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Kristin And Jen Do The Hardest "Would You Rather?" Food Edition • Ladylike
Kristin And Jen Do The Hardest "Would You Rather?" Food Edition • Ladylike thumb Kristin And Jen Do The Hardest "Would You Rather?" Food Edition • Ladylike thumb Kristin And Jen Do The Hardest "Would You Rather?" Food Edition • Ladylike thumb


  • I don't care about the rule I just want
  • to make good food my name is Sam and I
  • own the whole temperature we serve
  • abundantly delicious and outrageously
  • nutritious sandwiches bowls and salad
  • bowl again it we make it easy to feel
  • healthy and be a foodie at the things a
  • lot of chefs have all these rules you
  • can't put this with that we're not
  • really concerned with the rules of
  • cooking honestly we just like putting
  • creative combinations of foods together
  • we just want to make people smile when
  • they eat I'm gonna make a bully goodness
  • which is our best seller this is the
  • bulgur sauteed with spinach onions and
  • garlic and then we put some of our
  • caramelized carrots cut that scoop of
  • hot sticky sauce a big handful of mixed
  • greens homemade tahini dressing freshly
  • cut tomatoes cucumber avocado slices and
  • then we top it with grilled chicken
  • balla goodness eat I make all the food
  • with love it's a way that I can give
  • things to the world such as vibrant
  • thanks creativity it's what I want to
  • share with the world and honestly food
  • is the only way that I know how to do
  • that my goal with starting the food
  • truck was to bring healthy food to the
  • streets of LA and I love creating
  • colorful combinations of really tasty
  • things that are also good for you
  • [Music]
  • you

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"I was envisioning a life with chocolate cake and then I realized it would be incomplete."

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