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Video Dancing Line - An EPIC new glitch! No animations, Instant 99% and More!
02:59   |   63K+ views   |   today at 02:30


Hello everyone!
This glitch was found with the new release of 2.0!
And the effects it has is incredible!
It's a glitch that has multiple effects across different platforms!
If you enjoyed, try it out for yourself, and share the video with your friends!
Thanks for watching! :D

Performing the glitch is simple! In four easy steps!
1: Choose a level you want to glitch, then go to the level below or above it.
2: With one finger, tap and hold to play the level above/below then scroll to the level you want to glitch. (Leave your finger on the screen)
3: With another finger tap the level you want to glitch, still keep holding your other finger.
4: Once loaded, let go, and now you can play!
If you have any troubles, leave a comment down below! :)

A few of the discovered effects...
- Instant 99% on death
- Slow Motion
- No animations
- Glitchy cube (Travels backwards)
Let me know if you find anymore! :)


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