  • that little lip is a prime location for
  • these transition fall going into winter
  • time crappie what I did was I found
  • where that drop-off ledge is I made a
  • cast usually I use about 1/4 ounce
  • crappie head dropping it straight down
  • in that brush now I've gone down to 1/8
  • then I can't even go to 1/16 once it
  • hits the bottom out there you lift that
  • rod tip and let it swing back lift it
  • and swim it so this is really a swim and
  • swing technique pick up that rod tip and
  • then let that bait fall back and those
  • crappie will hit it on the swim or on
  • the swing after you've lift it up the
  • last key to this kind of fishing is that
  • there can't be a lot of brush around
  • you'll spend all day long getting
  • snagged and breaking your jigs off let's
  • start your fishing reports now elsewhere
  • in the region by going to Oklahoma
  • here's Gary golly
  • hey with all the beautiful colors of the
  • trees right now this nice wear that
  • we've been having when you do catch a
  • fish is kind of a bonus but you know
  • what we've got a lot of good fishing
  • going on around the state right now I
  • checked that Lake you follow this past
  • weekend and I actually ran into guide
  • Michael Thompson on the water
  • Michael was telling me the white bass
  • he'd been catching have kind of been
  • moving
  • in and out on a daily basis sometimes
  • they're on the Longpoint sometimes he's
  • gotta look for awhile to find them seen
  • this having this best look about 15 to
  • 20 feet deep right now and obviously
  • that would continue to get deeper as we
  • go on into the winter months now what
  • Donna and I found on this day will
  • reward that the shad were actually
  • suspended more out in open water than
  • they were anywhere else but you know
  • what we were still singing them in that
  • 15 17 to 20 foot of water so we knew we
  • needed to be fishing either at or above
  • that depth well we had our best luck on
  • we were taking three Bobby Garland two
  • in swimming minnows putting them on a
  • 3/16 ounce jig head fishing all three of
  • those on a single line we were casting
  • we were trolling we were strolling any
  • time we were in and around the school
  • shad we customized white bass doing that
  • best color seem to be blue ice and pearl
  • which are great shad colors the water
  • and you follow Scott a little bit color
  • we were fishing down in the lower part
  • of Lake kind of in the dam section
  • Duchess Gentry Creek area and the water
  • temperature in that stretch 64 degrees
  • we've got several types of birds on the
  • water
  • you've got loons you've got Greaves and
  • you've got your goals and your turns
  • that are always constantly looking and
  • indicating with a little shad are you
  • use those signs they help you zero in a
  • little shed once you find those fish
  • that's gonna help you stay on the type
  • of areas that you need to be fishing
  • well one thing about it a fall fishing
  • in Oklahoma a great thing to be doing
  • but you can't catch him if you don't go
  • you
  • way out there long cast there he comes
  • jump trying to jump like a bass go go
  • right at my camera how about that
  • alright there's another crappie welcome
  • back everybody we're talking about the
  • the tested tried and proven ways that
  • I've discovered to catch crappie over my
  • years of crappie fishing doing this so
  • we're gonna let that one go back he's
  • we're not keeping crappie today remember
  • the first technique was the lift and
  • swing our lift and swim technique well
  • this one is more the cast and reel
  • technique and the fish will abide it on
  • a straight swim so what you do is you
  • make a long cast as long as you can make
  • out across that drop off with a crop of
  • your hanging put your rod tip down let
  • that bait go to the bottom and then you
  • lift it up and you just start turning
  • your reel handle real slow the key here
  • is to keep that bait about a foot off
  • the bottom all the time and a slow
  • steady swim like a few reels drop your
  • rod tip if it goes slack then cool
  • you're right next to the bottom this
  • steady swimming reeling technique will
  • cover a lot of water so what you do is
  • you make a cast there and then move ten
  • feet make another cast make another one
  • make another one make another one and
  • eventually you can cast in almost a
  • hundred and eighty degree circle around
  • your boat and if there's a crappie in
  • that area he's going to see that jig on
  • one of those casts let's get you to some
  • more fishing reports and here's Cajon
  • Phil and Kevin over in the museum
  • fish is so good right now I don't even
  • know where to start let's start over
  • it's an offshore fishing I talked to
  • captain Josh Howard joshua catches some
  • big jug fish you won't catch big fish
  • right now you need to go down to vince
  • louisiana Josh had a boatload of big ol
  • yellow
  • yes three of them over 135
  • Matta fact the big thing about a four a
  • six out friends that's a lot of tuna
  • fish you can make a whole lot of
  • sandwiches with that for Spanish fish
  • you go right now fast fish is good
  • that's what get to code for it serve and
  • thanks fish you're gonna slow down but
  • right now the catch it locks up keep in
  • mind any type of lipless crankbaits
  • working good like the rattle trap or
  • like that strike pro flatstick anything
  • worse because the flapjack is really a
  • really good thing Kevin I throw it a lot
  • also you want to keep in mind that
  • spinner baits this time of the year is
  • always one of the key baits you want to
  • throw either a wife or a shorter skirt I
  • like to blades
  • I like Colorado blades I like one go and
  • one silver blade I like to stay at about
  • three foot of water anywhere from two to
  • five to three foots mighty this time of
  • the year kids really cold
  • back off put on their big old football
  • jig start working something really slow
  • on the bottom you don't catch the bigger
  • maybe even a trophy-sized man
  • there's another one that one is pulling
  • a little bit different this one doesn't
  • feel it's like a crappie I bet I've got
  • a largemouth bass or a white bass big
  • white big white bass almost can't lift
  • him on the little six pound line I've
  • got but I've got strands so it's okay
  • alright well there's the bonus fish
  • you're out doing this style of crappie
  • fishing you can actually catch anything
  • you can catch a largemouth you can catch
  • a catfish hybrid striper or a white bass
  • like that one away he goes and away you
  • go for a quick break we're going to be
  • back to teach you yet another piece of
  • this technique for finding and catching
  • crappie in the fall going into winter
  • time around the southwest region come in
  • right the southwest outdoors report is
  • brought to you by mercury the official
  • outboard of the southwest outdoors
  • report for 11 years running by Academy
  • right stuff low price every day by
  • tracker boats fish the fights and by
  • Whataburger just like you like
  • good crappie there we go that's what we
  • came to do right there hey welcome back
  • everybody trying to demonstrate for you
  • today the technique that I love and I've
  • done this and learned it over many years
  • of crappie fishing we started off
  • showing you the lift and swing or lift
  • and swim technique for catching them on
  • a little crappie jig this works
  • everywhere all across our region both in
  • the southwest and our new viewers over
  • in the Southeast region then we showed
  • you the swimming technique that you
  • drive the bait with the reel handle
  • caught some doing that and then there's
  • a nice crappie a way he goes that one
  • came on another technique that this is
  • actually better when they're either
  • ganged up in one location or when
  • they're really finicky all you do is
  • open that bale let that bait go all the
  • way to the bottom and I'm catching these
  • fish in 13 to 16 feet of water dropping
  • it down and then all you do once it hits
  • the bottom is you gently lift your rod
  • tip and hold the bait really still and
  • use your trolling motor to gently ease
  • yourself along extremely slowly every
  • once in a while you just drop that rod
  • tip down let it hit the bottom lift up
  • on it and keep that bait within about 6
  • inches at the bottom the other cool
  • thing you can do I've actually put a
  • couple of of my rod holders here these
  • are my at would really high end rod
  • holders I love these things and I use a
  • longer Pole I use a mr. crappie slab
  • shaker ten-foot long pole to do this
  • with I'll put four or six of them out
  • drop them down to the bottom and then
  • use that trolling motor to gently ease
  • yourself along it's a deadly technique
  • let's check in with more fishing reports
  • right now from the state of Texas Bryan
  • Hughes freshwater bill oceans
  • hi everybody and welcome to this week's
  • Lone Star Lakes brought to you by
  • johnson's fiberglass and collision
  • repair did you bump your boat did you
  • wreck your recreational vehicle Johnsons
  • will put it straight for you now this
  • week we've had a lot of rain and some of
  • our lakes have come back to normal or
  • near normal levels coming up over a foot
  • Caddo Lake and Lake of the pines you'll
  • find bass on both of these lakes in the
  • new shallow water that has inundated
  • grasses and shrubberies now you'll want
  • to fish with spinner baits and spots and
  • use bright colors such as fire Tigers
  • reds and even glow type Pink's on top of
  • those bushy muddy flats where you're
  • gonna find the shallow bass to fish a
  • little bit deeper make sure you use
  • brass and glass to get that loud
  • clacking noise to attract the basses
  • attention and crappie will also be
  • moving toward the mouths of the creeks
  • in about eight to twelve feet of water
  • on both of these Lakes look for brush
  • and assorted cover including boat docks
  • that's this week's Lone Star Lakes
  • brought to you by johnson's fiberglass
  • end collision now let's check in with
  • mr. bill Olson he's on the coat hi folks
  • this week's report is brought to you by
  • Port Aransas on Mustang island beam
  • fishing capital of Texas where anglers
  • enjoy pristine bays estuaries 18 miles
  • of surf and the deep blue waters of the
  • Gulf of Mexico plus the local
  • restaurants will even cook your catch
  • come sundown come fish and play Texas
  • island style for more information visit
  • Puerto ramzes org well another chill
  • down rolls through Texas late this week
  • and weekend but then it's followed by a
  • warm up next week before cooler weather
  • settles in this yo-yo pattern has had
  • anglers playing the wind fishing the
  • birds deeper shell reefs as well as
  • playing the tides and catching fish
  • around natural drains and mouths the
  • back Lakes a variety of live and
  • artificial baits fished under a popping
  • cork and deeper water or panel tail soft
  • plastics on Lite jig heads and topwater
  • lures fished on the flats have all
  • caught trout and reds on the Lord Coast
  • cooler water temperatures have a variety
  • of fish including trout mangrove snapper
  • and snook heading to the browns
  • ship channel Intracoastal Waterway and
  • secondary channels flounder are also
  • responding to changing conditions
  • particularly on the upper coast look for
  • them around areas that drain marches as
  • well as flats along channels or passes
  • that lead to the Gulf now last weekend
  • another right of fall on the Texas coast
  • began and that is a blasting cast
  • opportunity waterfowl seasons are now
  • open so you can hunt ducks in the
  • morning then go after trout and reds
  • later in the day tio gadwall widget and
  • pin tail numbers continue to build along
  • the coast and remember 80% of the entire
  • red head population winter along the
  • Texas coast don't miss this opportunity
  • to hunt and fish the Texas coast this
  • weekend Saturday has a single tide
  • scheduled one high and one low tide this
  • Sunday has a double tide scheduled look
  • too high and too low tides i've Jillson
  • and i'll see you on the codes
  • the Southwest outdoors report is brought
  • to you by costa sunglasses see what's
  • out there
  • buy lose setting a new standard in
  • fishing performance feel the difference
  • by strand fishing lines the standard of
  • dependability and by Strike King losers
  • number one and fishing welcome back
  • everyone it's time for the water Berger
  • ask the pro where viewers have a chance
  • to get insider tips from professional
  • anglers this week's question is from
  • Shelley in Texas who asked how can a mom
  • who doesn't know how to fish get a child
  • involved in fishing for the answer let's
  • ask Kendall newson founder of teach a
  • child to fish all right for moms that
  • want to get their their kids in the
  • outdoors and don't know a lot about
  • fishing I would say get into the local
  • going to the local stores and ask them
  • about where to fish and how to fish what
  • lures what techniques to fish some of
  • the local ponds
  • County ponds as well let's check the
  • website there's a lot of information on
  • websites nowadays about fishing in the
  • outdoors I think that's a great way if
  • you don't know a lot about the outdoors
  • get on the website you can find out what
  • park what type of species are you gonna
  • be fishing with a lot of the customer
  • service in these local mom-and-pop
  • stores are a lot of help for you to go
  • in there and figure out what to do on
  • the war and how to be safe on the war
  • remember being safe on the water is key
  • thanks Kendall if you have a question
  • for Hanna pros just visit our website at
  • Southwest doors
  • follow the hasta pro link and submit
  • your information now here is barri with
  • our winner of the Costa catch of the
  • week
  • this week on your coast to catch of the
  • week we've got a bonus for you we've got
  • one winner and two honorable mentions
  • big bass all from the same Lake
  • beginning with the winner he is George
  • Doty of Richmond Texas showing off this
  • beast a 13 pound largemouth bass he
  • caught it like Amistad on the
  • texas-mexico border and the best news is
  • he caught it and weighed it in in a
  • tournament now we're gonna show you two
  • other big bass from Amistad this is
  • Lance Smith and Raul Diaz with an eight
  • pounder and a seven pounder respectively
  • also caught at Lake Amistad if you would
  • like to have a chance to win your very
  • own pair of Costa sunglasses like George
  • does on this week's episode just go to
  • our website at Southwest outdoors report
  • calm the right side of the front page
  • it's the coast to catch of the week box
  • click in there follow the instructions
  • and you could be a winner and if you'd
  • like to see all of the coast of frame
  • and lens styles again go right back to
  • the front page of our website click on
  • the coastal logo and you can see all of
  • their frame and lens styles including
  • the frame style that I was wearing on
  • this week's episode Galveston
  • next up on the Academy sports and
  • outdoors right stuff feature it's the
  • right rod reel and bait if you'd like to
  • catch some of these crappie using the
  • techniques we showed you this week and
  • it begins with a little Wally Marshall
  • Signature Series ultralight crappie rod
  • this is one of my favorite rods it's got
  • a lot of good backbone in the lower end
  • of it but a nice soft tip for detecting
  • those subtle crappie strikes it also
  • matches up with the lose Wally Marshall
  • Signature Series spinning reel this is a
  • great little combo there's also the
  • 10-foot long mr. crappie slab shaker rod
  • that I like to use in those rod holders
  • for the spider rigging like we talked
  • about as well now the bait that we
  • caught most of the fish this week on is
  • a little different than what I normally
  • use this is a little small 1/8 ounce jig
  • head with a bobby Garland slab Slayer
  • bait on the back of it and this is an
  • electric chicken color this is a lighter
  • jig
  • I normally use when I'm crappie fishing
  • but for the casting we want to be able
  • to make long cast and have a nice slow
  • fall on that jig presentation and that's
  • why I went with the lighter head one
  • more thing that's coming on the market
  • very soon that you want to pay attention
  • to it will be perfect for this kind of
  • crappie fishing is the brand new motor
  • guide trolling motor series the xi5
  • you'll want to be watching for it you
  • can read all about it the motor guide
  • website just go to the front page of our
  • website click on the motor guide logo
  • it'll take you straight there you can
  • read up on the wireless trolling motor
  • that will interact with your lawrence
  • system and put you right down those
  • little subtle brake lines to find and
  • catch the crappie like we demonstrated
  • on this week's show this week on stuff
  • that matters I'd like to talk to those
  • of you who are either married or
  • thinking about getting married this year
  • my wife and I celebrated our 35th
  • wedding anniversary and we renewed our
  • wedding vows I can tell you from
  • firsthand experience that a good
  • marriage is one of the most rewarding
  • experiences a human can have in an
  • entire lifetime but it does not come
  • without a lot of effort and energy in
  • fact one of the best decisions my wife
  • and I made in our 35 years of being
  • married is seeking the good advice of a
  • good solid counselor one that believes
  • the same thing about Jesus Christ that
  • we do now we've gone to that counselor
  • to get all kinds of help over our years
  • to get through those little rough
  • patches that we all experienced but I
  • can promise you that that effort is very
  • well worth your time and money it's a
  • matter of fact learning how to meet that
  • spouse's needs by putting their best
  • interest and their needs above those of
  • your own is one of the most difficult
  • things you can possibly learn that it's
  • the one most important key in any good
  • marriage I believe so seek out good
  • counseling take their advice if you're
  • either married a long time or even
  • thinking about just getting married and
  • that's my advice this way
  • stuff bananas hey I hope you enjoyed our
  • three keys to catching crappie in the
  • upcoming fall months on this week's
  • episode you'll master these three keys I
  • can assure you that you'll have a great
  • chance to put crappie on your dinner
  • table the upcoming fall months all
  • across our region don't forget to join
  • us next Thursday night at 11 o'clock a
  • special time on Fox Sports Southwest or
  • right after the Dallas Stars hockey
  • postgame show in our show
  • always read errors on Saturday mornings
  • at 8 o'clock also on Fox Sports
  • Southwest and we air on Wednesday
  • mornings on Fox Sports south also you
  • can get the latest episode of our show
  • on the front page of our website at
  • southwest down door three for Tom can
  • also click on the Facebook logo and get
  • lots of news and video and fishing
  • information that you won't see on the
  • television show and you can click on the
  • YouTube channel and get all of the
  • archived past episodes of our show from
  • Blake Procter and work West Texas until
  • next week I'm Barry stones we say have
  • fun
  • you

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This week our show teaches three effective techniques for catching cold weather crappie, plus our weekly fishing reports from the region. See lots more great fishing news and info and ENTER OUR CONTESTS at our web site at


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