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Video 12 Items LeBron James Owns That Cost More Than Your Life...
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  • so with LeBron James being the best
  • basketball player in the NBA today and
  • arguably of all-time him signing a
  • four-year 154 million dollar deal this
  • offseason comes as no surprise to
  • anybody LeBron James knew Lakers
  • contract will make him the highest-paid
  • NBA player ever with years still
  • remaining in his career with a net worth
  • of near a billion dollars nearly 400
  • million earned on the court alone what
  • could he possibly be spending all these
  • Amazon some of these things he owns
  • you've never even seen and you would
  • wish you had here's things LeBron James
  • owns that cost more than your life
  • LeBron seventy million dollar mansion
  • collection throughout LeBron James
  • 15-year NBA career he's been a part of
  • three organizations in the Cleveland
  • Cavaliers Miami Heat and now Los Angeles
  • Lakers in 2003 when LeBron James began
  • his NBA career being drafted the
  • Cavaliers which ironically was his home
  • team growing up in Ohio he actually
  • bought the Bath Township property
  • located in Summit County just northwest
  • of Akron he reportedly spent two million
  • dollars on it at the time in October of
  • 2003 but made millions of dollars in
  • improvements throughout the next few
  • years following the mansion itself
  • includes 19 rooms which includes six
  • bedrooms eight bathrooms a bowling alley
  • recording studio home theater sports bar
  • aquarium and barber shop the ridiculous
  • crib is now worth more than nine million
  • dollars LeBron now has three mansions
  • total including this one in Akron Ohio
  • and two in Los Angeles well he was a
  • member of the Miami Heat where he began
  • winning NBA championships and evolved
  • into the player we see today he actually
  • lived in a large home located in Coconut
  • Grove South Florida the mansion actually
  • sold for thirteen point four million
  • after he returned to Cleveland so he no
  • longer has that one but now being a
  • member of the Los Angeles Lakers he has
  • two mansions to choose from out there he
  • originally had a home worth 21 million
  • dollars that he purchased in 2015 right
  • before James decided to sign with the
  • Los Angeles Lakers he actually purchased
  • a second home in LA for 23 million its
  • definitely ridiculous but nothing
  • compared to the 154 million that he'll
  • actually make over the next four years
  • just off his contract in the NBA alone
  • eight bedrooms 11 bathrooms a movie
  • theater gym and of course a pool LeBron
  • is going to be living luxurious
  • throughout his tenure with LA so a 9
  • million dollar mansion in Ohio 13
  • million dollar crib in Miami and over 44
  • million dollars on homes in Los Angeles
  • LeBron James is definitely living like a
  • king with a ridiculous almost 70 million
  • spent on his mansion collection LeBron
  • James 20 million dollar health and
  • fitness so obviously to play with the
  • best in the world and continue to
  • dominate even at 33 years old 15 years
  • deep into the league LeBron James spent
  • approximately one-and-a-half million a
  • year on just as health and fitness alone
  • but being in the league for those 15
  • years that's over 20 million dollars
  • spent invested into his body and Kraft
  • alone
  • LeBron's close friend and business
  • partner maverick Carter actually said he
  • spends around 1.5 million a year just on
  • his body to stay in the best shape
  • possible the section includes
  • cryotherapy hyperbaric chambers personal
  • chefs trainers all just to maintain a
  • strict diet and routine he's actually
  • replicated gyms from the organizations
  • he was a part of whether it was Miami
  • Cleveland now even Los Angeles he's
  • actually replicated all the equipment to
  • have in their team's gym into his own
  • house basically LeBron has all the
  • science of how to sleeve masseuses and
  • everything possible basically everything
  • he does and his life is constructed in a
  • way to benefit him playing basketball
  • long-term and to basically stay on the
  • court being as healthy as possible and
  • to absorb punishment when he goes into
  • the basket and gets crushed by people
  • not many athletes have this type of
  • dedication and work ethic in combination
  • with will to invest more than they have
  • to in themselves at this point in their
  • careers but that basically explains why
  • the longevity of LeBron James being the
  • best player in the league for such a
  • period of time is unbelievable and
  • legendary
  • lebron james $8,000,000 school now
  • because james knows what it's like to
  • actually be an at-risk student himself
  • as a 4th grader he actually said he
  • missed 83 days of school while he and
  • his mother moved from one couch or spare
  • room to the next
  • he basically gives all the credit to his
  • mentors some of whom he'd actually met
  • at school with a turnaround that helped
  • him attend every single day of fifth
  • grade which was also the first serie end
  • of playing organized basketball now 240
  • third and fourth graders will actually
  • make up this class at his I promise
  • school which actually opened over the
  • summer in James's hometown of Akron Ohio
  • now the school itself is actually a
  • little unusual it's a public school
  • formed in collaboration between LeBrons
  • Foundation and Akron Public Schools it
  • basically includes a long school day of
  • eight hours a support circle for
  • students after lunch GED courses and job
  • placement for parents as well all are
  • basically driven by LeBrons mission to
  • help kids overcome what he faced as a
  • low-income student in Akron now with
  • LeBron James winning three NBA
  • championships for League MVPs constantly
  • making the all-star game each and every
  • single year he called the school opening
  • the greatest moment of his entire career
  • when interviewed about the entire
  • situation LeBron James said himself
  • walking these hallways and seeing when I
  • was driving here just the streets that I
  • walked some of the stores are still up
  • when I was growing up
  • it's a moment I'll never forget and
  • hopefully the kids starting with the 240
  • kids that we have going here right now
  • starting today we'll never forget it
  • either
  • now this school specifically is far from
  • traditional it's lengthy school day
  • actually runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00
  • p.m. along with an extended school year
  • that runs from July through May
  • nutrition itself is also central to the
  • entire school's mission every single day
  • here students will actually receive free
  • breakfast lunch snack and drinks he'll
  • have access to a fitness trainer and
  • James says the as a kid he used his
  • bicycle to explore different
  • neighborhoods of Akron so he's actually
  • giving one to every single incoming
  • student so even though LeBron James is a
  • member of the Los Angeles Lakers it
  • doesn't seem like he's giving up on his
  • Akron
  • hi-oh ruse he said himself I don't have
  • a ceiling now how much I can approve my
  • game and we as a foundation to have a
  • ceiling on how much we can improve our
  • community to a point where we actually
  • have a school LeBron James 1 million
  • dollar watch collection LeBron James off
  • the court has always been known for
  • living flashy and luxurious but
  • sophisticated at the same time constant
  • posts on Instagram and flexing the most
  • trending designers is something we as
  • NBA fans have grown accustomed to this
  • was all brought to the light recently
  • especially during this year's NBA Finals
  • where LeBron James actually showed up to
  • Game one wearing a $40,000 outfit but
  • throughout LeBrons NBA career and
  • postgame interviews and a long list of
  • endorsement deals he's actually been
  • known to showcase watches both Rolex and
  • autumn are spaghetti some valued over
  • $50,000 but believe it or not he was
  • actually exclusively invited to team up
  • with designing a watch for AP in 2013
  • which resulted in a Royal Oak Offshore
  • with over 51,000 dollars just for the
  • watch LeBron James multi-million dollar
  • car collection so with athletes all
  • across the world constantly signing
  • millions of dollars in contracts it
  • definitely comes as no surprise that a
  • lot of their money goes towards their
  • cars it's all part of the territory but
  • before LeBron James was drafted in 2003
  • to the Cavaliers and before he even
  • signed his very first Nike deal he was
  • already living like a king at the time
  • driving a Hummer h2 that his mom bought
  • him during his senior year of high
  • school but ever since then his
  • collection of cars you wish you had is
  • only expanded including Bentley's Rolls
  • Royces Ferraris and many more that
  • you're not going to believe
  • LeBron Hummer might be one of the most
  • notorious cars in sports since OJ's
  • Bronco during the senior year LeBrons
  • mom took out a loan using her son's
  • future NBA earning potential the Ohio
  • High School Athletic Association had
  • actually investigate the situation and
  • found that LeBron himself didn't
  • actually violate any rules in the first
  • episode of unique whips we'll caster of
  • unique auto sports actually presented
  • LeBron with a customized F
  • 30 in a 2009 interview LeBron was asked
  • if he preferred a rolls-royce or a
  • Bentley though he has both he said his
  • Continental GT is absolutely his
  • favorite car LeBron James himself
  • actually owns a Dodge Challenger SRT
  • dedicated to his favorite NFL team the
  • Dallas Cowboys basically having the
  • exact same color scheme the Ferrari 599
  • continued LeBrons friendship with unique
  • auto sports he actually bought the car
  • from his favorite auto shop for his 25th
  • birthday and also in 2009 when LeBron
  • James and Shaquille O'Neal were
  • teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Jack actually gifted him a rolls-royce
  • phantom for his 25th birthday LeBron
  • James even owns a mercedes-benz s63 a
  • Range Rover Chevy Camaro Jeep Wrangler a
  • classic 1975 Chevy Impala and even a
  • Porsche 911 Turbo in 2014 to celebrate
  • the launch of LeBrons newest
  • limited-edition Nike called the Kings
  • pride James actually collaborated with
  • Lou la vie rich be Caliente and toys for
  • boys Miami to wrap a brand-new
  • Lamborghini Aventador roadster with the
  • same style as his shoes the roadster
  • itself is valued over 700 thousand
  • dollars so with LeBron James spending
  • multi-million dollars on cars over the
  • course of his entire NBA career who
  • knows what he'll actually buy next is he
  • just signed one of the biggest contracts
  • in NBA history with the Lakers securing
  • him for 154 million guaranteed over the
  • next four years just because of his
  • encore play this isn't even counting
  • endorsements and investments LeBron
  • James million dollar investments despite
  • making millions of dollars at all times
  • throughout his encore play and off court
  • endorsements LeBron James continues
  • smart investing to diversify his
  • portfolio and have multiple incomes as
  • many as possible to say the least
  • LeBron James actually invested in
  • Liverpool with a 2% stake for
  • approximately 6.5 million dollars in
  • 2011 with
  • success the club has seen over the past
  • seven years one sports investment banker
  • actually told the SPN that the team
  • could be worth one point six billion
  • dollars which actually means LeBron
  • James investment is growing nearly five
  • times it's worth more than 32 million it
  • continues to outdo himself basically
  • prove that he is a savvy businessman as
  • well as a basketball player LeBron James
  • 1 million dollar investment and
  • restaurant startup Blais pizzas now
  • actually worth 25 million thanks to a
  • recent round of funding according to
  • ESPN that number is actually set to rise
  • by as much as 15 million dollars thanks
  • to some endorsement payments that are
  • contingent on sale James himself has
  • plenty of other high-profile investments
  • under his belt including beats by dre as
  • well as his own media company's Spring
  • Hill entertainment and uninterrupted
  • with more to come when LeBron James was
  • 29 years old and a member of the Miami
  • Heat
  • so he's actually said that the 29 year
  • old was finalizing what he believed to
  • be the biggest equity cash payout for a
  • professional athlete in history as part
  • of Apple's recent three billion dollar
  • purchase of Beats Electronics sources
  • actually briefed upon the entire
  • situation saying that LeBron James
  • realized the profit of more than 30
  • million dollars in cash and stock in the
  • beats sale after he had struck a deal to
  • get a small stake in the company in 2008
  • in exchange for just promoting their
  • high-end headphones LeBron James has
  • even spotted having dinner and getting
  • investment advice from Warren Buffett
  • and Bill Gates some of the most
  • successful household names the world
  • recognized in terms of investments so
  • with LeBron James constantly evolving
  • and developing his growth both on the
  • court and off you can easily see that he
  • definitely has no ceiling in terms of
  • his potential in any way shape or form
  • so with LeBron James being at the top of
  • his game in the NBA he absolutely knows
  • what he's worth which is exactly why the
  • grind doesn't stop both on and off the
  • court his close friend maverick Carter
  • even said LeBron James wants to own an
  • NBA and NFL team when his actual career
  • is over spending millions on mansions
  • millions on cars millions on clothes and
  • even taking millions made from NBA
  • contracts and endorsements in bed
  • thing that successfully who knows what
  • the next purchase will be but one
  • thing's for sure and that's LeBron James
  • is coming for at all make sure you guys
  • subscribe to the channel if you're new
  • drop a like if you enjoyed the video but
  • I'll catch you in the next one
  • peace out

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In today's SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at the life of LeBron James after signing his 4-year $154 Million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers to find out what he really spends his millions on! Here's 12 Items LeBron James Owns That Cost More Than Your Life...


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