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language of desire review
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The Language of Desire ebook is a complete guide that makes dirty talk sexy, passionate, fun, and most importantly comfortable for even shy and reserved women.

So you shouldn’t worry if you’re completely new to talking dirty. By using some of Felicity’s techniques like the “Boiled Frog”, you can ease into it slowly without the fear of being awkward or totally embarrassing yourself.

The Language of Desire is an online program and is accessed via a private member’s area. You can view the content directly online or download it to your computer, phone, tablet, etc. by using the PDF and audio files.

Inside the Language of Desire member’s area, the dashboard is laid out so that it’s easy for women of all ages to understand. Even “non-techy” women should have no trouble navigating through the 10 core modules and numerous “mini-modules” that make up the program.

If you want a step-by-step program with all the tips and information you could want in a dirty talk guide (and then some), then this is it.

Felicity Keith may be a so-called “soccer mom” but she provides a ton of good advice and tools in her program. The internet is going crazy about Language of Desire, so that should tell you something!

A whole lot of women are interested in this because it’s no secret that guys LOVE a woman who knows how to talk dirty and who isn’t afraid to explore that sexual side of herself. Not only that, but Felicity is just so plain likable and relatable that you won’t be put off by what she has to say!

In the end, the Language of Desire gives you a whole new skill-set you can use to rock your man’s world not just physically, but emotionally as well so that he’ll be more drawn to you than ever before. What girl doesn’t want that?

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